Cardinal Marx Should Be Defrocked

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Once-Catholic (hopefully, at least) Cardinal Marx is on record with the following words:

“Luther did not aim to split the Church, but, with his calls to reform, wished to draw attention to grievances that obscured the message of the Gospel,”


“After 50 years of joint ecumenical dialogue, it is possible for a Catholic Christian to read Luther’s texts appreciatively, and to learn from his thoughts.”

The first statement cannot be the fruit of crass ignorance. It must be willed deception. Luther was not simply a reformer. He was a heretic. His home-made theology was at variance with the Church, and led countless in the same pit of error and probable perdition. To say that a heretic merely wants to “draw attention” to “grievances” is pure deception. I do not need to tell you what the Cardinal’s motivation is: the Kirchensteuer, and the resulting need to be mainstream, accepting of…

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  1. I strongly recommend the reading of an open letter posted on the blog Rorate Caeli and written by Archbishop Jan Pawel Leaga of Karaganda, Kazakhstan. He gives his opinion of what is wrong with the Church today.

    • I second that. Beautiful letter. I just do not agree with the idea that Benedict did not resign freely. I hope to have the time to write about it.

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