Fat Popes, Hunger, And Entitlement Mentality

There is no “right to food”. Food never was any sort of fundamental “right”. Saint Paul already warned us that to those who do not want to work, we shall give no food. You can’t find any clearer evidence that food is not a fundamental right of the person.

Of course, charity demands that we feed the hungry. But this is not a subjective right of the hungry, merely the result of the charitable help of those who feed them because – let us say this once again – consider them, in their charity, worthy of being fed.

Charity is the love of neighbour coming from the love of God. It is a Christian duty, but it is a voluntary act as to the when and how much and to whom. I decide whether the hungry person is worthy of my charitable help, but the hungry person can claim no specific right to my help. “I am hungry” is neither here nor there. If he does not want to work, I will not feed him, and if I think he will get his calories in the form of alcohol, I will not give him ways to do so. You get the drift.

This is basic Christian thinking. Francis does not think like a Christian. He thinks like a Socialist. To him, food is a fundamental right. The fact that food is something that must be earned – at least at the level of good intention, of willingness To earn it if one were able to – utterly and completely escapes him. The whole concept of charity is unknown to him. To him charity is a non-issue, entitlement is the key. But where there is entitlement, there can be no charity. Charity is, by definition, the giving of something to which the recipient is not entitled. If the food is mine by right I am no recipient of charity, merely of what is due to me. You don’t consider your employer charitable for paying your wage, either.

This isn’t Christianity, but Socialism; and this is the way Francis thinks.

Then there is the other huge issue, which Francis regularly downplays or outright ignores: the root causes of collective poverty.

To Francis, the poverty of the ones is due to the wealth of the others. As if the wealthy were, by the mere fact of being wealthy, be robbing the poor of something that is theirs by right. This is, already, Communism and class struggle. I can’t imagine that Francis is so stupid that he doesn’t get it. He gets it, and he approves of it.

The main cause of mass poverty is corruption. Corruption makes of Countries that are otherwise wealthy in natural and human resources pits of poverty and desperation. In an ordered society, the natural inventiveness and industriousness of the people abundantly provides not only for the general population but also for those worthy poor whom the population wants to charitably assist. In an ordered society, risk-taking is encouraged and hard work is rewarded, because the fundamental basis of every creation of wealth is assured: the ability to create it and to peacefully keep and enjoy it. Some will risk more, some less. Some will want to be employers, others employees. As a result, some will be very rich, and a few will be astonishingly rich end employ thousand in the process, and more power to them. But as a sum total, an ordered society will provide for more than enough, and to spare.

Corrupt countries stifle private initiative with abuse, robbery, conflict (easily: armed conflict, as often in Africa), and uncertainty. This corruption creates more poverty, which in turn creates more abuse and makes it more difficult for orderly economic activity to develop. We see this mechanism at work in very many African Countries, many of them very rich in natural and all of them very rich in human resources.

Populism is, after corruption, the biggest enemy in any halfway democratic society. The encouragement of social envy, the lie of the entitlement to the riches of the wealthy and the false promise of getting them a big slice of a cake that is not theirs is the cause of the financial troubles of many a half-developed Country. Allende’s Chile and Chavez’ Venezuela are two very notable examples, but from Argentina to Brazil to Mexico pretty much every South-American Country has paid the price of this folly, as the decades of economic stagnation after the easy populism of the Eighties abundantly shows. When you think you can pump foreign creditors for huge amounts of debt and for many years and, when the chips are down, have the right not to pay your debts, disaster cannot be far away.

Populism and corruption easily create poverty even in the richest Countries. Venezuelans have a shortage of toilet paper, but no shortage of populism and corruption, and this is a Country very rich in resources. It is never the government’s faults, of course, nor of the idiots who continue to vote their populist rulers. The culprit is always the rich, big country up there. Francis-thinking at its worst.

Francis talks like a Socialist, and clearly thinks like a Communist. There is nothing Christian in what he says. He talks like just another stupid politician bamboozling the idiots with easy rhetoric of envy for the sake of his own self-aggrandisement. He hasn’t the faintest about Christian charity.

Like the other Argentinian, “Che” Guevara, Francis completely fails to understand the Christian message. Still, “Che” chose to fight and die for his wrong beliefs.

Francis lives in the company of perverts, and gets fat on delicacies.



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  1. Well said, M. I hope someone reading your blog might be enlightened as to the true nature of these political systems. Socialism and Communism are losing their status as ugly words as the politically uneducated youth (and apparently hippy prelates) are falling under its spell.

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