Francis Explained By A Fellow Argentinian

The blog Unam Sanctam has a very interesting piece written by one of its Argentine readers, called Jack Tollers (name not new to me; but I wish I remembered why).

The explanation, put in simple terms, is this: Bergoglio is an excellent example of the worst part of the Argentinian Country and character. No education, no honesty or integrity, no style, double talk as a way of life, false modesty as a second skin, cutting corners all one’s life, and feeling smarter for it.

One is reminded of the man who stole a crucifix from the rosary of a dead man, and gloried in it; of the man who said Jesus “pretended” to be angry with his disciples; of the man who said that perhaps the Blessed Virgin felt belied and betrayed at the foot of the Cross.

All you already knew and hated of Francis (Francis the clearly ignorant, vulgar, boorish, arrogant, hypocrite, stunningly incompetent and envious man) comes alive as a particularly disquieting incarnation of character traits already ingrained in part of the population. He stands in front of you in 3-D, making you aware that what you have in front of you is not an exceptionally bad apple, but a particularly cunning (or lucky)  apple in a vast, poisoned orchard.

Reading the well-written piece, several pieces of the puzzle called Bergoglio suddenly fell into place. How can a man so astonishingly ignorant of pretty much everything, including the bases of his own religion, reach the position of Primate? Because of the vast ignorance spread around him. How can such an envious, resentful, spiteful man ascend the hierarchy? Because he plays on the resentment and envy of the common people. How can his breathtaking hypocrisy be tolerated? Because it’s a kind of national sport. How can he get away with his fundamental lack of integrity? Because this is not seen as a negative trait among many of his compatriots. How could he avoid the knives searching for him along the way? Because he chose Rome and ditched the Jesuit revolutionary, Arrupe, when he understood Arrupe was the losing horse.

Several Argentinian commenters have written on my blog in the past, and they all said pretty much the same thing: Bergoglio incarnates the worst of the Country, which is why he succeeded; but this little work here explains it better than every comment could. It really allows Bergoglio to emerge from the Argentinian context like a piece of… wood naturally floating in putrid waters, and you know the object is entirely in its own element.

Go there and enjoy this brilliant description of a tragedy (Bergoglio) in a tragedy (Argentina).

Unfortunately, the tragedy is now common to the entire Church.

God willing, this might not be for very long. Rorate has an article about the succession already and the multiplication of such rumours since October at least lets one think there might be something in them after all. Notice how this very article already makes of Tagle (probably, with every reason) the enemy number one at the next Conclave.

But another man so crass, so stupid, so inadequate, so completely our of his depth, and so unable to see how out of his depth he is like this one we will not see for, I think, a very long time.

We cry for you, Argentina.






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  1. Talking to a mate of mine from Argentina who doesn’t have the faith. He totally would agree with your description of the man

  2. Read the piece last night and marvelled at how it explained so much. Especially tragic is the wretched education Jorge received. Too, he must have squirmed while “studying” in Germany–coming from the fetid academic backwaters of Argentina. Did he hide out? Did he absorb nothing of his host culture? For once, I feel twinges of pity for our Pope. His background makes him truly unfit for the job of shepherding the planet.

    • Basically, I think he hid there. Couple of months of, probably, doing nothing. Doesn’t seem to even speak a word of the German language. But he can’t Latin, either. So I think it was a holiday.


  3. I think it is interesting to consider the Brazil/ Argentina relationship since together the 2 Countries comprise most of South America…and both are “Catholic” countries. The USA is also replete with immigrants ( legal and otherwise) from South and Central America.

  4. This pontificate is a great tragedy for the Church so I draw some hope from the piece at Rorate suggesting a “pre-Conclave mood” already exists in Rome. However, I wonder what that means exactly. Does it mean Bergoglio is just months away from abdication? Or does it mean both sides are just getting their “ducks in a row” so to speak? My guess, unfortunately, is it’s the latter.

    Bergoglio simply doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would willingly walk away from such power. He seems to relish the authority and adulation and I can’t imagine him quitting and potentially allowing one of his opponents to take control and undue what he has done. I would bet the mistake Benedict made two years ago will guide Bergoglio.

    All that said, I do hope something is brewing. I really do. However, this is really the first, credible report I’ve seen suggesting maneuvering is already taking place. Can someone point me to the other rumors that have circulated since the disastrous Synod finished?

    I will finish with this. I’m glad to know the conservative wing is already preparing for a Conclave. In 2013, they were clearly split between Scola and Ouellet and that paved the way for Bergoglio. Best they settle on their choice now rather than lurch about in the voting during Conclave. I’d love to see Patriarch Moraglia become that man, but he’s been passed over twice probably because Bergoglio fears his theological and liturgical stances.

    • I think it’s strategy more than tactics. The man does not look ill, and he is gaining weight.

    • Dear Robbie:

      W/r/t your query about rumors of impending conclave, yes there are other very credible sources. One source is the MondayVatican blog. On the 12 of Jan, this post appeared:

      In it we read:

      ‘It is indelicate to speak about the next Conclave while any pope is reigning. However, the current circulation of rumors signals that maneuvers over the next papacy have already begun. If the secret war over the synod and curial reforms can be said to be the most immediate issue on people’s minds, there is nevertheless a longer-term war they are also thinking about.”

      What is of note in this post is that it comes from the “friends of Francis” camp. The author is part of the homo lobby (I am told). His information comes from the ” pervert” bars outside the Vatican walls. His information appears so credible that Fr. Z considers him the go to guy for information.

      What I think is playing out is that Francis is trying to line up Tagle from the Phillipines as his heir apparent. This is why all the Asians in the new cardinal appointments. This is also behind all the trips to Asia (Korea and PI). The nutter went to Korea only to find out that they count rosaries. Too funny…

      And if you read the post carefully, there is also a problem with his backers. The Germans consider Francis too “unstable” and “unreliable”. And the rumors are that Francis made undertakings to step down at some point, a la Benedict.

      Personally, I think the breakneck speed that Francis is running at suggest that he wants to retire soon. He is an inherently lazy man. I personally think he envies Benedict. Francis would rather get this over with, maybe even post Synod and retire to confessing old ladies and watching soap operas.

      Anyways, sorry for running long.


  5. Marcela Ghiringhelli

    As argentine I must say that what this article says it’s ABSOLUTELY true and I’d even say it fell short in describing the warped pit of corruption this country sadly is… the Bergoglio genus with its vulgarity, malice, envy and resentment is the norm among argentines..sad but true

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