The Second Warning



Great, great Cardinal Burke has given a “clarification” of his French TV interview that sounds like a second warning shot at Francis, and one even louder than the first. Go here to read the key parts of the good Cardinal’s clarification. 

One might ask (though probably not if he is an assiduous reader of this blog) why the Cardinal would have to be so strongly worded in hypotheticals. In the end, no girl goes around saying to her parents “If you tried to force me to prostitute myself I would go to the police and denounce you”.

The problem is that, in this case, the prostitution attempt is officially planned and worldwide announced. It might not happen, of course; but it certainly will if no warnings are uttered.

It is now “officially official” that the text defined by Bishop Schneider as the fruit of “radical neo-Pagan ideology” has been approved in advance by Francis. Francis must, therefore, answer for every word of it. There can be no doubt (unless you are retarded; but you aren’t) that this aggressive neo-Paganism is exactly what all the talks of “mercy”, “who am I to judge”, “God of Surprises” & Co. aims at. There is almost no day in which Francis does not give further examples of his – let’s say it once again – aggressive Neo-Paganism, and today we have lines along the equivalence of being “green” and being “Christian”. Lord, give me strenght…

Cardinal Burke is not retarded. Not in the least. He understands very well the Neo-Pagan aggressiveness of the present Pontiff. He realises that explicit, public warnings are the only way how a Jesuit can be persuaded not to do anything stupid.

It is fitting that the bully be told that he is steering towards a sound thrashing; it gives him the opportunity to avoid the thrashing, and his opponents the possibility to avoid having to thrash him. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

Francis is a boor and a bully now being told in public that enough is enough, and being showed a line he is not supposed to cross unless he is craving a lesson he will never forget.

It is necessary that it be so, because there can be no doubt that Francis would, otherwise, happily move to transform the Church  Effeminacy Central, and let Her sink in an ocean of emotional, Presbyterian, vaguely New Age excrements.

Francis is barely recognisable as a Christian. “Radical Neo-Pagan” is the right description for him. He must be told what he cannot do. He must be told in public, by his own prelates. He must be told for all the world to see, that they may understand what kind of Pope we have.

Cardinal Burke is a gentle, kind, merciful, righteous man. No decent man could think that he is embarking in an ego-fueled trip for the sake of his own personal popularity. Francis, he ain’t. I suspect many a sleepless night behind this man’s courageous stance; and the decision, fruit of rich prayer and reflection, that this is the way to go, and there is no other.

Nor do I believe that the Cardinal is isolated, or embarking in a beautiful mission to martyrdom. Clearly, the man speaks for many. Clearly, he is the one who – in virtue of not having influential and prestigious tasks in the Vatican anymore – can talk more freely than many others. Clearly, many others are kept – intentionally – in the reserve, as Burke is the spearhead of the loyal (to Catholicism) opposition (to aggressive Neo-Paganism).

With his “clarification”, Burke has delivered a double whammy. Francis has been punched in the nose, twice, for all the world to see. His opponent in the ring is promising him that there are plenty more where the punches come from.

Francis has the choice. The mask has fallen. He is now officially seen as a dangerous heretic who must be warned from the consequences of his own actions.

God bless Cardinal Burke. Today’s Rosary is for him. He is the best V II can offer.



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  1. Dear M,
    You gave us old grandparents some more gems in this piece:
    “Cardinal Burke is not retarded. Not in the least. He understands very well the Neo-Pagan aggressiveness of the present Pontiff. He realises that explicit, public warnings are the only way how a Jesuit can be persuaded not to do anything stupid.”
    Amen to it all, and thanks for the heads-up on the follow up interview.
    We’re seconding you on the Rosary for Cardinal Burke, and hope others join in as well.
    God Bless us all in these turbulent times, with renewed Faith and growing appreciation of the importance of proclaiming “unadulterated” Truth.

  2. M I’m “an assiduous reader of this blog” God bless Cardinal Burke indeed. In some ways we are privileged to live in these times of unprecedented apostasy at the heart of the Church, though I’d much prefer not to be so privileged, knowing the impact its had on myself and those I love. Knowing it’s impact fills hell with more and more souls. ‘Saint’ Pope John XXIII? No way! If he makes it to Heaven his purgatory must involve his wrestling with himself and atoning for the result of his disastrous “aggiornamento”.

    I have come to realise the only way to live is as if the 2nd council never happened. If you are in reasonable distance of a SSPX chapel use it, BLISS, If not pray the real Mass from a Missal, be a recusant Catholic. Pray the rosary daily, offer it up among other things for the triumph of Her Immaculate heart. Never attend Novus Ordo it IS the abomination of desolation.

    Luther was wrong about the whore of Babylon being the papacy, but right in that Rome and popes would betray Our Lord. Not for nothing did He say “Get behind me Satan” almost immediately He established the Petrine office.

    I long for the day, not likely in my lifetime, when Vatican II will be anathematised, when all canonisations during the conciliar church will be re-examined according to pre-conciliar norms.

    God bless you M for your combat, you’re one of the good guys on an international basis and much appreciated.

    • Sorry mate, but this is a load of rubbish.

      If you do not have a TLM, go to a Novus Ordo Mass. If the priest is an idiot, pray for him and offer your suffering to the Lord.

      To be, as you say, a “recusant” means to say that the Church that the Lord made has been dissolved without anyone telling us, and that the Lord allowed this to happen.

      You can easily go to hell with arrogant rubbish like that.

      When the Pope betrays the Lord we fight against the Pope, within the Church Christ gave us. We do not decide that we are too good for the Church.

      Think long and hard about my words, because you are on a very dangerous path.


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