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Niceness Will Destroy Us

I do not remember exactly, but I think it was St. Cyprian who once advanced towards Bishop Arius, who was speaking, and knocked him down with a punch. You got it right: a Bishop went to another Bishop and knocked him down. 


“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, old style.

I do not remember exactly who the man was. What I remember is that now one is a Saint, and the other a heretic. Mind, I do not doubt Arius would have never, ever knocked down the man with a punch. Heretics can be so frightfully nice, you know…

“Mundabor, do you need to write such strong words?” Yes, I do. I think it is not only fitting, but necessary. 

“But how is this going to help our cause?” By forcing people to realise the gravity of the current situation; a task for which nice words are proving vastly inadequate. 

“You go on the wrong side yourself if you are insulting!”. No, I don’t. Cyprian (or whoever he was) was still right, and Arius was still wrong. 

“I am shocked and suddened by your words!” Don’t read me. 

“You are sooo un-Christian!” I bet Arius used the same argument. 


I could go on, but you get the drift. 

I do not want to die knowing that in what is certainly the gravest crisis of the Church in at least 700 years I did not throw a honest punch here and there, lest my neighbours think me impolite. I assure you I am able of using the politest language, and do not go around calling people “whore” as a daily routine. 

But I will call a whore a whore. Particularly so, when this can help people to see the trade they are devoting themselves to. I will not trespass into illegal territory, and will always make clear from the context that the criticism is a religious and political one. But I will call whoring, whoring. Things have come to a point, that I am astonished the entire Catholic world is not up in arms. Instead, I keep reading the usual polite criticism about this or that Cardinal, or the usual Pope, once again somewhat unguarded in their words, and perhaps a tad imprudent; which can be, you know, rather confusing at times…

Niceness will kill us. Niceness is what allows the Francis, Marx and Kasper to prosper. Niceness will pollute the very core of the Church, without sparing even the Sacraments, unless we wake up already. 


You, dear reader, do not have to read me. If my writing style does not suit you, so be it. Friends as before. No problem at all. 

But I will write this blog in the same spirit – wretched sinner as I am – in which the good and saintly man mentioned above punched Arius; certainly knowing that a bishop enjoys personal inviolability, but simply unable to let an extraordinary situation pass without giving an extraordinary answer to it.

Whenever I read the latest rubbish of the Bishop of Rome I can’t avoid thinking that having his old, sorry ass kicked from St Peter to Termini train station would do a lot of good to him. Heck, it might even save his soul! 

Alas, he enjoys personal inviolability. No kicking of the old, sorry ass, then. 

But I still think it would do him a lot of good. 

“Green” Is The New Christian

TMAHICH (The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, for those new to this blog) has given another example of radical Neo-Paganism.

Let us leave aside that according to Francis God is “one person”, but then he proceeds to list all three. (One God, Three Persons, I thought. But who knows, perhaps I was wrong?). I sense blasphemy here, perhaps another stupid attempt to please the Muslims. But as what he says just does not make sense, it’s a bit like wondering if a madman has violated the Second Commandment…

What is seriously Neo-Pagan is the idea that by “preserving Creation”, one automatically becomes a Christian. Francis says verbatim:

When we hear that people have meetings about how to preserve creation, we can say: ‘No, they are the greens!’ No, they are not the greens! This is the Christian! This is ‘our response to the’ first creation ‘of God. And’ our responsibility. A Christian who does not protect Creation, who does not let it grow, is a Christian who does not care about the work of God, that work that was born from the love of God for us. And this is the first response to the first creation: protect creation, make it grow. “

No, they aren’t Christians. They are, most likely, environmental nuts. Being “green” does not make of them Christians.

Christian is one who follows the religion of Christ. It isn’t difficult, really. Even an Argentinian Jesuit should know these things. Not Francis, apparently.

The usual drunken nonsense is also present: suddenly unless you are “green” you don’t care for Creation, following the Nazi enviro-extremism so dear to the nutcases. Suddenly, a Christian should feel the need to “protect” Creation, and this from the same man who has just finished telling us that God Himself sustains it. Suddenly, there is strange talk of “first response”, a concept frankly new to me, grown with obsolete ideas about sin, redemption, salvation, and the like.

This man could seriously be all three: evil, stupid, and drunk.

But honestly, I think not even the drunkards ramble in such a way.


Pollyanning The Evidence

Francis has been Pope for almost two years now. His questionable or heretical statements are countless (see my “The Francis Papers” section above, still incomplete). He makes continuous references to the uselessness of the Law if it does nor “serve” his purposes, criticises “excessive doctrinal security”, undermines the Truth in every possible way.

Cardinal Baldisseri has recently confirmed that the disgraceful Relatio post disceptationem was seen and approved by Francis himself before publication. The “radical Neo-Pagan” ideology reflected in the document (Bishop Schneider himself called it that way) is, therefore, directly attributed to Francis. Result? We now officially have a radical Neo-Pagan Pope.

After all this, it is no less than astonishing that there should be blog and forum commenters thick enough to even criticise Cardinal Burke for giving a public warning to the Pope. A Pope who is responsible for massive heretical activity by admission of his own closest collaborators, and continues to echo heretical sentiments in pretty much everything he does not read from a statement written by Catholics, should not be warned about the extremely grave consequences of plunging the Church into the gravest crisis since John XXII!

It beggars belief. It truly does. It is even more stupid than claiming Hitler should not have been warned about the consequences of invading Poland.

When, in addition to this, the saintly Cardinal is even accused of protagonism, I wonder whether not stupidity or naïveté, but outright evil intentions are at play.

One of the things I have noticed since the explosion of Internet fora (and then blogs) is that these places attract the sort of commenter whom no one takes seriously in life, because the written and “published” word and the impossibility to see the person behind them lend a sort of primary facie credibility to the nonsense they write; as if they were the result of serious reflection rather than the last dumb observation of a dumb man. On the Internet, no one knows your friends call you “idiot John”.

This is also the reason why I cancel, at times, comments from newcomers which, because of their evident stupidity, do not deserve publication. Commenting on this blog requires some IQ standards, below which entrance will be denied.

Whenever you read comments on blogs and fora, reflect that if someone might be an idiot he very probably is, and much dumber than he manages to let it seem on the Internet.

I call bullshit on this.

Long live Cardinal Burke. May the Lord sustain him in his battle.


Meet Cardinal Marx, The Kirchensteuer Prostitute

This known prostitute was seen near Munich's Hauptbahnhof, satisfying his clients against payment of the Kirchensteuer.

This known prostitute was seen near Munich’s Hauptbahnhof, satisfying his clients against payment of the Kirchensteuer.

With every months leading to the Synod, the minions of Satan get more aggressive in their -it seems to me – increasingly more desperate battle to satanise the Church. A battle which, from what I see (I have no time to report about all) does not seem to be going well at all for them. This makes our little Kirchensteuer whores somewhat nervous, then if this occasion goes by they might be really in trouble, and who knows whether another occasion will present itself at all. Make no mistake: there are billions of Euro at stake.

Cardinal Marx (rapidly ascending to the head whore in the Kirchensteuer brothel, and recently more profiled than the old Mistress, Cardinal Kasper) is now on record with another interview, expressing a worldview that would sit well in a Black Mass.

Some chosen phrases, and my comments.

“The church says that a gay relationship is not on the same level as a relationship between a man and a woman. That is clear”.

No, you dumb fuck  Your Grace. The Church says that homosexuality is a perversion, sodomy sends one to hell straight unless repented, and God destroyed Sodom to teach a lesson to the the dumb fucks people like you. “Not on the same level” is neither here nor there. It’s like saying that bestiality is not on the same level than the Holy Family.

But when they are faithful, when they are engaged for the poor, when they are working, it is not possible to say, ‘Everything you do, because you are a homosexual, is negative.’”

No, you piece of shit Your Grace. Being “engaged for the poor” does not a Christian make. Atheists who are “engaged for the poor” will go to hell exactly like the atheists who aren’t. Works that do not come from the faith do not count towards Salvation. You should know this, you piece of shit Your Grace?

Working is, alas, the destiny of most of us. See above.

Faithfulness must be seen in practice, rather than in words. “If you love me, keep my commandments”. We are all sinners of course, but to advocate the righteousness of violating the commandments is outright satanical. Which, Your Grace, is what you are.

The argument about “all you do” is deceiving, effeminate, emotional. When one does good, one does good. But good works in rebellion to God still do not save. That’s the beginning and the end of it.

“I have no problem with tradition. But we have also the tendencies that the people want to be clear in their positions. Black and white populism is growing in Europe. And that is the beginning, perhaps, of populism, of terrorism, that’s clear.”

You have a problem with Christianity, let alone Tradition. You aren’t a Christian at all. You have all but espoused Satan. To say that it is a problem for young Traditionalists (of whom you admit they are on the rise) to be “clear in their position” (this might be a translation mistake, as no one could ever be so stupid; but the sense must be the same) and a sort of companion to “black and white populism” is just plain stupid. This is a slander that comes from your enmity to Christianity. The vague (but existing) comparison of traditionalism on one side and “populism” and “terrorism” (mysteriously united) on the other is further proof of that.

You are a scumbag, Your Grace. You truly are. You are an open enemy of Christ, daring to abuse his habit and position to openly defend completely, utterly anti-Christian positions not only on the sacrilege of the “communion for adulterers”, but on the entire issue of sexual perversion. You are not Christian in any sense of the word.

You, Your Grace, are a little, dirty Kirchensteuer prostitute, working hard at satisfying your paying clients, of which there are still too many. But their number is going down fast, which is why you go down on them yourself with such satanical, ever increasing zeal. 

You clearly belong to Satan. You should be defrocked, trialled, declared the heretic that you are, and be thrown on the street. In more Christian times you would have landed on the stake a long time ago, and you would never have had the opportunity to defile the Church as a Cardinal. Alas, we do not live in Christian times. Our religion is niceness. Your Grace here, Your Grace there. Our ancestors would have called you the whore you are, and they would have put you where you belong: on the stake. I, Your Grace, do not belong to this new religion, but you do.

You are a Kirchensteuer prostitute. That is clear.

I know that the Angels above look at you and cry to heaven for vengeance. It is the only thing that keeps my adrenaline levels from going above the danger zone. I never thought I’d see the day, even in these troubling times, where a Cardinal would have the guts to go on record with this sort of satanical shit.

Shit of which, Your Grace, you are utterly and completely full.


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