Meet Cardinal Marx, The Kirchensteuer Prostitute

This known prostitute was seen near Munich's Hauptbahnhof, satisfying his clients against payment of the Kirchensteuer.

This known prostitute was seen near Munich’s Hauptbahnhof, satisfying his clients against payment of the Kirchensteuer.

With every months leading to the Synod, the minions of Satan get more aggressive in their -it seems to me – increasingly more desperate battle to satanise the Church. A battle which, from what I see (I have no time to report about all) does not seem to be going well at all for them. This makes our little Kirchensteuer whores somewhat nervous, then if this occasion goes by they might be really in trouble, and who knows whether another occasion will present itself at all. Make no mistake: there are billions of Euro at stake.

Cardinal Marx (rapidly ascending to the head whore in the Kirchensteuer brothel, and recently more profiled than the old Mistress, Cardinal Kasper) is now on record with another interview, expressing a worldview that would sit well in a Black Mass.

Some chosen phrases, and my comments.

“The church says that a gay relationship is not on the same level as a relationship between a man and a woman. That is clear”.

No, you dumb fuck  Your Grace. The Church says that homosexuality is a perversion, sodomy sends one to hell straight unless repented, and God destroyed Sodom to teach a lesson to the the dumb fucks people like you. “Not on the same level” is neither here nor there. It’s like saying that bestiality is not on the same level than the Holy Family.

But when they are faithful, when they are engaged for the poor, when they are working, it is not possible to say, ‘Everything you do, because you are a homosexual, is negative.’”

No, you piece of shit Your Grace. Being “engaged for the poor” does not a Christian make. Atheists who are “engaged for the poor” will go to hell exactly like the atheists who aren’t. Works that do not come from the faith do not count towards Salvation. You should know this, you piece of shit Your Grace?

Working is, alas, the destiny of most of us. See above.

Faithfulness must be seen in practice, rather than in words. “If you love me, keep my commandments”. We are all sinners of course, but to advocate the righteousness of violating the commandments is outright satanical. Which, Your Grace, is what you are.

The argument about “all you do” is deceiving, effeminate, emotional. When one does good, one does good. But good works in rebellion to God still do not save. That’s the beginning and the end of it.

“I have no problem with tradition. But we have also the tendencies that the people want to be clear in their positions. Black and white populism is growing in Europe. And that is the beginning, perhaps, of populism, of terrorism, that’s clear.”

You have a problem with Christianity, let alone Tradition. You aren’t a Christian at all. You have all but espoused Satan. To say that it is a problem for young Traditionalists (of whom you admit they are on the rise) to be “clear in their position” (this might be a translation mistake, as no one could ever be so stupid; but the sense must be the same) and a sort of companion to “black and white populism” is just plain stupid. This is a slander that comes from your enmity to Christianity. The vague (but existing) comparison of traditionalism on one side and “populism” and “terrorism” (mysteriously united) on the other is further proof of that.

You are a scumbag, Your Grace. You truly are. You are an open enemy of Christ, daring to abuse his habit and position to openly defend completely, utterly anti-Christian positions not only on the sacrilege of the “communion for adulterers”, but on the entire issue of sexual perversion. You are not Christian in any sense of the word.

You, Your Grace, are a little, dirty Kirchensteuer prostitute, working hard at satisfying your paying clients, of which there are still too many. But their number is going down fast, which is why you go down on them yourself with such satanical, ever increasing zeal. 

You clearly belong to Satan. You should be defrocked, trialled, declared the heretic that you are, and be thrown on the street. In more Christian times you would have landed on the stake a long time ago, and you would never have had the opportunity to defile the Church as a Cardinal. Alas, we do not live in Christian times. Our religion is niceness. Your Grace here, Your Grace there. Our ancestors would have called you the whore you are, and they would have put you where you belong: on the stake. I, Your Grace, do not belong to this new religion, but you do.

You are a Kirchensteuer prostitute. That is clear.

I know that the Angels above look at you and cry to heaven for vengeance. It is the only thing that keeps my adrenaline levels from going above the danger zone. I never thought I’d see the day, even in these troubling times, where a Cardinal would have the guts to go on record with this sort of satanical shit.

Shit of which, Your Grace, you are utterly and completely full.


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  1. The man is one of the destroyers and he does so unabashedly. Every manner of perversion will be met and accommodated with no call for conversion because “we have to meet people where they are”. (And get their euros–eh?). He has totally embraced The Bergoglian Vision of the Church of Man. He lays it out it all its earthbound squalor. It’s shocking and devoid of beauty, hope, and transcendence.

  2. “Deliver us from the power of perversion,
    virulent in Church and state!”

    Warning: Do not utter this little prayer, no matter how silently, on a Catholic College campus.

  3. “But when they are faithful, when they are engaged for the poor, when they are working, it is not possible to say, ‘Everything you do, because you are a homosexual, is negative.’”

    First of all, the concept that ANYONE is saying that everything an unrepentant sinner – of any sort – is doing is negative is the epitome of a “straw man.” NO ONE is saying that.

    Secondly, no human being IS a homosexual, in the same way that no human being IS a lover of chocolate and no human being IS left handedness. These are tastes, desires, behaviors…they are not identity in the way, for example, being born a man or born a woman is.

    Thirdly, “fidelity” to a masturbation object does not exist. Non-marital sex (of any sort) uses the person involved as an object for lust. It is a violation of the nature of humanity to treat any person as a commodity to be consumed — humans are SUBJECTS, never objects. Doing it repeatedly to the same person doesn’t make it better, it arguably makes it WORSE. The only “good” is such a “relationship” is ending it. (Conversely, sacramental, marital sex open to procreation ALWAYS uses both parties as the subject of a greater good, potential participants with God in the creation of a new soul – or souls in the case of multiples, of which our family is blessed.)

    Lastly, in the face of using another human being as an object, NO good work can balance out the gravity of the crime. Working at a soup kitchen doesn’t keep you out of jail for tax evasion – to make a prosaic analogy.

  4. Fantastic piece! It’s about time that we start referring to these despicable men in terms that befit their belief. Keep up the good fight. God bless you.

  5. Forming sinful long-term attachments is worse than promiscuity for homosexuals in the sense that it is more difficult to leave these relationships and be converted to a chaste life.

  6. “But we have also the tendencies that the people want to be clear in their positions. Black and white populism is growing in Europe. And that is the beginning, perhaps, of populism, of terrorism, that’s clear.”

    So he rails against people looking for clarity and then at the end of his statement uses that same concept of clarity to make his point? He’s not only evil, he’s dumber then a box of hair.

    I saw your blood pressure skyrocket on this one Mundy…aptly so…Our Lord would have taken a whip to this satanic minion. Bring back the stake…it would do this lost man some good. God bless~

  7. Fidelity to a masturbation object…
    “Fidelity” here is the operative word: it is well known that very, very, very rarely are homosexuals faithful to each other. So the first tener of Cardinal Marx’s statement is invalides in principle.

  8. I hope your blog is available in German.

  9. A truly stunning example of an Anti-Apostle.

  10. Fantastic article! I have no doubt that Francis himself agrees with all these blasphemies that this man has vomited.. what can we expect from a pope that lives under the roof of a scandalous sodomite?

  11. “Being ‘engaged for the poor ‘ does not a Christian make. Atheists who are ‘engaged for the poor’ will go to hell exactly like the atheists who aren’t.”

    I blogged on this issue a while ago. How many homilies have we heard on Matthew 25:31-46, Christ’s separation of the sheep from the goats, homilies which suggest that Jesus is identifying himself with every single person who is hungry, naked, or in prison, etc?

    Our Lord tells both groups “…whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” Nowhere does He identify his brothers as anything but his followers! The final judgement of an individual will be a consideration of how he or she treated Christ Himself, and His followers count as Himself, a remarkable passage!

    This is why Francis washed the feet of Muslim youth prisoners in 2013. He mistakenly thinks it’s what this beautiful passage of Christ’s love for, and identification with, His disciples is telling us to do.

    • Yes. Francis seems to think generic goodness or willingness to help puts one in the graces of Our Lord.

      This isn’t Christianity, at all. It’s a vague humanism with Masonic traits.


  12. Outrageous that Germany has those laws. Because of the diabolical disorientation rampant in the west Germans are being deprived of eloquent expressions of truth. So in Germany you may prostrate yourself before all manner of depravity but cannot express Christian truth. In the words of Babe Ruth, it’s deja vu all over again, meaning the fascist state.

    • It is sad to say that many Germans have the Nazi (not Fascist) germ in them, or rather that Nazism was so brutally successful because it resonated with an aspect of the German soul: the desire to dissolve themselves into a consensus outside of which no reason or right can exist.

      The blog “Kreuz Net” (the o,d one) was forced to close by a public display of exactly such Nazi qualities. There was no public outrage at all. Even the major newspapers who followed the matter found the persecution natural.

      Many Germans crave the dictatorship of the mainstream. They simply lack the courage to admit it to themselves.


  13. Excellent comments for an outstanding post! This man is the perfect example of an anti-Catholic. I have prayed that he would see the post (maybe not in German– 😉 ) and the comments, so he could see what actual Catholics really think of him. If he were defrocked, I’m sure he could not get a real job; who could trust him, since he works so hard at debasing his current employer?

  14. Dear M, you make a “nice” point about such a paladin of the church of “nice”. Perhaps we should all work together towards putting a nice pointy end to the stake in question.

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