Pollyanning The Evidence

Francis has been Pope for almost two years now. His questionable or heretical statements are countless (see my “The Francis Papers” section above, still incomplete). He makes continuous references to the uselessness of the Law if it does nor “serve” his purposes, criticises “excessive doctrinal security”, undermines the Truth in every possible way.

Cardinal Baldisseri has recently confirmed that the disgraceful Relatio post disceptationem was seen and approved by Francis himself before publication. The “radical Neo-Pagan” ideology reflected in the document (Bishop Schneider himself called it that way) is, therefore, directly attributed to Francis. Result? We now officially have a radical Neo-Pagan Pope.

After all this, it is no less than astonishing that there should be blog and forum commenters thick enough to even criticise Cardinal Burke for giving a public warning to the Pope. A Pope who is responsible for massive heretical activity by admission of his own closest collaborators, and continues to echo heretical sentiments in pretty much everything he does not read from a statement written by Catholics, should not be warned about the extremely grave consequences of plunging the Church into the gravest crisis since John XXII!

It beggars belief. It truly does. It is even more stupid than claiming Hitler should not have been warned about the consequences of invading Poland.

When, in addition to this, the saintly Cardinal is even accused of protagonism, I wonder whether not stupidity or naïveté, but outright evil intentions are at play.

One of the things I have noticed since the explosion of Internet fora (and then blogs) is that these places attract the sort of commenter whom no one takes seriously in life, because the written and “published” word and the impossibility to see the person behind them lend a sort of primary facie credibility to the nonsense they write; as if they were the result of serious reflection rather than the last dumb observation of a dumb man. On the Internet, no one knows your friends call you “idiot John”.

This is also the reason why I cancel, at times, comments from newcomers which, because of their evident stupidity, do not deserve publication. Commenting on this blog requires some IQ standards, below which entrance will be denied.

Whenever you read comments on blogs and fora, reflect that if someone might be an idiot he very probably is, and much dumber than he manages to let it seem on the Internet.

I call bullshit on this.

Long live Cardinal Burke. May the Lord sustain him in his battle.


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  1. I have not heard anyone criticising Cardinal Burke on any blogs I visit..but some of the orthodox NO blogs I visit amazingly do not seem to comprehend what is going on. Usually this has to do with not reading the blogs that are publishing these things, or having some trusted but either naive or cunning bad advice from a priest, theologian or bishop. The quote, that we have to …” just see where Pope Francis is leading us” has come up on more than one of them. I also heard this same quote in a sermon at Mass during the Christmas
    holidays presented with a cheerful anticipatory demeanor by a USA College chaplain who was referring to the Synod. Some also apparently do not believe that the pope can teach heresy, or that only e-cathedra teaching is infallible anyway.

  2. The orthodox NO blogs I have read range from a naive attitude of trust and support of the Papacy ( kind of like a strawberry festival) to not discussing anything very deeply regarding Pope Francis..close to ignoring him. From what I have read, they have not been critical of Cardinal Burke per say but refer to people as “reactionaries” who are concerned about heresy, schism, deposing the pope, etc. To me it seems they lack important input or do not know how to interpret the data, or they are being ill advised…perhaps playing it a bit safe as well.

    • I think in these blog a lot of Pollyannism plays a role, too…

      A pedantic, but necessary observation: it’s per se, which is Latin for “by itself”, “in itself” or the like.

      I know many write “per say”, but what they mean is the Latin.

  3. Thanks for the English lesson…if my spell check fails you would not recognize the language!!
    I find consolation in the fact that St. Therese was a poor speller and Mark Twain once said
    that anyone who can think of only one way to spell a word is lacking in imagination.

    My compliments again on your writing and language skills..I pray you will get a chance to use your talent in even greater service of the Lord.

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