The Rabbi, The Pope And The Fag

“A Rabbi, a Pope and a Fag live in the same Vatican hotel…”

No, my dear readers, this is not a joke. If Jack Tollers is right in his interview to the blog “From Rome” it’s not only the Pope and the Fag who live at the Casa Sanctae Marthae, but dearest Rabbi too.
One wonders. Does the Rabbi pay the room, so that more showers for the homeless can be installed? Is the CSM not reserved for religious? At least Ricca has an official “job” there (that of madam; ehm, I mean: manager), but with what title exactly is the Rabbi there?

Kosher Food Consultant? Altar Rabbi? Yom Kippur Coordinator? Only One On The Planet Willing To Call Francis His Friend?

Think of all the food that could be given to the poor with the money of the Rabbi, if he does not foot the bill himself! One could feed a lot of sheep! It wouldn’t even have to be kosher food!

Then there is the other question that, I am sure, alarms all of us. If a Rabbi can live with the Pope, what’s next? Stephen Fry? (Boy, Stephen Fry must eat a lot!) Elton John, with all the “family” (his kept fag and two “adopted” unfortunate children, if you must know)? Spanish Trannies and their “boyfriends”? The Dalai Lama? ISIS commanders? Queen Kong, aka Michelle Obama?

No, if the Rabbi truly lives under the same roof with Francis we really are in trouble. Our only hope was the vicinity of some sound Catholic.

A Fag and a Rabbi as those pretty much nearest to him explain a lot of things.



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  1. It’s all beginning to make sense now.

  2. Mundy,

    In Italian, how would you say “Ménage à trois”?

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