Unheard of Hypocrisy

Read here about the papal support for traditional marriage in Slovakia.

In normal times this would a non-news.

In these less than normal times, the news is that this man has the effrontery of making his support public mere days after it was revealed that he received a Trannie and his “partner”.

The hypocrisy of this man is breathtaking. He just does not know what shame and decency are.

Francis will tell people everything they want to hear. Are you a Slovakian initiative against perversion? Beautiful! Are you a Trannie with “lover” in tow? Wonderful! Who am I to judge?

It’s as if any morals had been pumped out of this man, and Francis was the name of the vacuum now in their place.

I do not call him TMAHICH (The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History) for nothing.


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  1. He’s a politician not a prelate.

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