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There are stories around about Facebook asking for ID if they think your name is fake. This might explain why I was asked for proof of identity when I tried to retrieve the long-forgotten password of my “Mundabor” Facebook account.

Facebook must be really dominant, if there are people willing to undergo the hassle rather than switch to an alternative service. I obviously let the account go, or rather sleep. “Mundabor” an invented name? How do they dare…

Apparently, the Redskins* (or people with Redskins among their ancestors) have also been affected, because Facebook says their name are “not real”. But If your name is John Smith, they don’t mind one bit. I wonder how many criminals use fake names or, in case, even “regular” false identity.

I am tempted to open an account with the name Benito Mussolini, or Augusto Pinochet, or Francisco Franco and see what happens. But as every fag on the net could then report me to Facebook, who would ask me for ID, it would not make sense either.

Facebook truly want to control you in any way. Like in North Korea, anonymity has no place. Whatever it is said, they want to know who said it. It would be disquieting, more probably is merely stupid.

Look: psychopaths have real names and operate using them. Charles Manson was generally known with the name “Charles Manson”. There are certainly countless psychos and criminals writing on Facebook, with their true identity, as I write this; they are now reading “statuses” of people, and sifting through hundreds of profiles. They are up to no good on Facebook, with their real names. Having a name and using it does not make a psycho less of a psycho.

Conversely, this simple blogger cannot (as “Mundabor”) have a Facebook page because Nazi Nanny tolerates no anonymity. Still, I get more “referrals” from Facebook than from Twitter, which means that my blog posts are regularly represented within Facebook and my identity is, so to speak, walking and breathing on Facebook anyway. So Facebook is fine with their members reading my articles on their platform, but they are not fine with me posting them directly. Strange world.

Mind: it’s not really a loss, though I am slightly peeved anyway. Still, Facebook would have been another channel to allow you to follow this blog in the way you prefer, and to perhaps introduce it more easily to your Facebook friends.

This is another disquieting example of how, slowly but safely, we are resembling the world in the film “Brazil”, minus the nice music.

At least I know this is no religious discrimination. Merely Nazi Nannyism.


*No PC rubbish on this blog. You’re welcome.

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  1. good post.

  2. You can post as Mundabor if you’re willing to take an extra step.

    (1) Create a FB profile under your real name.
    (2) Inmediately set all the privacy settings to their highest levels so nobody can see you or find you in FB searches.
    (3) Create a “page” called Mundabor. Your personal FB account will be the admin for the “page.” Then the Mundy page posts as Mundabor and the admin profile is silent/hidden.

    You’ll have to read up on what tondo with your privacy settings and how to start a FB page, etc.

    • Not taking such risks. Every link to my identity is, to me, no anonymity. Besides, every FB employee with access to the data would be able to leak them.

      Call me excessively concerned, but I take these issues seriously.

      Ask Jennifer Lawrence for more details about supposedly safe data…


  3. Apologies, but I already have francisco franco. Keep your bloody english-italian hands off that, please!!!!

  4. Can’t you create an account where merely your page is ‘liked’ without having to actually accept friends? In this way it would be a Mundabor “community” page and not a personal account. For example, a few community pages I follow are: “Traditional Roman Catholic”, “Unam Sanctam Catholicam”, and “Adoremus in Aeternum, a Catholic Tradition”. Or are you saying that even in those cases, setting up community pages without a first and last name, personal ID is still required?

    Regardless, I have no problem remembering to read you, of course. And I have shared your posts on Facebook… the last time was a few weeks back, and… well, a woman jumped on me for it and called you not-so-nice things. What a surprise, huh? 😉

    • Old account? Linked to your real name?

      The issues seem to happen when one forgets his password, or for the new accounts. I used to have no problems with my “Mundabor” account, at all.

  5. We’d better safeguard blogs like this one, and/or find new ways to communicate as faithful Catholics – they will come for us – it’s subtle now but will build. I am not a Cassandra, just reading the signs of the times. And here in Canada the signs are very, very clear.

  6. The state hackers can identify everyone through the IP of the mobile phone or laptop. In any case, persecution is happening to all who speak the truth; at least if you are known to the world, you can give great witness, encouragement to others, and help in people coming together in resistance.
    A woman I know who has a blog was questioned recently by customs when travelling between EU countries. During the course of questioning her, they revealed that they knew of her visit to a GP, and what she’d seen him for!!

  7. M. My Spartacus comment was just alluding to the movie of the same name starring Kirk Douglas. You know, the one about a revolt within the Roman Empire. It’s a sort of Judas Maccabees type of story. When the rebels are caught they ask Spartacus to identify himself. When he does, others in turn rise up and confess that they too are Spartacus. So the whole lot are crucified.

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