Vorisgate: The Lowdown On The Letdown

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Pope say it's a fashion.  I am no St Paul.  Should I, therefore, be silent? Pope says it’s a fashion.
I am no St Paul.
Should I, therefore, be silent?

The first two instalments of the Vorisgate on this blog are my stance on CMTV’s video  “It always comes back to the Pope” and my publishing of the message they addressed to me, with my own reply.

Yesterday a third video appeared, “The Pope IS different”. I have examined Michael Voris’ last effort to square the circle. Predictably, he failed.

Preliminary consideration

I have found in Mr Voris’ video no word of public excuse to the people already publicly blamed by him: Christopher Ferrara, John Vennari, Michael Matt, and Louie Verrecchio. Whilst these four gentlemen may be extremely charitable people and invite the Vortex viewers to not abandon Voris, or may have had private clarifications and reconciliations directly with him, I continue to be of the opinion that we should draw a line in the…

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  1. I think that I may have pointed it before here that Pope Francis, when Archbishop of Buenos Aires, was known to be extremely unsympathetic to traditional Catholicism BUT very helpful to the SSPX in his area of control. This apparent contradiction seems to indicate (to me at least) that he wished to encourage the SSPX in order to enable the irritatingly traditional within the Church to go and join it (what other reason could he possibly have had?). So Voris may have the true situation ‘on its head’.

    • My reading of it is that he does not want powerful enemies.
      This is why he kicks relentlessly those whom he knows can be kicked without fear of reprisal, common Catholics first.

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