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“Schismgate”: John Vennari Replies To Michael Voris On “Schism”, “Reactionaries” And “Francisvacantism”

I have very recently reported about Mr Louie Verrecchio’s reply to Michael Voris’ attacks to the SSPX and the “Reactionary” Catholics.

Today I am very pleased to inform you of another brilliant reply from John Vennari, of CFN. This reply comes in two videos. The first video deals with the accusation of “Schism” levelled at the SSPX by Voris, and the second deals with the methods employed by Voris and the mixing of the argument of “Pope is not validly a Pope” with the legitimate grievances of sound Traditionalism.

The videos are fairly short, totaling less than 20 minutes together. They are a beautiful integration to what has been already said on the matter. The first one gives more and very convincing arguments against the abstruse claim of Schism, and the second shreds some light on the media methods of Mr Voris besides bringing clarity in the matter of “Francisvacantism”.

Enjoy the show.





Pope Trannie Is Satan’s Tool

Mundabor's Blog

"We should do more for the LGBTPTSRTGS people, Frankie dear..." “We should do more for the LGBTPTSRTGS people, Frankie dear…”

There is a reason why I keep calling the Bishop of Rome TMAHICH, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History. The reason is that the double-tongued falseness of this man simply defies imagination. We see evidence of this all the time.

“Rabbitgate” is just a few days old, and it now turns out Francis has reached a new depth in his constant encouragement and promotion of sexual perversion. The events unfolded as follows:

1) A Trannie writes to the Pope and complains about his “discrimination” because hey, his fellow Catholics and (the horror!) his own priest just do not want to “accept” he is a shameless perverts publicly espousing his abomination to the point of surgical and/ or hormonal manipulation. You would think the entire planet is on drugs, but hey…

2) Pope Francis, of whom the kindest thing that…

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Meet Pope Weasel: Another Day, Another Assault On Catholicism

The Bishop of Rome is captured by a camera as he relaxes in the Vatican Gardens.

The Bishop of Rome is captured by a camera as he relaxes in the Vatican Gardens.


Unsurprisingly, Francis did it again.

TMAHICH’s daily routine has become a litany of attacks to Catholicism, made on every possible and impossible occasion. There can be no doubt that this man is trying to demolish as much as he can of Catholicism in view of the October Synod. There can be no excuses anymore. There can be no “wait and see” attitude. If you can’t see what this man is doing, you are blind.

Let us see what the Press reports today:

In a powerful sermon that signaled his desire to push ahead with historic reforms

say what you will of the “Poofington Post”. At least, they understand the simple things. This is more than an awful lot of Catholics manage.

the Roman Catholic Church must be open and welcoming, whatever the costs.

First weasel word: “whatever the cost”. The cost is, if you don’t get it, orthodoxy.

He also warned the hierarchy not to be “a closed caste” but to lead in reaching out to all who are rejected by society and the church.

Second weasel word. When was the Church “closed caste”. When was the hierarchy a “closed caste”? Never. Actually, the Church was always trying to evangelise. It is only with Francis that there is no evangelisation as a value, because there are no real difference as a concept, and theological differences are merely fine details for theologians. Besides, the Church has always been one of the most “equal opportunities” organisations on the planet. I even know of a chap of humble origins who made it to Pope even if he is a total… let’s leave it at that.

“There are two ways of thinking and of having faith: we can fear to lose the saved and we can want to save the lost,”

Last time I looked, no one of us could be safe in the feeling that he was saved. This is exactly why Catholicism exists. If we could know beforehand that Caius is saved and Titius isn’t, Catholicism would not be of any use to either of them. Nor would, of course, be works of mercy, helping the poor, and the like.

In Francis world, however, everyone is saved if he lurvs the environment and the illegals. Catholics are, evidently, in great danger. Should he, therefore, not smell of us for a while?

This is another weasel words: the invitation not to have “fear” means the invitation to break laws, break every rule, transform the Church in the stupidest NGO ever.

“Jesus responds immediately to the leper’s plea, without waiting to study the situation and all its possible consequences,”

Someone inform this man that Jesus is God. He knows all the possible consequences already. But He is healing a leper here. Healing the sick. Showing His Mercy. Showing He is God. No Catholic of the past, and be him certified “100% Authentic Reactionary”, would have had the slightest problem with that. Again, it’s called Catholicism.

“For Jesus, what matters above all is reaching out to save those far off, healing the wounds of the sick, restoring everyone to God’s family. And this is scandalous to some people!”

I really need a camomile tea now. Jesus is reaching out to those who do not believe, so that they may believe in Him and obey Him. He is healing the sick, not encouraging the sinners in their sins. He restores outsiders to God’s family, he does not encourage them to stay out of it (“hold fast to your Korans!” “convert the other? No! No! No!”).

“Jesus is not afraid of this kind of scandal,”

Jesus whipped the moneychangers for certainly a lesser offense than the open sabotage of the True Church Francis, a Pope, is staging day in and day out in front of the entire planet. To even imply that He would approve of the scandal caused by those going against His rule is outright blasphemy. And he is the Pope? Has the planet gone mad?

“He does not think of the close-minded who are scandalized even by a work of healing, scandalized before any kind of openness, by any action outside of their mental and spiritual boxes, by any caress or sign of tenderness which does not fit into their usual thinking and their ritual purity.”

Francispeak alert!

The scandal for a “work of healing” suddenly, and without any explanation or logical connection,  becomes the scandal “before any kind of openness”. Translation? In Francis’ nuchurch, everything goes! This is Paganism at its worst. New Age drunken rant.

Tomas de Torquemada, where are you when we need you most?!

Throughout his 15-minute homily, Francis repeatedly slammed the “narrow and prejudiced mentality” of believers who cling to religious laws out of fear.

My translation: “during fifteen minutes of disordered rant, Francis ceaselessly insulted those who insist in protecting orthodoxy”.

It is “wrong” to cling to religious laws “out of fear”. May be. I actually disagree. I think it’s far better to cling to religious laws out of fear than not to cling to them out of whatever else. But this is not even the point.

I cling to religious laws out of faith. May I? May I?

“Total openness to serving others is our hallmark, it alone is our title of honor!”

In a Padre Pio homily, this would certainly pass. Adherence to Catholicism was, in those blessed times, simply taken for granted. But in this context, this is pure paganism. Faith in Christ and Obedience to His Law is our hallmark, and our title of honour! If in the name of “mercy” I forget what Christianity is and why I am a Christian in the first place, I cannot call myself a Christian. We are Christians in that we, first, believe in Christ! “If you love me, keep my commandments”. This shameless man wants to transform Christianity in “if you love Christ, there are no rules!”. Because if you have rules, you “cling” to them “out of fear”, and all that bullshit…

“We will not find the Lord unless we truly accept the marginalized!” he concluded. “Truly the Gospel of the marginalized is where our credibility is at stake, where it is found, and where it is revealed.”

Obviously, he concludes with another weasel words. It is not known to me that Christian societies ever refused the marginalised. Actually, it was the Jews who had ended up doing it. The religion of the buddy Skorka, who has emphatically not converted! Does Francis have a problem with that? No! No! No!

But here, “marginalised” is code word for something entirely different: illegal immigrant! NEVER has the Church said that State boundaries are illegitimate, and everyone must have the right to go and settle wherever he pleases, whenever he pleases. NEVER has the Church promoted this kind of “One World” mantra Francis tirelessly promotes. Is this peasant really as ignorant as he wants us to believe he is?

Please, please, please do not tell me now that the “Poofington Post” has misreported the Pope’s words. If this were the first episode  well, perhaps, who knows, some doubt might be justified. But this is the umpteenth damn time that Francis pulls such a show, so no, you can only doubt if you were born in 2009 or after.

Time to go for that camomile tea now.

Usque quo, Domine?




The Hounds Are Catching Up With Fr Volpi

Mirror, mirror... no, wait!

As many of you know, Volpi in Italian means, literally, “foxes”. More probably it is the usual patronymic, from the Latin Vulpii, “(the son) of Vulpius”. Be it as it may, the man's name means “fox”. And a very, very ugly fox this one is. Fox is, as every Englishman knows, officially classified as vermin. Father Volpi is, of course, not vermin. He has an immortal soul. But I doubt this fox will – vermin, or not – manage to escape the hounds.

We are now reliably informed that even the Italian civil justice (which has improved in the last decades, but still is a rather Kafkaesque experience) is more rapid than the heavily modernised, poor-minded, environment-loving, Christ-oblivious, shower-installing apparatus of the Bishop of Rome. Which says not something but, actually, an awful lot.

What has – we are reliably informed – happened, is that the Fox has been condemned to pay the non indifferent amount of €20,000 as a compensation for the slander against Father Manelli.

Now, please understand how the Italian defamation laws work. If one is a public personage, the public criticism against him can go rather far. In doing this, however, it must be clear that the criticism is a political one, not a personal slander.

If one were to say: “Berlusconi is the prostitute of the tax-evaders”, it would be clear that Berlusconi is not being accused of prostitution in the proper sense of the world, and the criticism is a robust criticism of his political activity. But if one were to write: “Berlusconi has stolen from the secret funds of the Italian Home Office” he had better have reliable, at least anecdotical evidence of what he is saying, or else an awful lot of Elton John treatment will soon be in store for him.

Slander is a serious matter. No one can accuse someone of misappropriating the funds of a religious order just because he wants to massacre his reputation, on the way to the massacre of his order. This is something that completely destroys the credibility of the man making the slanderous accusations, and that makes him unfit to keep having influence on the man he has slandered and on his order.

Volpi will, if Francis has any decency left, be made to go. The hounds are very near to his throat.

Still, two considerations must be made.

1) it is doubtful whether Francis has any decency left. I would answer that in the negative. One who lives under the roof of a poof, and receives a Trannie and his “fiancé”, clearly does not know where decency lives. If Francis forces Volpi to go it will be because of opportunity, not decency.

2) it is even more doubtful – it is, actually, unrealistic – to think that when the hounds hunt down this very ugly fox the persecution of the FFI will end. The FFI is persecuted because Francis wants it so. Volpi is mot the main culprit; merely the very nasty, ugly executioner.

Therefore, if you think that the FFI is soon to be restored to normality I suggest you curb your enthusiasm. In order for this to happen, Francis must see a political advantage for him in rehabilitating them. I do not see why Volpi's behaviour would change anything in Francis' one.

The only hope that the persecution ends during Francis' pontificate lies in the common, universally spread knowledge that the FFI's persecution happened because of his will, and on his orders. Then, and not before, Francis will have a real, concrete interest to say he never had anything to do with it because he happened to be in the bathroom, or was about embracing wheelchairs, or was just conversing with some Trannie buddy of his.

The hounds might well kill this fox; but the persecution of the FFI will, I am afraid, soon go on unabated.



Look, Mom! No Hands!


Come, come, Alisha… let me see your hands!

Read on Jihad Watch about the women who had their hands (notice the “s” at the end; it means “both of them”) chopped off for some offence which was certainly not adultery, and might well have been (though the article does not confirm it as I write) the horrible, horrible crime of the use of a mobile phone.

Ah, the religion of peace! Always full of surprises…

It is not known how the husbands of the women reacted, seen as having a wife without hands around the house might be something of an inconvenience. On the other hand, the solution for the husband could be very easy: kick the woman on the street, and that was that. Divorce, Mohammed way.

I am trying to be sorry for the women; the treatment they received certainly goes against every sense of humanity, and should inspire compassion in us. At the same time, I cannot but wonder whether these women supported the ISIS in their heart, and approved of the local state of affair; in that not improbable case, I have great difficulties in seeing in the women the victims, rather the accomplices. You do not empathise much with gangsters killed by other gangster, either.

Go on, ladies! Enjoy the religion of peace!

Mohammed will always be with you, ready to give you a hand; or two, as the case may be.


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