Meet Pope Weasel: Another Day, Another Assault On Catholicism

The Bishop of Rome is captured by a camera as he relaxes in the Vatican Gardens.

The Bishop of Rome is captured by a camera as he relaxes in the Vatican Gardens.


Unsurprisingly, Francis did it again.

TMAHICH’s daily routine has become a litany of attacks to Catholicism, made on every possible and impossible occasion. There can be no doubt that this man is trying to demolish as much as he can of Catholicism in view of the October Synod. There can be no excuses anymore. There can be no “wait and see” attitude. If you can’t see what this man is doing, you are blind.

Let us see what the Press reports today:

In a powerful sermon that signaled his desire to push ahead with historic reforms

say what you will of the “Poofington Post”. At least, they understand the simple things. This is more than an awful lot of Catholics manage.

the Roman Catholic Church must be open and welcoming, whatever the costs.

First weasel word: “whatever the cost”. The cost is, if you don’t get it, orthodoxy.

He also warned the hierarchy not to be “a closed caste” but to lead in reaching out to all who are rejected by society and the church.

Second weasel word. When was the Church “closed caste”. When was the hierarchy a “closed caste”? Never. Actually, the Church was always trying to evangelise. It is only with Francis that there is no evangelisation as a value, because there are no real difference as a concept, and theological differences are merely fine details for theologians. Besides, the Church has always been one of the most “equal opportunities” organisations on the planet. I even know of a chap of humble origins who made it to Pope even if he is a total… let’s leave it at that.

“There are two ways of thinking and of having faith: we can fear to lose the saved and we can want to save the lost,”

Last time I looked, no one of us could be safe in the feeling that he was saved. This is exactly why Catholicism exists. If we could know beforehand that Caius is saved and Titius isn’t, Catholicism would not be of any use to either of them. Nor would, of course, be works of mercy, helping the poor, and the like.

In Francis world, however, everyone is saved if he lurvs the environment and the illegals. Catholics are, evidently, in great danger. Should he, therefore, not smell of us for a while?

This is another weasel words: the invitation not to have “fear” means the invitation to break laws, break every rule, transform the Church in the stupidest NGO ever.

“Jesus responds immediately to the leper’s plea, without waiting to study the situation and all its possible consequences,”

Someone inform this man that Jesus is God. He knows all the possible consequences already. But He is healing a leper here. Healing the sick. Showing His Mercy. Showing He is God. No Catholic of the past, and be him certified “100% Authentic Reactionary”, would have had the slightest problem with that. Again, it’s called Catholicism.

“For Jesus, what matters above all is reaching out to save those far off, healing the wounds of the sick, restoring everyone to God’s family. And this is scandalous to some people!”

I really need a camomile tea now. Jesus is reaching out to those who do not believe, so that they may believe in Him and obey Him. He is healing the sick, not encouraging the sinners in their sins. He restores outsiders to God’s family, he does not encourage them to stay out of it (“hold fast to your Korans!” “convert the other? No! No! No!”).

“Jesus is not afraid of this kind of scandal,”

Jesus whipped the moneychangers for certainly a lesser offense than the open sabotage of the True Church Francis, a Pope, is staging day in and day out in front of the entire planet. To even imply that He would approve of the scandal caused by those going against His rule is outright blasphemy. And he is the Pope? Has the planet gone mad?

“He does not think of the close-minded who are scandalized even by a work of healing, scandalized before any kind of openness, by any action outside of their mental and spiritual boxes, by any caress or sign of tenderness which does not fit into their usual thinking and their ritual purity.”

Francispeak alert!

The scandal for a “work of healing” suddenly, and without any explanation or logical connection,  becomes the scandal “before any kind of openness”. Translation? In Francis’ nuchurch, everything goes! This is Paganism at its worst. New Age drunken rant.

Tomas de Torquemada, where are you when we need you most?!

Throughout his 15-minute homily, Francis repeatedly slammed the “narrow and prejudiced mentality” of believers who cling to religious laws out of fear.

My translation: “during fifteen minutes of disordered rant, Francis ceaselessly insulted those who insist in protecting orthodoxy”.

It is “wrong” to cling to religious laws “out of fear”. May be. I actually disagree. I think it’s far better to cling to religious laws out of fear than not to cling to them out of whatever else. But this is not even the point.

I cling to religious laws out of faith. May I? May I?

“Total openness to serving others is our hallmark, it alone is our title of honor!”

In a Padre Pio homily, this would certainly pass. Adherence to Catholicism was, in those blessed times, simply taken for granted. But in this context, this is pure paganism. Faith in Christ and Obedience to His Law is our hallmark, and our title of honour! If in the name of “mercy” I forget what Christianity is and why I am a Christian in the first place, I cannot call myself a Christian. We are Christians in that we, first, believe in Christ! “If you love me, keep my commandments”. This shameless man wants to transform Christianity in “if you love Christ, there are no rules!”. Because if you have rules, you “cling” to them “out of fear”, and all that bullshit…

“We will not find the Lord unless we truly accept the marginalized!” he concluded. “Truly the Gospel of the marginalized is where our credibility is at stake, where it is found, and where it is revealed.”

Obviously, he concludes with another weasel words. It is not known to me that Christian societies ever refused the marginalised. Actually, it was the Jews who had ended up doing it. The religion of the buddy Skorka, who has emphatically not converted! Does Francis have a problem with that? No! No! No!

But here, “marginalised” is code word for something entirely different: illegal immigrant! NEVER has the Church said that State boundaries are illegitimate, and everyone must have the right to go and settle wherever he pleases, whenever he pleases. NEVER has the Church promoted this kind of “One World” mantra Francis tirelessly promotes. Is this peasant really as ignorant as he wants us to believe he is?

Please, please, please do not tell me now that the “Poofington Post” has misreported the Pope’s words. If this were the first episode  well, perhaps, who knows, some doubt might be justified. But this is the umpteenth damn time that Francis pulls such a show, so no, you can only doubt if you were born in 2009 or after.

Time to go for that camomile tea now.

Usque quo, Domine?




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  1. Dear Mr. Mundabor, I saw the HuffPo article earlier today and wondered what is next. Not only am I well and truly alarmed by this conduct, but I simply cannot believe the evidence now piled before us of the open contempt for traditionals. And the personal manner of these tirades is now coming off as pathological. Again, what next?

    • Receiving a Trannie at the Vatican! 😉

      Absurd, of course.
      I should not mock the Holy Father in this way.
      He would never do that, and we know it.

  2. Sir, in less decorous terms than my earlier post: I am scared. As you know, it is already difficult for Catholics not to sin in increasingly political workplaces, but I fear that Francis’ non-stop carry-on against Catholic teaching and traditional piety may do more damage than some that struggle constantly with weakness and temptation – like me! – are able to bear. How can we reasonably take a position for reasons of faith when our own pope is so flippant, even derisive of that Catholic position? So my “what next?” was a question to which any answer from this quarter would be of some help.

    • Pray more.
      Stand near to the Blessed Virgin.
      Read blogs like this one 😉

      Personally, I have been in the political and social “minority” all my life, so I feel quite comfortable with being part of a vocal minority.

      Others will have to learn it.

      Those who allow themselves to get lost because of Francis in the end chose to be lost, and must not complain for the punishment they get.

      The “good” of this situation is that the evil is spread in a way that is so blatantly wrong, that no Catholic can say he has followed it because it seemed right.


  3. Mund, that weasel at the top of the page is very cute. He doesn’t look like Francis at all! the animal I would compare Francis to would be the Tasmanian Devil. They make a lot of scary noises and tear everything apart!

  4. What’s wrong with some good ole’ fashioned holy fear? “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” says Scripture. Anytime Pope Francis starts waxing about the “marginalized” I only think of the sodomites and other perverts. He neglects the fact that they have free will, know what they do is wrong, reject the opportunity to heal and promote grave evil as good. Our Lord reached out to the lost sheep of Israel by saying “repent, the kingdom of heaven is at hand”…the first words He uttered when starting His ministry. God bless you for your patience with this lost man, Mundy:+) God bless~

    • “Marginalised” is code for “perverts, do-nothings and illegal immigrants”
      Of course there are worthy poor.
      But they have always been there, and have been always considered worthy.
      Therefore, Francis isn’t talking about them.

  5. He uses all of the psychological jargon of the 70s and 80s. Sorry, HF, it’s the 21st century! I wish I could figure a way to get a bunch of people to Rome (with a collection)–people nearby—to cause a visible protest against Volpi and against Francis in general. If anyone who lives near enough to Rome (Europe in general, I suppose) wants to storm the Vatican at a Wednesday Angelus, I’ll be happy to start a collection effort to get them there. This is the most tiresome and enraging nonsense I’ve ever encountered. It’s like the worst priest of my youth becoming pope.

    OK, now I need chamomile tea…..

    • The constant trait of conservative people is that they do not “do” vocal protest, and noise in general. It goes against the grain of our ordered lives.

      The vocal protest is an emotional appeal. We must fight the war of arguments, exposing the man every day for the tool he is.

      And we must make him the butt of jokes, which is another thing that never fails to work.


  6. Reblogged this on EX MAGNA SILENTIUM or EX MAGNO SILENTIO and commented:
    Pope Francis spoke at the Cardinals. He told them that they have to get their credibility by reaching out to those marginalized. In the Church today, the marginalized would be real Catholics, those who are orthodox in adhering to the fullness of the Faith and in its practice. But Pope Francis doesn’t care about that as he says he’s talking about the marginalized “in society” which does not include the Church. Mundabor has stated it frankly and clearly in this post what “marginalized actually means in this Alice-In-Wonderland 21st century Church.

  7. Mundabor, here is one vocal protest that I wish we could see more of. Theodore Shoebat ( said: “I recently confronted a pro homosexual priest and busted him to his face, got the whole thing on film. Then later I walked into his church in the middle of the service and they kicked me out, not without difficulty though. Got it all on film….”

  8. And a wonderful reply that you gave to FidelityJane.

  9. Heartfelt thanks for your reply to both my comments on this story, Mr. Mundabor. I have also purchased a box of camomile tea! God bless you!

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