Pope Trannie Is Satan’s Tool

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"We should do more for the LGBTPTSRTGS people, Frankie dear..." “We should do more for the LGBTPTSRTGS people, Frankie dear…”

There is a reason why I keep calling the Bishop of Rome TMAHICH, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History. The reason is that the double-tongued falseness of this man simply defies imagination. We see evidence of this all the time.

“Rabbitgate” is just a few days old, and it now turns out Francis has reached a new depth in his constant encouragement and promotion of sexual perversion. The events unfolded as follows:

1) A Trannie writes to the Pope and complains about his “discrimination” because hey, his fellow Catholics and (the horror!) his own priest just do not want to “accept” he is a shameless perverts publicly espousing his abomination to the point of surgical and/ or hormonal manipulation. You would think the entire planet is on drugs, but hey…

2) Pope Francis, of whom the kindest thing that…

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