“Schismgate”: John Vennari Replies To Michael Voris On “Schism”, “Reactionaries” And “Francisvacantism”

I have very recently reported about Mr Louie Verrecchio’s reply to Michael Voris’ attacks to the SSPX and the “Reactionary” Catholics.

Today I am very pleased to inform you of another brilliant reply from John Vennari, of CFN. This reply comes in two videos. The first video deals with the accusation of “Schism” levelled at the SSPX by Voris, and the second deals with the methods employed by Voris and the mixing of the argument of “Pope is not validly a Pope” with the legitimate grievances of sound Traditionalism.

The videos are fairly short, totaling less than 20 minutes together. They are a beautiful integration to what has been already said on the matter. The first one gives more and very convincing arguments against the abstruse claim of Schism, and the second shreds some light on the media methods of Mr Voris besides bringing clarity in the matter of “Francisvacantism”.

Enjoy the show.





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  1. Part Two Video response to Michael Voris

    Tradwriter 26: Is Vatican II an integral part of the tradition of the Church?
    from Louie Verrecchio

    • Dear Miss Duggan, Where did you get this video of Mr Verrechio?? I always read his blog but it disappeared late on 12th Feb and when it reappeared it was frozen in time, late on 12th, with no posts or comments since that time. It doesn’t allow me to log in. I’ve sent a couple of emails to Mr Verrechio but haven’t got a reply yet.

    • It’s okay. I found out what the situation is. Thank you.

  2. One thing I have trouble understanding: perhaps the Nicene Creed, in 245, would have been condemned (“what’s consubstantial?”). In other words, the post-conciliar Popes were using some new language, but underneath it was the same Faith. That doesn’t mean that this “experiment” was not a near total failure, of course. I think if you sat down with JPII and B16 on most things, they would show to have the Faith. The Vatican II road-show, which they welcomed, is largely the villian here…just a guess.

  3. In many ways MIchael Voris is to be admired. He’s taken a lot of flak from his local bishop – even having to take the name “Catholic” from his webiste. A number of ‘progressive’ catholics loathe him – always a good sign.

    Otoh, Mr. Voris’ backtracking and apologizing at last year’s synod was pretty revolting. His mea culpas for that – as well as his weird policy of never criticizing *anything* Pope Francis says or does – makes me wonder if he has to tailor his remarks to keep a few financial backers happy. Pure supposition, of course, but I’ve seen it before with other people and it would explain his Catholic schizophrenia. Anyway, your videos of the past couple of days were the last straw that has led me, sadly, to cancel my subscription to him. It wasn’t an easy decision because many of Voris’ short videos are right on target; but his targeting of comrades-in-arms is just one step too much.

    • It was the right decision, Annie.

      There is no need for a TV that talks to you about the maintenance of the Roman public gardens whilst Rome is burning.


  4. Mundabor, you may have seen this related article:
    Bishop Schneider visits SSPX Seminary
    I continue to pray that SSPX will settle their differences with Rome and obtain obtain jurisdiction.

  5. We are, I’m gathering from your response, not in Kansas anymore w. this Pontificate.

  6. That was a real eye-opening second video, crystal clear and most illuminative, and a focus for Lenten meditation.

    To LyndaIrish, I have had the same experience of his frozen website… It self resolved a few weeks ago

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