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Let’s Talk About Dope

This is not going to please some of my readers. Tough luck.

Wine, and alcoholic products in general, are food. You find wine at Jesus’ table, and wine at the table of pretty much every Southern European Saint (In the North, I think they had beer, though). You find wine, as we all know, at Mass.

I can picture Padre Pio ranting about Commies and Sodomites at table, in front of a good glass of wine. The image is so very pleasant, so true, so Italian, so authentically saintly.

I can never, ever picture Padre Pio smoking pot. Not in a very small quantity, not if it had been legal. Not under any circumstance whatsoever. I can, however, picture Bergoglio doing it. He has admitted as much himself. Scour this blog. And no shadow of public contrition, either. Boy, that was one robust vocation…

Disclosure: yours truly never smoke pot. Not even a cigarette, actually. But that pot a) tends to make of one a pothead, and b) is smoked in order to get stoned, this much yours truly knows.

“But Mundabor! I smoke pot so wisely! My recreational drugs are perfectly within the limits of Catholic recreational drugs use!”


There is no Catholic recreational drug use. Drug is not food. Marijuana is no part of the way we eat and live. It is not taken – like alcohol – in order to enjoy its flavour as a drink. Marijuana is taken exactly in order to change one’s state of consciousness, to put oneself in an artificially and willingly altered state of consciousness.

It is truly the sign of the dumbness of the times that from the fact that alcohol can lead to drunkenness the argument is made that Marijuana should be seen in the same way as alcohol.
Heavens! Chocolate can lead to death, too!

Nor has the legality of it any bearing on the issue. In some legal systems drunkenness is a criminal offence. In others it isn’t. But in all of them, it is grave matter. We do not look at grave matter differently just because it’s legal, and we oppose abortion and sexual perversion whatever their legal status.

Nor has the usefulness of some uses any relevance. Cocaine can be used for medical purposes – it regularly is or was in Italy, for example, as an alternative to total anaesthesia; I understand total anaesthesia is becoming less and less used, though, so this might have changed – but this does not make cocaine less dangerous in the least, or the crackdown on its use less advisable.

Common sense says that a normal, sane person drinks alcohol, and does not smoke marijuana. Exactly in the same way as he does not take opium, and the like.
Glass of wine, whisky, cocktail, they are all fine, if the purpose is the pleasure of the drink, enjoyed in moderation. But all these do not alter one’s state of consciousness, and are not taken in order to do so. They are enjoyed like one enjoys Tiramisu’, or Profiteroles.

The voluntary alteration of one’s consciousness is every bit a form of drunkenness, and therefore grave matter already. It does not matter whether the drunken is more or less dangerous than the stoned guy. It does not matter whether it’s a criminal offence. It does not matter whether marijuana has (authentic) medical uses.

And then there’s the other not quite so little matter: that whilst wine goes well with pasta, cognac with chocolate, and whiskey with a cigar (note: smoking is not a sin, and there is no alteration of consciousness), whilst marijuana as a way to explore an altered state of consciousness invites the use of far worse drugs.
Saints do drink wine, but he who smokes a joint is asking Satan to take place in his entrance hall, thinking that from there he will certainly not enter the living room and invade the rest of the home.

Marijuana is for potheads.

Leave it to the liberals.


Sweet Rest, Mr Ferrero

If there is something that, after football, unites Italians of all classes and political opinions, this must be Nutella.
The country itself is barely thinkable without it. Generations of children grew up with it, and kept loving it as adult. There must be no one in Italy who considers himself too fine, too rich, too good for Nutella.

The Ferrero empire spread from Piedmont after WW II. The elders in my family remembered when Nutella spread over the country in the form of… a solid bar of nougat, like a softer brick, and sold by weight. But soon Nutella became a spreadable cream, and conquered the world.

On this empire, another empire was built. Pocket Coffee, Mon Cheri, and then Ferrero Rocher brought further revenue. The small chocolate egg, “Kinder”, was also very popular, and many ancillary products followed.

So many have tried to imitate Ferrero’s product. Never have I found a competitor near as good. The slogan “Nutella e’ solo Ferrero” is more than an ads, it’s a proud statement of fact. Mon Cheri is unbeatable as value for money and outright scrumptious joy. Pocket coffee is the secret friend of Italian students, car drivers, and smart guys everywhere.

When I moved to Germany, a colleague was astonishing at being informed Ferrero is through and through an Italian company. Ferrero is so strong over there, he thought it was German.

I am Mundabor, and I am a Ferrero addict.

Michele Ferrero, the man who built out of his father’s company the worldwide empire, has died. A devout Catholic, he had called the Ferrero Rocher out of the grotto in Lourdes. In every one of the Feerero factories, a statue of the Blessed Virgin thrones over the operations.

I have never heard of him shameful things as I did of another Italian institution, Barilla. I trust the man died in the faith of his forefathers.

Sweet rest, Mr Ferrero. I’ll get some more pane e Nutella, of which this humble household is never deprived, before I go to sleep, and say a special prayer for you.


SSPX: Hopes Of Agreement Are Not Realistic

Every time a bishop or Cardinal meets some representative of the SSPX or visits one of their seminaries hopes are rekindled that a reconciliation might be in the cards. I consider these hopes unrealistic.

The differences between the SSPX and the Vatican are fundamental ones. Let us see the issues in detail:

1) The SSPX will never (niemals; jamais; mai e poi mai) accept to dilute a proper understanding of Catholicism by accepting the polluting elements of V II as a legitimate part of Church teaching.

2) The Vatican side has no interest in opening to them the doors of what they call “full communion”, and leave the SSPX free to criticise them from a position of full legitimacy.

3) The SSPX will never accept loss of autonomy, and the risk of ending up like the FFI. Not with this Pope, not with the next Pope, not with any of their successors even remotely stinking of V II.

Therefore, what is the only thinkable scenario of an agreement? It is Francis deciding that the best way to show “openness” and “mercy” is to open the doors wide to the SSPX without any request whatsoever, in the hope that the SSPX will moderate its criticism after so unexpected a gift and that his Traditionalist critics will suddenly hail him as the new Pius XII.

Not going to happen, say I.

Favours to the SSPX are not of the kind that can be done without consequences. Encourage Trannyism, and your fan base will applaud you until there’s no skin left on their hands. But just tell the world the SSPX is a 100% orthodox, fully Catholic, A-OK organisation and the very people whose approval you have tried to win so hard will be seeking your blood. For Francis there is no realistic upside in a reconciliation.

The “talks” between the SSPX and the Vatican continue in an “informal” setting, because years of formal, very accurate theological discussions have shown that the differences are irreconcilable. It is what it is, and wishing that these differences may magically disappear is not going to have any effect.

Bar Francis’ stupidest self-goal ever, there will be no reconciliation. But not even Francis is so thick that he thinks a reconciliation with the SSPX would consolidate his image as the “Mercy Pope”. Even if he – absurdly – really were so thick, countless people around him would dissuade him from such a harakiri.

It’s not going to happen.

Frankly, I am not sad at all. The SSPX is perfectly fine where they are now. They do not need any validation from Francis. It is the job of every Catholic to educate themselves and recognise why the present situation has come into existence, who is at fault for it, and how it will be made to end. It is not the job of the SSPX to compromise with the Depositum Fidei and the liturgical richness of the Church so that a couple of vaguely conservative Catholics may feel better with themselves.

The real goal is not the reconciliation of the SSPX with the Vatican. It’s the end of the V II drunkenness.


The Most Jewish Pope

Mundabor's Blog

Yep. Yep.

The celebration of Francis as a marketing tool has now found an echo in the Boston Globe. The competition is said to be “envious” of a Pope that is able  – and alas, all too willing – to accommodate everyone.

The most Jewish Pope, says the Rabbi, and who can contradict him. Different from our chap, who has the bad habit of thinking before he opens his mouth in public, says the Mormon. Hey, he even makes “pranks” (he doesn’t; but journalists must write fast and create a story), and is so different from the Presbyterians (who are the Presbyterians again? Ah, now I remember…). What a revolutionary change from the serious men of the past. So cool!

“At times, he seems to yak on about whatever comes to his mind, just as you and I do”, says the journalist. How wonderful! And by the way: no, I…

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The Temple, The Jews, And The Pope.

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Before... Before…

And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it,

Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.

For the days shall come upon thee, that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side,

And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.

Luke 19:41-45.

Our Lord beholds Jerusalem, and cries. He is not simply sad, or disappointed. He is afflicted to the point of crying. 

He proceeds, then, to tell why, and he make a chilling prophecy: this mighty city will be besieged, and after the siege it will…

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“Pagan Babies” And NuChurch

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Shock!! Horror!!

A sadly interesting article on the Catholic News Service. The article deals with something I have not lived, but some of the older and wiser of my readers might recollect; the “adoption” of a “pagan baby” encouraged in past decades.

I can’t see anything wrong, anything at all, with converting to Christianity pagan (as in: pagan) babies; but this is obviously not really good nowadays, in the era of the 12-lanes way to heaven only closed to Dr Goebbels and (many would have told you in the past; not for long, I think….) Archbishop Lefebvre.

Father Small, national director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States, does “not apologise” (how brave is that, uh?) for the past campaigns, but he clearly takes the distance from the tones and the spirit of the initiative:

“We can smile at it now at perhaps how silly it was,”

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