“Pagan Babies” And NuChurch

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Shock!! Horror!!

A sadly interesting article on the Catholic News Service. The article deals with something I have not lived, but some of the older and wiser of my readers might recollect; the “adoption” of a “pagan baby” encouraged in past decades.

I can’t see anything wrong, anything at all, with converting to Christianity pagan (as in: pagan) babies; but this is obviously not really good nowadays, in the era of the 12-lanes way to heaven only closed to Dr Goebbels and (many would have told you in the past; not for long, I think….) Archbishop Lefebvre.

Father Small, national director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States, does “not apologise” (how brave is that, uh?) for the past campaigns, but he clearly takes the distance from the tones and the spirit of the initiative:

“We can smile at it now at perhaps how silly it was,”

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