SSPX: Hopes Of Agreement Are Not Realistic

Every time a bishop or Cardinal meets some representative of the SSPX or visits one of their seminaries hopes are rekindled that a reconciliation might be in the cards. I consider these hopes unrealistic.

The differences between the SSPX and the Vatican are fundamental ones. Let us see the issues in detail:

1) The SSPX will never (niemals; jamais; mai e poi mai) accept to dilute a proper understanding of Catholicism by accepting the polluting elements of V II as a legitimate part of Church teaching.

2) The Vatican side has no interest in opening to them the doors of what they call “full communion”, and leave the SSPX free to criticise them from a position of full legitimacy.

3) The SSPX will never accept loss of autonomy, and the risk of ending up like the FFI. Not with this Pope, not with the next Pope, not with any of their successors even remotely stinking of V II.

Therefore, what is the only thinkable scenario of an agreement? It is Francis deciding that the best way to show “openness” and “mercy” is to open the doors wide to the SSPX without any request whatsoever, in the hope that the SSPX will moderate its criticism after so unexpected a gift and that his Traditionalist critics will suddenly hail him as the new Pius XII.

Not going to happen, say I.

Favours to the SSPX are not of the kind that can be done without consequences. Encourage Trannyism, and your fan base will applaud you until there’s no skin left on their hands. But just tell the world the SSPX is a 100% orthodox, fully Catholic, A-OK organisation and the very people whose approval you have tried to win so hard will be seeking your blood. For Francis there is no realistic upside in a reconciliation.

The “talks” between the SSPX and the Vatican continue in an “informal” setting, because years of formal, very accurate theological discussions have shown that the differences are irreconcilable. It is what it is, and wishing that these differences may magically disappear is not going to have any effect.

Bar Francis’ stupidest self-goal ever, there will be no reconciliation. But not even Francis is so thick that he thinks a reconciliation with the SSPX would consolidate his image as the “Mercy Pope”. Even if he – absurdly – really were so thick, countless people around him would dissuade him from such a harakiri.

It’s not going to happen.

Frankly, I am not sad at all. The SSPX is perfectly fine where they are now. They do not need any validation from Francis. It is the job of every Catholic to educate themselves and recognise why the present situation has come into existence, who is at fault for it, and how it will be made to end. It is not the job of the SSPX to compromise with the Depositum Fidei and the liturgical richness of the Church so that a couple of vaguely conservative Catholics may feel better with themselves.

The real goal is not the reconciliation of the SSPX with the Vatican. It’s the end of the V II drunkenness.


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  1. They have the buildings….let them keep them. I’m with you M, the SSPX is just where it should be. To turn everything over to the tender mercies of the current pontificate would be insane.

  2. Bravo! I’m reminded of a scene from the television show ‘Seinfeld’ where one of the characters wishes to return a suit he purchased for a refund. The clerks were rude to him prior to buying the suit, and When asked why he’s returning it, he says, “For spite.” I find myself as a convert, in a situation where I ought to have regrets about becoming a Catholic, but I don’t, and as I continue to grow in my faith, I ask myself, “Why stay?” And the answer is, “For spite!” To spite the naysayers, the corrupt, the faithless, the heretics and the very devil himself.”

  3. Sounds like history is repeating itself as happened after Vatican I, when a group of “conservatives” refused to accept the “dilution” of the faith. They are no longer in communion with THE Church. Is there no one that is concerned that this seems to be happening with the SSPX?

    • A very superficial comment, showing great ignorance of Catholicism. Stay near to this blog, and one day you will be cured.

      There was no dilution” in Vatican I. In nothing was V I “innovating” in doctrinal matters. V I reached a doctrinal decision perfectly in line with what the Church had always proclaimed, and without changing anything of what the Church had always professed.

      There was a revolution in V II. There was, in fact, a veiled, half-expressed rejection of fundamental tenets of the faith. V II and V I cannot be both right.

      There. You have it. You don’t need to thank me.


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