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Rosicology: Exploring “Irregular Couples” And Other Snippets

I wanted to do something merciful today, and link to all the recent articles of Vox Cantoris concerning father Rosica published recently. My idea is that if Father Rosica’s mind set is any good, he will certainly be pleased at the help I give him.

Turns out the author of the blog did it already himself, so no need for me to undergo the boring task. Please go there and browse at your leisure. Scroll around like it’s Rosica Day. The page is full of interesting snippets about a very, ahem, interesting – if not very Catholic – mind.

I have just noticed Vox Cantoris had almost 400,000 visits since January 2013. In the same period of time I had in excess of 2,600,000: so yes, if Mr Rosica’s ideas and general forma mentis are worth anything, the man will be grateful to me. Of course, Mr Rosica’s ideas and general forma mentis might, in fact, not be worth anything at all. But this, my dear readers, will be his fault entirely; and there is nothing Fogler Rubinoff, Barristers & Solicitors, can do about it.

If, however, Father Rosica is of the opinion that Father Rosica’s blasphemies, questionable statements and outright attacks on Catholic doctrine (see “irregular family” for all) are gravely damaging of the integrity and reputation of Father Rosica, he should seriously think about suing himself. I am sure that Fogler Rubinoff, Barristers & Solicitors, will be happy to comply, seen that Salty & Dark is headquartered in Canada.

As Vox Cantoris has already made all the work I invite other Catholic bloggers to repeat the operation and, by publishing the link above on their blog, contribute to the spreading of Mr Rosica, ahem, complex thinking. (Are you reading, Fogler Rubinoff, Barristers & Solicitors? All fine, no?)

If you, dear blogger, are afraid of receiving a nasty letter from (how was it? oh, yes…)  Messrs Fogler Rubinoff LLP, Barristers & Solicitors,  (boy, this sure looks expensive! How much money does Father Rosica make? Or does he pay in sermons about the “irregular” Holy Family?) have no fear: it’s in the blogosphere. Public domain. You are only directing to facts, if and as long as they are there.

Ah, the blogosphere.

Freedom at work.

Father Rosica notwithstanding.





“Dissenters”, And The Slandering Of Orthodoxy

Ah, words!

How powerful they are with the simple! How many of the latter there are!

Cardinal Wuerl has now made clear what the strategy of the Modernist faction (led by TMAHICH) against orthodox Catholics (factually led by the SSPX, and by Cardinal Burke in the Conciliar camp) in the months leading to October will be: comparing them to “dissenters”.

Wuerl’s aim is transparent enough: leveraging on the love for orthodoxy of your common Catholic to create an aura of rebellion around those who defend Catholic orthodoxy, whilst letting the heretics appear orthodox because the Pope sides with them.

Mind, Cardinal Wuerl makes no names concerning who the “dissenting” brother bishops are: but Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider immediately come to mind, together with the five Cardinals who authored “Remaining in the Truth of Christ”. Others have also spoken, but I think these seven are the main targets.

Will it work? Nope. Catholicism is a very strong plant, not easily eradicated from the West. Those who are instructed in Catholicism will not fall in the stupid trap. The stupid will, but they were lost anyway.

Now the problem of Wuerl, Francis and all the other heretics is this: they can certainly make an impression on the masses by telling them what they want to believe, but Catholicism is not a democracy. There will always be enough bishops, priests and laymen to utterly expose the lie, and cause a nuclear conflict that defies the scope of the rebellion on day one; because there will always be a compact front of true Catholics making it impossible for the others to claim that “the church has changed”. And I am talking of the West here. In Africa and vast part of Asia, the heretics have lost already.

Everyone knows what reality is. Even the most stubborn divorced-and-remarried, communion-taking activists will be forced to recognise that a heretical hierarchy had to pretend the rules have changed in order to accommodate them. There is no escaping facts, however loud you shout.

The slandering of orthodoxy has just found a new term, and who knows whether, perhaps, many more will be found until the High Noon showdown at the Synod. But it will never work.

If Francis thinks he can ram heresy down the throat of Catholic faithfuls and have them swallow it whole, he is very much deluded. His lies will be eagerly accepted by all those in desperate need of hearing what they know are lies, but all the others will atomise his pontificate both in life and in death.

Oil your guns, fellow orthodox Catholics. Come October you may have to use them day in and day out in your warfare against heresy from the highest place.

Christus Vincit. Christus Regnat. Christus Imperat.


After The Censorship: Blogging In The Age Of Francis

The “clerical censorship” Reblog.

Mundabor's Blog

The marketing strategy proved not entirely popular. The marketing strategy proved not entirely popular.

The matter of the “Protect the Pope” blog is making waves, and one can be confident the one or other will learn a thing or two from this.

What I have learnt (up to now) is this:

1. It is very easy to silence an ordained blogger, if he is a priest or deacon. A phone call or meeting or even a letter should be enough. The casus belli will always be easily found, as a good Catholic blog will be controversial, and someone will always complain by the bishop; and the bishop will not need anything more. He will then smugly invite the blogger in question toenter into a period of prayer and reflection on the duties involved for ordained bloggers/website administrators to truth, charity and unity in the Church”.  

2. It might soon become fashionable to silence an…

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Father Rosica Tries To Silence A Catholic Blogger






We truly live in maddening times.

The blogger of Vox Cantoris, a perfectly orthodox Catholic blog mentioned here a couple of times, has been threatened with a lawsuit if eleven posts concerning the very same Father Rosica, and all of them concerning his public activity and statements, are not removed.

Bravely, the blogger has already indicated he will not comply.

I am not an expert in Canadian law, but it seems extremely difficult to imagine the letter has any chance at all of being successful.

Rather, it seems to me that here something different is at stake: a Vatican official uses a financial muscle (the threat of a very expensive, long-drawn lawsuit) to shut up a faithful Catholic blogger.

Father Rosica is, in a way, the number two of Father Lombardi, and they often appear together at press conferences. I repeat it again, none of the posts make allegations about Father Rosicas private life or affairs, and there is no trace of slander. That a man working with the press would try to silence the free expression of opinion in this way truly beggars belief.

Some questions are now, I think, ripe:

1) How long can the oh so merciful TMAHICH pretend he does not know of this? Will he stubbornly shut up as he did, and still does, in the FFI matter? (Oh well, wait! He said “soon, soon” to the old couple! An obvious lie!).

2) How can Father Rosica remain at his place if he shows such obvious contempt for the very freedoms that make his job?

3) How many dozen of other blogs will Father Rosica have to sue now? Do we want to call them, say, twenty-four, in at least half a dozen jurisdictions?

Vox Cantoris is on a “Blogger” platform. I can, therefore, not reblog his posts. I could link to them, but the link would not work if the posts are removed. 

If any, ahem, “Blogger” blogger wants to reblog his posts, I think this will have the effect that the posts would remain on the blog of the “reblogger” even if they were to be removed from the original site; a decision which Mr Domet could take at any time.

Let me make clear that I would not blame Mr Domet if he decided that he wants to be able to blog in peace, and sleep at night. But I appreciate it the much more, if he decides to fight this fight for all of us.

As Mr Domet has obviously decided he wants to see Father Rosica’s cards, I invite every Catholic blogger of good will, including priest bloggers, to give vast echo to this matter and make their voice heard.

Vaya lio!


I beg of you. I implore you. If you are thinking of starting a blog, do so anonymously.

We live in strange and disturbing times.



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