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Piddling Over Catholicism.

The urinal’s Reblog…

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The pattern is always the same.

The Bishop of Rome inadvertently – or not, as the case may be – piddles outside of the urinal, and leaves a huge pool of stinking liquid material. The world get very excited at the urine pool, and praises the modern pope whose style of piddling is so different from his predecessors’.

The cleaning squad (generally Fr Lombardi and/or Fr Rosica) then intervenes, has the urine pool cleaned, and issues a press release along the following lines: “The Pontiff is supposed to piddle in the urinal. We confirm this is what the urinal has always been for. We aren’t there when the Pope piddles, and can therefore not say exactly what has happened. It is not true that the Pope plans to abolish urinals, but we cannot comment as to the Pope’s piddling style.”

Then they go to Francis and implore him to do…

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Self-Castration To Spite The Wife: Reflections On Father Rosica And The Blogosphere.

It is now the third day (I think) since Fr Rosica's threat to sue a Canadian blogger for being Catholic has been made public.

I have been reflecting on what moves a man who should know a thing or two about publicity and PR work to do something so incredibly senseless. This is not even, say, the itchy province priest who takes exception to any criticism levelled at him by sincere Catholics. This is, or should be, a media professional. A smooth operator. A shrewd publicity machine.

Does Fr Rosica not know that an action like this must, must, bring exactly, exactly the bad public name he wanted to avoid, but multiplied by twenty at the very least? What moves a person to such an autolesionist behaviour, particularly when it is his very job to appreciate the damage this will do to him? I have no idea, and I think there is no rational explanation. There are, however, a couple of irrational ones. Let us see if they might have applied.

1) Father Rosica thought his counterpart would fold without posing resistance; that he would decide that it is wiser to cancel some posts and continue blogging in peace. This is no smart thinking, because even if this had been the case, the blogger in question could have kept writing one blog Post a day about him, year in and year out, all of them very politely critical, and make a far bigger damage in the long term on every present and future search engine. But even so, it is not very smart to think that the man would fold in the first place. When the upside is immediate but only temporary victory, and the downside is immediate, multiplied and permanent bad publicity, I do not think action is a very smart conduct.

2) The two contenders know each other personally, or have a long story of disagreement. At some point, Rosica is unable to be cool and “professional” about that. Again, we are all human, but this does not reflect well on him professionally. Would you want to have a chap like that as your deputy press guy?

3) Father Rosica collects donations for his “salty and darkness” thingy, and started to notice emails and enquiries concerning the facts (as in: facts) publicised by Vox Cantoris. He might have decided that he had to act in order to avoid further damage. Again, I am curious as to the long-term effect of this controversy on his donations.

These are only some hypotheses, the fruit of the attempt to explain the inexplicable: a man of the press attacking a small blogger, perfectly well knowing he is attracting a damage ten or twenty times bigger than the one he wanted to avoid.

In Italy we say that this is like a man castrating himself to spite his wife.

Father Rosica has no wife, but it seems to me that he has delivered a perfect example of this colourful saying.



The Diocese Of Cologne And Us

Reuter informs us that the Diocese of Cologne has assets of USD 3.8bn.

The article appears singularly bad. It does not tell us anything about the debts, so we can't know the value of the net assets.

I also cannot imagine the local churchmen would dream that they can finance themselves from the income of their assets, seen that they spend almost one third of this amount every year and the assets will very probably yield between 3 and 5 percent.

The Church in Germany is very rich. This is not bad in itself, and in itself would be not a problem, but an advantage.

The problem is that the Church in Germany relies on the Kirchensteuer to be able to afford an administrative apparatus – and some of the best paid parish priests in the planet – that they would never be able to maintain without it, and have decided a long time ago that the proceeds from the Kirchensteuer are far more important than being Catholics.

This is a vicious circle. The more paying but dissenting members you have, the more you must try to appease them if you want their money. But this makes you more like them, so that the new generations will not see any reason to pay. This creates the necessity – if the income is to be preserved – to keep the remaining, now more vocal “paying dissenters” happy. Let them smell more blood, then. This starts the next vicious round of anti-Catholicism from the very altar. And so it goes on and on.

The problem is not the net assets of the Diocese, which isn't anything shocking anyway. It is the descent into a pit of heresy that the Archdiocese has consented to for the sake of the Kirchensteuer money, which allows them to maintain a huge apparatus in terms of bureaucracy, and fat priests who can afford a mistress on the side.

This game won't go on for very long now. Give it fifteen years, and these people will have 3 or 5 percent attendance and a collapse in Kirchensteuer revenue, as the older people die and the younger get smart.

I have observed in the past that when the parents die, the children stop paying the Kirchensteuer. So you have the double or triple whammy there. This is going to end up very badly in one, or half, a generation.

The Kirchensteuer chicken are coming home to roost. When that happens, four billions in assets won't be able to pay for much.

But then you will start having a different kind of Church; a Church, perhaps, of people who believe in Christ.



Cardinal Kasper Officially In The Tradition Of Luther.

Read on CatholicCulture.org the last stunning declaration of Cardinal “theology on his knees”, “serene and profound” Kasper. The man happily lumps together, “in various ways”, St Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther; because hey, in Kirchesteuer-Land Luther must be “included” in the “great tradition” of Christian Charity.

Said from a Cardinal, it is every bit as bad as if a German politician would include Hitler in the great tradition of German welfare.

Why does this disgraceful Cardinal utters such philo-heretical nonsense? Has he gone gaga? No, of course he hasn't.

You see, Kasper and his are the providers of immoral services to the German johns who pay the Kirchesteuer but do not even attend Mass. I read an article on the Catholic Herald giving some sobering numbers, and they were around so: for every three who pay, two do not even attend Sunday Mass anymore; and the number of those attending halved in the last 25 years or so.

These people are, in general, of the “I decide who God is” kind. They are divorced and remarried, or contracepting, or fornicating without a shade of remorse, and are otherwise so sold into the fable of their own “goodness” and “inclusiveness” that even a distancing of the Church from Luther is seen from many of them as uncharitable, oppressive, and otherwise obsolete. Many of them are believers of the “I believe in some sort of entity” way, some are certainly atheists. I have known many of them. Christianity in them is nothing but the thinnest varnish.

These are johns who do not even sleep with the prostitute they are paying, but they will insist for the prostitute to remain such for them to continue paying. Any sign of the prostitute's redemption would be cause of termination of the payment for many, many johns.

Now put yourself in the shoes of the Head Pimps: Kasper, Marx, Woelki, and the like. They must keep the customer satisfied. They must reassure the paying johns they won't be annoyed with Catholic talking or teaching. They must create an environment in which everyone is fine with everyone else, and Luther has an awful lot of good to teach. They must lull their clients in the illusion that as long as they continue paying it doesn't matter if they think Luther was a capital chap after all. Actually, they are encouraged to think this is very inclusive, ecumenical, charitable and, in general, very fine. This is the first game Kasper is playing.

The other game is the wink-wink game, a German speciality. These prelates all say to their paying clients: “see? There are things I cannot officially say, or cannot officially implement; but I will do whatever I can to accommodate you. If I win, I win. If I lose, please look at my battle for you and keep paying”. This is the “communion for adulterers”, “married priests”, “female priests”, and now also “same sex marriage”, meme that has gone on for many years all over the German speaking world.

The result of all this can be reassumed with two words linked by a hyphen: kar-ching.

Cardinal Kasper is not a surprise.

He is in the tradition of the oldest profession in the world.



The “Filial Appeal”

I have, up to now, rather ignored the Filial Appeal.

I have done so out of the simple reason that it looked to me like an appeal to Stalin to end the purges, or to Hitler not to persecute the Jews.

It seems to me that, in principle, the criticism to Pope Francis must be made from a position of truth: “I know what you are aiming at, and I will oppose you as hard as I can”.

On the other hand, in practice the appeal gives another outlet to those who desire to express their own scandal at Pope Francis himself, but for some reason prefer not to say so openly. I think you should say so openly, but hey, each one is made his own way.

Therefore, the “Filial Appeal” is posted here as a quick reference for all those who should decide that it is opportune to sign it.

Personally, I will not do it, because I do not think Stalin would have been moved by an appeal to end the purges, and I will not credit Stalin with good qualities I know he does not have. But if you think it serves a purpose, go on.

The appeal has more than 100,000 signatures as I write this. Rick Santorum and Bishop Schneider are among the signatories.


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