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Rosicagate: MeetThe Warrior Ants.



The hypothesis has been made that the amply discussed Rosicagate is part of a vaster project aimed at silencing bloggers, because this would be seen as a more or less necessary step into silencing the bishops, which in turn would allow Francis to use Church teaching as his carpet.

I do not doubt that the Bishop of Rome, being The Most Astonishing Hypocrite in Church History (TMAHICH), would walk over Church teaching without any problem if he had the means of doing so. But he does not have the means of doing so, nor can he silence the bishops, least of all the bloggers.

Let us see this in order.

Vox Cantoris isn’t a very big blog. At 400,000 page views in 25 months, this means an average of 16,000 page views a month; assuming a robust blog growth, let us say there were 25,000 page views a months, on average, in the last six or eight months. This makes for around 800 page views a day, which again probably means a readership of 200 to 400 readers a day; which again, according to reading patterns, might mean around 1000 affectionate readers visiting the blog regularly, some of them daily, some every two or three days, some once a week, etc.

Whilst these numbers should make every blogger proud, they are unlikely to disturb the sleep of Vatican officers qua Vatican officers. We must here realistically recognise that whilst we as bloggers are, collectively, a growing voice in the church, individually we are irrelevant. We are, basically, warrior ants and, whilst we are rather combative, each one of us alone is – bar, perhaps, some very big blogs run by priests – rather a non-entity. The anthill is, on the other hand, quite something already.

The idea that Rosica would, together with the Vatican apparatus, move a Law Firm to teach a lesson to one ant when the entire anthill is in turmoil does not make sense to me. Warriors ants aren’t stopped because one or three are quashed. Warrior ants can bite, too. The idea that Vatican officers would cause lawyers to work hundreds of hours to prepare hundreds of letters to as many blogs is simply absurd. The idea that hundreds of bloggers can be intimidated by one or two lawsuits is just as outlandish.

Some blogs are anonymous (like mine), and most of them are headquartered in the USA (again, like mine), which makes it a waste of time even writing such letters: WordPress and, I think, Blogger would get rid of them with a copy-and-paste answer letter on the lines of a polite “shut up”. WordPress hosts blogs of dissenters from African and Asian dictatorships and helps them to blog anonymously; just imagine how much time they have for Father Rosica’s tantrums.

But then again the sheer number of blogs would be simply overwhelming. Some are big and some little, but there are so many of them out there that you just can’t go chasing individual ants with letters from law firms.

Unless, that is, that particular ant happens to be in a legal system the wannabe ant eater knows well; and that particular ant lives, perhaps, in the same city as the ant eater; and, methinks, reaches some of the same people; and, who knows, caused the ant eater to lose some donors – who told him why – for his own “salty darkness” operation. This could be, in the end, what gives “operation mercy” certainly not a justification, but at least a motive.

Then we have to think why all this would be done. We can flatter ourselves as much as we like, and I think we at the Catholic Anthill are making sterling work. But bishops don’t wait for us to tell them what to do. The bishop’s revolt in October started on the same day as the irate blogs’ reaction. It’s not that Polish or African Bishops count on us to know what opinions they should have. The blogosphere has been certainly encouragement and a welcome help for some, but there are far too many bishops worried for their salvation out there. They certainly appreciate our help and support. But they could do just fine without us.

Then there is the matter of Francis. Francis has no shame, no dignity, no sense of honour, and very probably not even a shred of faith. What you or I think is perfectly irrelevant to him. He has the effrontery of living under the roof of a pervert, just imagine how much he cares for what serious Catholic write on their blog. Francis does not even register us as individuals. It’s only when the entire anthill moves against him (Rabbitgate) that he notices its existence. And Francis isn’t so dumb he thinks he can shut up catholic blogdom; and send, to do that, the very man who makes a good part of his own PR spin.

No. It does not make sense.

My money is on the personal hatred of Father Rosica, because some or a couple of donors jumped out and let him know why. You don’t believe me?

Who cares.

Sue me.




Rosicagate: Comedy Gold, And Even More Nonsense, From The Mouth Of The Man Himself!




I have become aware of a pearl from a blog post about Father Rosica written by the Lepanto Institute

Father Rosica is on record with the following words:

We need the Francis revolution of tenderness and mercy now more than ever before.

I thought Francis was a world-class hypocrite, but this one is every bit his equal!

This, I must say, made my day. I had not laughed with such gusto for a while.


But there is more.

The Lepanto Institute has the link to a speech held by the man and published by the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Father Rosica’s tongue appears not only inordinately long*, but uncommonly twisted*.

In it, you can find pearls of evil* like the following one. The red emphases are mine. The “rebranded” one, a concept as stupid as Modernism is stupid, is in the original page.

What is the most important achievement of Pope Francis? He has rebranded Catholicism and the papacy.

Prior to Francis, if you asked people on the street, “What is the Catholic church all about? What does the pope stand for?”, the response would often be, “Catholics, well they are against abortion, gay marriage and birth control.” “They are known for the sex abuse crisis that has terribly marred and weakened their moral authority and credibility. Though the media rightly exposed our sins for the abuse crisis, at the same it often falsely portrays us for our teaching and values at the core of our Catholic beliefs.

Today, the response would be different. What do they say about us now? What do they say about the Pope? People are speaking about our leader who is unafraid to confront the sins and evils that have marred us. We have a pope who is concerned about compassion, love, especially for the poor. He has even won over the media.

Many of my colleagues in the media industry have said that Francis has made it fun to be a religion reporter and journalist again. He has done such a magnificent job in changing the image of the church that our prestigious graduate schools of business and management could use him as a case study in rebranding.

This is stupid beyond words*, and one who talks in this way has forgotten what it is to be a priest a long time ago*.

The man seriously has a problem with, and considers bad that, people on the street would, if asked, immediately identify the Church with Her oppositon to abortion, so-called “gay marriage” (why these people never say “so-called”? Do they consider such an abomination “marriage”?) and birth-control (notice here: he avoids the use of the word “contraception”. Birth-control is so much more neutral, clinical; it evokes the idea of dealing with a problem…).

The Church opposes these things. So much so, that Her opposition is the first thing that comes to mind when people on the street think about the Church. This is bad, thinks Father Rosica! We need a rebranding! Mind, the same enemies of the Church also complain endlessly about the Homosexual Pedophile Priest Scandal; but Rosica does not have the gut to say this does not happen anymore so it does not count and we can discard it as a smoke curtain, or a snide* remark at Benedict.

What is then happening now, with Francis so happily reigning? Are we still plagued by this horrible brand, “those who are in favour of unpopular Truths”?

No! Today, the response would be different! Rejoice, oh ye contracepting, sodomising, and aborting masses! The newly rebranded Church of Francis wants you to buy the product, and has decided to get rid of the bad parts of the brand! From now on, sin will not be condemned, merely “confronted”! What a beautiful word! Confronted… how? But with “mercy”, of course! Forget condemnation, sin, hell, the entire old thing! We need to re-brand, remember?

Lord, give me strenght…


Well, that’s enough exclamation and interrogation points for now. I leave it to you to pick other interesting parts, because life’s too short for the rubbish of such a man.

We must all be grateful to Mr Domet. In a twisted way, we should also be grateful to Father Rosica. Without both of them I, for one, would be blessedly unaware of what a tool we have to deal with here.


*A note to Messrs Fogler Rubinoff LLP, Barristers & Solicitors: I can write this in my jurisdiction. Awfully sorry, lads.





Errata Corrige: Martyrs

Yours truly stands corrected in the matter of who is a martyr.

As you can see from this article posted on the US site of the SSPX, apart from all other requirements it is necessary to be a Catholic to qualify as martyr.  Being orthodox would not suffice even if all other requirements were satisfied.

You see how easy it is: one discovers that one was in error, and one puts oneself in line with the Truth as explained by someone whose authority in the matter we recognise as orthodox and trustworthy, and perfectly aligned with the Magisterium.

Notice also that the article does not necessarily make the thing entirely clear to me. So for example, are the Holy Innocents martyrs or not? I always thought they were and they were certainly not even Christians, but either they aren’t, then, martyrs in the strict sense or I am simply missing something. There will be some explanation. The fact that I do not know it (some reader will perhaps provide it, so I don’t bother looking around for now) does not mean that the Church does not have one.

This is the attitude we must have as Catholics. We accept Truth, and that’s it. We may involuntarily be in error at times, which is easy because the matter is complicated. At other times we may take a theological opinion for unopposed truth. At other times we will simply miss something. But we don’t make our own theology. We learn and then we know something more than we knew before.


I had an occasion to become a “dissenter”, and I have wasted it…






Pray For David Domet, “Vox Cantoris”

As I write this, there are no new blog posts on “Vox Cantoris”.

I do not know what is going on, but it is difficult not to fear what might be going on: talks with lawyers, and news of big expenses looming; a threat, perhaps, to a serene life in retirement; and a threat, perhaps, to whatever savings were made in a life of thrift for love of the children who would inherit it one day.

I do not know what is going on. But I think Mr Domet is a brave man if he can sleep at night. I also wonder how Father Rosica can sleep at night, but someway I think he is one of those who never have such problems.

I do not know what is going on. But I think appropriate to say here, in public, that if Mr Domet thinks the pressure of Father Rosica’s lawfare is more than he can bear (both financially and emotionally), he should not think it inappropriate to desist in whatever way he thinks can be done reasonably, and allowing him to continue blogging and keep making the work of the Lord in serenity.

There are many ways to fight wars, and even the most courageous Crusaders have known how to retreat if they felt it was the tactical decision to make. Not saying Mr Domet should retreat, of course. It is for him and, I suppose, his lawyer to weigh the risks, the  implications and the costs of a protracted fight. But hey: if he lives in the wrong Country, he lives in the wrong Country.

There is more I would like to write, but I will wait for the moment because it would not be prudent to say more.

I would like to ask all my readers to keep Mr Domet in their prayers. Bloggers are very often – as in this case – simple people who have a job and a daily life, no great financial resources, and sacrifice countless hours of their free time for the love of God, and in the hope the Blessed Virgin may look at them with a smile every now and then. They are in a very different position from newspapers protected by expert lawyers and massive insurances, and powerful enough on their own.

It is not right to demand this kind of martyrdom of poor bloggers, for trying to help all of us.

Most of you, I am sure, agree with me and would think it obvious. But I think it should be said anyway.











How To Downplay Life Issues

Mundabor's Blog

I always had a marked dislike for those who want to bend everything to their own ideology; particularly so, when the issue is religion. You all know the types: the revolutionaries telling you Jesus was a “revolutionary”, the pacifists maintaining he was a pacifist, or the environ-mentalists insisting that Jesus was one like them. They all take a message (actually, the Truth) and deform it so that it may serve their own purposes.

The Bishop of Rome, “who am I to judge”-Francis, is no exception; and he is no exception, inter alia, pertaining to one of the most sacred issued in Catholicism: the defence of the unborn.

As a Pope, Francis must say something on the matter every now and then. He tried to downplay or kill the issue: first keeping schtum for months, and then telling us we should not “obsess” with abortion, the loneliness of the elderly clearly…

View original post 471 more words

Rosicagate: Look At The Waves!

Oh, Father Rosica!

Watch! Watch what you have done!

From “The Tenth Crusade”, a list to Thursday of those Catholic outlet who have commented (negatively, of course) about Father Rosica frantically throwing his toys out of the pram.

The list only covers catholic outlets. But I have noticed that Breitbart also covered the news, and I suspect this site has more readers than all the others together, albeit less specialised or attentive ones.

It is obvious, mere days after the start of “Rosicagate”, that this is a huge self-goal. Unless he backpedals sharpish, it will stay with Rosica for as long as his public presence continues.

What a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to do.


I say it once again: I do not know the quirks of Canadian Law. I thank God my blog is based in the United States, where – say what you want – freedom of expression is still taken more seriously than in most other Countries.

Profiting of this freedom of expression, evidently so unpleasant to Father Rosica, I publish this:

Take heed, Father Rosica. The Lord, who sees everything, is watching you trying to crush a good Catholic for exposing your heresy and your betrayal of Christ.

Repent and renounce to your folly, or be afraid.

Your arrogance will not remain unpunished.



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