How To Downplay Life Issues

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I always had a marked dislike for those who want to bend everything to their own ideology; particularly so, when the issue is religion. You all know the types: the revolutionaries telling you Jesus was a “revolutionary”, the pacifists maintaining he was a pacifist, or the environ-mentalists insisting that Jesus was one like them. They all take a message (actually, the Truth) and deform it so that it may serve their own purposes.

The Bishop of Rome, “who am I to judge”-Francis, is no exception; and he is no exception, inter alia, pertaining to one of the most sacred issued in Catholicism: the defence of the unborn.

As a Pope, Francis must say something on the matter every now and then. He tried to downplay or kill the issue: first keeping schtum for months, and then telling us we should not “obsess” with abortion, the loneliness of the elderly clearly…

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  1. There’s an old line: Why are Baptists opposed to fornication? Because it might lead to dancing and card-playing.

    Bergoglio’s “throwaway culture” line suggests that Catholics should be opposed to abortion because: It might lead to LITTERING!

  2. If one doesn’t “obsess” about the mass slaughter of innocents all around one, and purported to be legal by your legislative, administrative and judicial government, on one’s behalf – God will likewise not “obsess” about one when it comes to one’s Judgment.

  3. “… the issue of abortion lives in a sphere infinitely more important than every consumerism and every poverty. It is, in fact, difficult to imagine a more dramatic issue than this, even for people without a religious instruction or without any interest in getting one.”

    It seems to me that barrier methods of contraception , coitus interruptus, and heterosexual sodomy are in a metaphysical sense worse than abortion because they interfere with God’s will for procreation . God chooses to create more souls to enjoy with Him life in heaven for all eternity, and he chooses to sometimes do so even when fornication , adultery, or even rape are involved even though He commands us to restrict sexual activity to marriage. Abortion cannot kill the soul…contraception can prevent souls from being created to unite with new microscopic human bodies that could have resulted had some contraceptive action not been taken to prevent new life. In terms of numbers of “missing children” from the population, one can only speculate how many are missing due to contraception, and these, unlike those who were aborted, will be missing for all eternity.

  4. It seems that Onan was punished by immediately being struck dead, yet Herod survived for a few years after the slaughter of the Holy Innocents, who are in heaven and venerated as Saints. Who knows what figure in salvation history , or simple peasant ancestor of many people God desired to bring into existence through Onan.

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