Pray For David Domet, “Vox Cantoris”

As I write this, there are no new blog posts on “Vox Cantoris”.

I do not know what is going on, but it is difficult not to fear what might be going on: talks with lawyers, and news of big expenses looming; a threat, perhaps, to a serene life in retirement; and a threat, perhaps, to whatever savings were made in a life of thrift for love of the children who would inherit it one day.

I do not know what is going on. But I think Mr Domet is a brave man if he can sleep at night. I also wonder how Father Rosica can sleep at night, but someway I think he is one of those who never have such problems.

I do not know what is going on. But I think appropriate to say here, in public, that if Mr Domet thinks the pressure of Father Rosica’s lawfare is more than he can bear (both financially and emotionally), he should not think it inappropriate to desist in whatever way he thinks can be done reasonably, and allowing him to continue blogging and keep making the work of the Lord in serenity.

There are many ways to fight wars, and even the most courageous Crusaders have known how to retreat if they felt it was the tactical decision to make. Not saying Mr Domet should retreat, of course. It is for him and, I suppose, his lawyer to weigh the risks, the  implications and the costs of a protracted fight. But hey: if he lives in the wrong Country, he lives in the wrong Country.

There is more I would like to write, but I will wait for the moment because it would not be prudent to say more.

I would like to ask all my readers to keep Mr Domet in their prayers. Bloggers are very often – as in this case – simple people who have a job and a daily life, no great financial resources, and sacrifice countless hours of their free time for the love of God, and in the hope the Blessed Virgin may look at them with a smile every now and then. They are in a very different position from newspapers protected by expert lawyers and massive insurances, and powerful enough on their own.

It is not right to demand this kind of martyrdom of poor bloggers, for trying to help all of us.

Most of you, I am sure, agree with me and would think it obvious. But I think it should be said anyway.











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  1. On another topic, Louie Verrecchio’s Harvesting blog is back up. Looks like he went through something similar as Mr. Domet.

    Let’s keep him in our prayers likewise.


  2. Even though there are no new posts, comments which are moderated by David Domet ARE BEING POSTED; there were 70 comments when I just checked. See

    Some of the comments give people to contact in defense of Domet, such as the following:

    1) Call Salt and Light TV at 888-3027181 and voice your displeasure, I just did.

    2) Just emailed Vatican (, cc. salt tv) in Pope’s own language. [Mary Anne Kreitzer of the blog “Les Femmes” also gives as shortcut to write Pope Francis about this matter.]

    3) Please consider also to write to the following superiors of Fr. Rosica to express your concerns about this unjust situation.

    His Holiness Pope Francis
    The Apostolic Palace, 00120 Vatican City, Europe

    Thomas Christopher Collins
    Cardinal, Archbishop
    Chancery Office, 1155 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4T 1W2, Canada

    Fr George Terence Smith, CSB
    Superior General
    Congregation of St. Basil
    95 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3C2, Canada

    • Excellent ideas.
      Yes, I did not think the blog has been shut down. But certainly I thought the man is now dedicating his energies to the facing of the challenge.

  3. Let’s keep praying and giving David Domet our support. I just rechecked the last Vox Cantoris post and David Domet has added the following after his Feb. 18 closing sentence “No further comment”:

    “Well, maybe this as an update on February 20, 2015 at 21:34hrs.

    “Your prayers and messages of support here, by email, on Facebook, the Tweets are absolutely overwhelming. They are sustaining and edifying. They prove to me that we are one big Catholic family from around the world. I am truly humbled. May you be blest by Our Lord for your kindness.”

  4. M, i´ve seen that you have commented many times about Francis´s tango thing. Here you have the lyrics of one of the most famous tangos, Cambalache (Bazaar). It came to my mind after listening the wonderful music that Vox Cantoris publish on its top bar. I thought that you would appreciate it. In this Cambalachurch days.

    That the world was and it will be filth,
    I already know…
    In the year five hundred and six
    and in the year two thousand too!
    There always have been thieves,
    traitors and victims of fraud,
    happy and bitter people,
    valuables and imitations
    But, that the twentieth century
    is a display
    of insolent malice,
    nobody can deny it anymore.
    We lived sunk in a fuzz
    and in the same mud
    all well-worn…
    Today it happens it is the same
    to be decent or a traitor!
    To be an ignorant, a genius, a pickpocket,
    a generous person or a swindler!
    All is the same! Nothing is better!
    They are the same, an idiot ass
    and a great professor!
    There are no failing grades or merit valuations,
    the immoral have caught up with us.
    If one lives in a pose
    and another, in his ambition, steals,
    it’s the same if it’s a priest,
    a mattress maker, a king of clubs,
    a cad or a tramp.

    What a lack of respect,
    what a way to run over reason!
    Anybody is a gentleman!
    Anybody is a thief!
    Mixed with Stavinsky, you have Don Bosco
    and La Mignon
    don Chicho and Napoleon,
    Carnera and San Martin.
    Like in the disrespectful window
    of the bazaars,
    life is mixed up,
    and wounded by a sword without rivets
    you can see a Bible crying
    next to a water heater.

    Twentieth century, bazaar
    problematic and feverish!
    If you don’t cry you don’t get fed
    and if you don’t steal you’re a stupid.
    Go ahead! Keep it up!
    That there, in hell
    we’re gonna reunite.
    Don’t think anymore,
    move out of the way.
    Nobody seems to care
    if you were born honest.
    It’s the same the one who works,
    day and night like an ox,
    than the one who lives from the others,
    than the one that kills or heals
    or than the one who lives outside the law.

  5. Thanks for reminding us to pray for this man. Here in Canada the laws are certainly stacked against people like Mr. Domet – and truth is NOT a defence. Most of our lawyers, judges, higher courts, and the Supreme Court have been taken over by Satan. The very few good lawyers are not usually available for little cases like this one. So Our Lady will have to do this one. And we will all have to suffer if the case goes against Mr. Domet.
    As you say, Mundabor, no shame will accrue to Domet if he is forced to do what is required. Prudence in providing for his family and retirement is important. When he continues he will have to be very, very careful.
    The persecution is beginning and will be rapid. How bold Rosica is!!!

  6. I wouldn’t mind betting Francis had a hand in the man’s appointment, just as he has interfered with hierarchical appointments. Ricca, Volpi and now Rosica, a veritable rogues gallery. I suspect Rosica’s task is to smash the blogs of faithful Catholics in the run-up to the Synod, while the likes of Wuerl deal with the ‘dissenting’ hierarchy. It’s such a transparent plan. Francis will stop at nothing to get his way. Were I a priest blogging under my own name, I’d be looking over my shoulder.

  7. No, everybody here would know that the United States Supreme Court is Lucifer’s favorite
    club. He makes it a point to dine out with his cronies there all the time.

  8. Mr Domet has not defamed Fr Rosica. Statements of fact, opinion or fair comment cannot be defamatory – cannot bring him down in the estimation of the reasonable person.

  9. I should have made this clearer in my previous comment. The impugned statement must be false and it must damage the reputation as a result of the false statement – under the still-applicable common law principle, open the person to ridicule and contempt by what was referred to as right-thinking man. Damages may involve specific damages such as loss of earnings directly attributable to the false and defamatory statement.

    • Fine, but I ask again: does this apply to Canada, too? If they have specific legislation on the matter, does this not trump traditional common law principles? And are these common law principles, perchance, not different in the USA and Canada?

  10. And I agree, but what if David Domet says to your suggestion, “Get thee behind me Satan!”

    Last night I had a Catholic take me to task for publicizing this matter on Twitter. I did not think Fr. Rosica’s actions were Catholic. (1Cor 6:1-8) This tweeter insisted David’s comments defamed Fr. Rosica, and Fr. Rosica had a right to sue. But afterwards I thought about it. And the fact of the matter is, if that is the case, why has Pope Francis not sued the entire world? Everyone is defaming and misinterpreting Pope Francis, including possibly Fr. Rosica! God bless you. Susan Fox

    • If David Domet were to say to me “get thee behind me, Satan!” I would be very, very seriously offended.

      And no, it is not realistic to think that Francis would decide for a war on bloggers. I have posted an article on the matter.


  11. “I am not persuaded that “there is a plan”.”

    I believe in plans….the plan to change the Church’s teaching from within and eventually elect
    a pope who would make it official was told to me when I came back to the practice of the Faith in the mid ’80’s in New York City. All the strange things that have happened since seem to be part of the plan…things that were already going on, I just wasn’t paying much attention. The Vatican II Documents were given as the source to demonstrate that things were open to change, and that some things had already changed…somehow I could not find the evidence of these changes and proposed changes in my copy of the documents…but I may have been just reading the words and not connecting with the “spirit’. I don’t see this blog Incident as any different that just another of relentless skirmish in the war for control of the Church. They are as relentless as the netherworld, and like Satan, they never sleep.

    • That’s a different plan. It’s, rather, an ideology, that like every ideology wants to get in power.

      But certainly none of the people talking to you in the Mid-Eighties had the faintest idea of who would be cardinal in 2013. If Benedict had done his job properly, we would not be here now discussing Bergoglio.

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