Rosicagate: Comedy Gold, And Even More Nonsense, From The Mouth Of The Man Himself!




I have become aware of a pearl from a blog post about Father Rosica written by the Lepanto Institute

Father Rosica is on record with the following words:

We need the Francis revolution of tenderness and mercy now more than ever before.

I thought Francis was a world-class hypocrite, but this one is every bit his equal!

This, I must say, made my day. I had not laughed with such gusto for a while.


But there is more.

The Lepanto Institute has the link to a speech held by the man and published by the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Father Rosica’s tongue appears not only inordinately long*, but uncommonly twisted*.

In it, you can find pearls of evil* like the following one. The red emphases are mine. The “rebranded” one, a concept as stupid as Modernism is stupid, is in the original page.

What is the most important achievement of Pope Francis? He has rebranded Catholicism and the papacy.

Prior to Francis, if you asked people on the street, “What is the Catholic church all about? What does the pope stand for?”, the response would often be, “Catholics, well they are against abortion, gay marriage and birth control.” “They are known for the sex abuse crisis that has terribly marred and weakened their moral authority and credibility. Though the media rightly exposed our sins for the abuse crisis, at the same it often falsely portrays us for our teaching and values at the core of our Catholic beliefs.

Today, the response would be different. What do they say about us now? What do they say about the Pope? People are speaking about our leader who is unafraid to confront the sins and evils that have marred us. We have a pope who is concerned about compassion, love, especially for the poor. He has even won over the media.

Many of my colleagues in the media industry have said that Francis has made it fun to be a religion reporter and journalist again. He has done such a magnificent job in changing the image of the church that our prestigious graduate schools of business and management could use him as a case study in rebranding.

This is stupid beyond words*, and one who talks in this way has forgotten what it is to be a priest a long time ago*.

The man seriously has a problem with, and considers bad that, people on the street would, if asked, immediately identify the Church with Her oppositon to abortion, so-called “gay marriage” (why these people never say “so-called”? Do they consider such an abomination “marriage”?) and birth-control (notice here: he avoids the use of the word “contraception”. Birth-control is so much more neutral, clinical; it evokes the idea of dealing with a problem…).

The Church opposes these things. So much so, that Her opposition is the first thing that comes to mind when people on the street think about the Church. This is bad, thinks Father Rosica! We need a rebranding! Mind, the same enemies of the Church also complain endlessly about the Homosexual Pedophile Priest Scandal; but Rosica does not have the gut to say this does not happen anymore so it does not count and we can discard it as a smoke curtain, or a snide* remark at Benedict.

What is then happening now, with Francis so happily reigning? Are we still plagued by this horrible brand, “those who are in favour of unpopular Truths”?

No! Today, the response would be different! Rejoice, oh ye contracepting, sodomising, and aborting masses! The newly rebranded Church of Francis wants you to buy the product, and has decided to get rid of the bad parts of the brand! From now on, sin will not be condemned, merely “confronted”! What a beautiful word! Confronted… how? But with “mercy”, of course! Forget condemnation, sin, hell, the entire old thing! We need to re-brand, remember?

Lord, give me strenght…


Well, that’s enough exclamation and interrogation points for now. I leave it to you to pick other interesting parts, because life’s too short for the rubbish of such a man.

We must all be grateful to Mr Domet. In a twisted way, we should also be grateful to Father Rosica. Without both of them I, for one, would be blessedly unaware of what a tool we have to deal with here.


*A note to Messrs Fogler Rubinoff LLP, Barristers & Solicitors: I can write this in my jurisdiction. Awfully sorry, lads.





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  1. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

  2. Reblogged this on EX MAGNA SILENTIUM or EX MAGNO SILENTIO and commented:
    I am standing with David Domet and his right to inform his fellow Canadians about this “Catholyc” priest and his denial of Jesus, and his apparent desire to lead souls to Hell. Father Rosica seeks to turn off the Vox Cantoris spotlight by his threat to sue. Instead of one spotlight, he now has many revealing his “Catholicism” and bringing a wider audience now paying attention. He has no doubt created discomfort for those around him at the Vatican. Will they circle the wagons around him or will they cast him off adrift in a dingy?
    He fancies himself as an aide to the pope, but the millstone around his neck not only weighs heavily on himself but on others close to him.
    The time when “men” like Rosica could do their damage in the darkened corners has passed. They can take a shot at one, and maybe even pick that one off, but they cannot pick off everyone now shooting back. So, along with Mundabor and others, I will be making my own efforts to expose the fallacy of the distortion of the Faith Rosica holds and seeks to spread, fearing no loss of his own salvation, and caring less for the loss of salvation of those whom he seeks to dupe with his message of Luther to go and sin and don’t fear the wrath of God, and his desire to profane the Eucharist.
    Rosica is concerned about the loss of money as subscribers and supporters of his salt and light desert him. Anyone who cares about the true Faith and the right practice of the Faith should drop any financial support being given him, especially now it is clear what he’s willing to do with the money.
    Dies Irae, “Father” Rosica.

  3. The blogger mentioned not having the means to defend himself. Maybe we should all pool together funds for him to hire a good lawyer?

  4. What a wicked man of the “media industry”. A wicked enemy of Our Lord and His Holy Church, and along with many more such, “working” at the Vatican, proudly attacking God’s Holy Church and His Commandments, while purporting to be a Catholic, a priest and a spokesman for the Holy See. The devil is well and truly running things in the Holy See’s administration. Reparation!

  5. And if you don’t buy our package of tenderness and mercy, we’ll get our legal Rottweilers to savage ya!

  6. Fair comment and opinion. Besides no damage would be done to his reputation thereby.

  7. More nonsense by Rosica, the spoke-moron of the Church of Gomorrah and Gonorrhea Real Estate Holdings, Inc., dedicated to providing lifelong income to a bunch of fairies. He should re-brand his TV channel from “Salt & Light” to “Condoms & Lube” to keep up with the times. By the way, here is the original piece written by none less than a jesuit describing the “gifts” that those engaged in unnatural vice posses:

    “The Gifts of the Homosexual Priest”

  8. Rosica speaks of “our leader”–such nice Marxist language. If only our leader would emulate the first Pope, St. Peter, and preach the Gospel and the truth.

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