Rosicagate: Look At The Waves!

Oh, Father Rosica!

Watch! Watch what you have done!

From “The Tenth Crusade”, a list to Thursday of those Catholic outlet who have commented (negatively, of course) about Father Rosica frantically throwing his toys out of the pram.

The list only covers catholic outlets. But I have noticed that Breitbart also covered the news, and I suspect this site has more readers than all the others together, albeit less specialised or attentive ones.

It is obvious, mere days after the start of “Rosicagate”, that this is a huge self-goal. Unless he backpedals sharpish, it will stay with Rosica for as long as his public presence continues.

What a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to do.


I say it once again: I do not know the quirks of Canadian Law. I thank God my blog is based in the United States, where – say what you want – freedom of expression is still taken more seriously than in most other Countries.

Profiting of this freedom of expression, evidently so unpleasant to Father Rosica, I publish this:

Take heed, Father Rosica. The Lord, who sees everything, is watching you trying to crush a good Catholic for exposing your heresy and your betrayal of Christ.

Repent and renounce to your folly, or be afraid.

Your arrogance will not remain unpunished.



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  1. Somehow, I can’t bring myself to think this is really as unthinking as it seems. It seems more likely to me that this whole episode was intended to generate the reaction it did, perhaps to distract attention from something else. To take the heat of Fr. Volpi? (Unlikely, I’ll admit.) To distract from the Cardinal Sarah’s book release? (More likely, but only slightly.) From something to still come?

    • no, this is the usual, as we say in Italy, “behindology”. Rosica would not create permanent damage to himself and his organisation just so Father Volpi get one or three days of respite.


  2. The whole purpose of the threatening letter is to threaten and intimidate Mr Domet, and indirectly others, from continuing to reveal the truth about the wicked doings of Fr Rosica and his co-conspirators against God and His Holy Church. Mr Domet has done nothing wrong and I pray he will not be bullied into doing what Fr Rosica demands, and removing his factual reports and opinion and fair comment thereon.

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