Rosicagate: MeetThe Warrior Ants.



The hypothesis has been made that the amply discussed Rosicagate is part of a vaster project aimed at silencing bloggers, because this would be seen as a more or less necessary step into silencing the bishops, which in turn would allow Francis to use Church teaching as his carpet.

I do not doubt that the Bishop of Rome, being The Most Astonishing Hypocrite in Church History (TMAHICH), would walk over Church teaching without any problem if he had the means of doing so. But he does not have the means of doing so, nor can he silence the bishops, least of all the bloggers.

Let us see this in order.

Vox Cantoris isn’t a very big blog. At 400,000 page views in 25 months, this means an average of 16,000 page views a month; assuming a robust blog growth, let us say there were 25,000 page views a months, on average, in the last six or eight months. This makes for around 800 page views a day, which again probably means a readership of 200 to 400 readers a day; which again, according to reading patterns, might mean around 1000 affectionate readers visiting the blog regularly, some of them daily, some every two or three days, some once a week, etc.

Whilst these numbers should make every blogger proud, they are unlikely to disturb the sleep of Vatican officers qua Vatican officers. We must here realistically recognise that whilst we as bloggers are, collectively, a growing voice in the church, individually we are irrelevant. We are, basically, warrior ants and, whilst we are rather combative, each one of us alone is – bar, perhaps, some very big blogs run by priests – rather a non-entity. The anthill is, on the other hand, quite something already.

The idea that Rosica would, together with the Vatican apparatus, move a Law Firm to teach a lesson to one ant when the entire anthill is in turmoil does not make sense to me. Warriors ants aren’t stopped because one or three are quashed. Warrior ants can bite, too. The idea that Vatican officers would cause lawyers to work hundreds of hours to prepare hundreds of letters to as many blogs is simply absurd. The idea that hundreds of bloggers can be intimidated by one or two lawsuits is just as outlandish.

Some blogs are anonymous (like mine), and most of them are headquartered in the USA (again, like mine), which makes it a waste of time even writing such letters: WordPress and, I think, Blogger would get rid of them with a copy-and-paste answer letter on the lines of a polite “shut up”. WordPress hosts blogs of dissenters from African and Asian dictatorships and helps them to blog anonymously; just imagine how much time they have for Father Rosica’s tantrums.

But then again the sheer number of blogs would be simply overwhelming. Some are big and some little, but there are so many of them out there that you just can’t go chasing individual ants with letters from law firms.

Unless, that is, that particular ant happens to be in a legal system the wannabe ant eater knows well; and that particular ant lives, perhaps, in the same city as the ant eater; and, methinks, reaches some of the same people; and, who knows, caused the ant eater to lose some donors – who told him why – for his own “salty darkness” operation. This could be, in the end, what gives “operation mercy” certainly not a justification, but at least a motive.

Then we have to think why all this would be done. We can flatter ourselves as much as we like, and I think we at the Catholic Anthill are making sterling work. But bishops don’t wait for us to tell them what to do. The bishop’s revolt in October started on the same day as the irate blogs’ reaction. It’s not that Polish or African Bishops count on us to know what opinions they should have. The blogosphere has been certainly encouragement and a welcome help for some, but there are far too many bishops worried for their salvation out there. They certainly appreciate our help and support. But they could do just fine without us.

Then there is the matter of Francis. Francis has no shame, no dignity, no sense of honour, and very probably not even a shred of faith. What you or I think is perfectly irrelevant to him. He has the effrontery of living under the roof of a pervert, just imagine how much he cares for what serious Catholic write on their blog. Francis does not even register us as individuals. It’s only when the entire anthill moves against him (Rabbitgate) that he notices its existence. And Francis isn’t so dumb he thinks he can shut up catholic blogdom; and send, to do that, the very man who makes a good part of his own PR spin.

No. It does not make sense.

My money is on the personal hatred of Father Rosica, because some or a couple of donors jumped out and let him know why. You don’t believe me?

Who cares.

Sue me.




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  1. Exactly.

    As for the bishops, they read what the anthill produces, but just to see which way the wind is blowing.

    Where I think the anthill has the most impact is on the parish priests. And that is who the Francis Thugacy is targeting.

    As to Rosica, it’s all about the dosh. And the impression that his friends in the media will let him get away with it.


  2. Of the sodomites with whom I’ve had no choice but to come in contact, Rosica’s reaction of calling in his usurious ‘elder brothers in faith’ for protection, reminds me precisely of the unmanly and sissified way they react when feeling threatened. Of course, I’m not at all implying that Rosica is unmanly or sissified….

    • I do not think the law firm is protecting them. They are working for him. Being law professionals, they will accept his charge as long as they see at least a fumus iuris in his argument.

      It may even be that the firm warned their client about the very law probability of success of such a lawsuit, and Rosica chose to go on anyway to see whether Mr Domet would, perhaps, fold without undergoing the hassle and expense to seek professional counsel himself.

      The very strong reaction that Mr Domet is showing, and the several, strong blog posts appeared on another Canadian blog, encourage me to think that the situation in Canada isn’t as bad as it was feared after all.

      We shall see what happens.


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