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Francis: Mafiosi Must Repent, Trannies Are Welcome As They Are.

Calabria (in black, and in detail) is the hitting part of the Italian "boot".  A boot that would be well applied to some clerical backside.

Calabria (in black, and in detail) is the “hitting” part of the Italian “boot”.
A boot that would be well applied to some clerical backside.


I know you don’t need further proof that TMAHICH is as secular as they come; but I want to give you further evidence anyway.

The Bishop of Rome is on record with the following:

“Open your hearts to the Lord. The Lord is waiting for you and the Church will welcome you if your willingness to serve good is as clear and public as your choice to serve evil was”.
Fine. A drug-trafficking, murdering bastard has obviously put himself outside of any reasonable chance of salvation unless he repents.
But the same rule applies, without the shadow of a doubt, to the scandalous Trannie and his “lover”, who whine around because they are not allowed to give scandal in peace.
Now, Francis may look Catholic with the phrase above, but he isn’t. To him, expression like “The Lord is waiting” are merely the spice that he must put into his dishes because of his job title. In reality, you can clearly see that Francis will be fast in condemning what the world finds easy to condemn, and fast in approving that of which the world approves, and be that the worst abominations.
Francis says what the world wants to hear at least 98% of the times; and reads some scripted statement the other 2% in order for the Pollyannas to go to sleep satisfied the Pope is such a fine chap.
Do not be fooled by the mentions of a God Whom he betrays every day.
This one is worldly through and through. 


The Feast Of The Chair Of St. Peter

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Perugino: Delivery of the keys to St. Peter

Tomorrow 22nd February is the feast of the Chair of St. Peter. Whilst St. Peter’s feast day is the 29th June, the feast of the 22nd February is more directly aimed at celebrating the Petrine Office. This feast is, therefore, as Catholic as they come.

This feast day might be an occasion to explain to some non-Catholic in your circle of acquaintances why you are Catholic. When requested, I proceed more or less in this way:

1) And I say to thee: that Thou are Peter…. Jesus doesn’t say to Simon that he is a nice chap; or that he is very perceptive; or that he himself is surprised that among the apostles Simon was the only one to give the right answer to his question “Who do people say that I am?”. No, he changes his name and calls him…

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Martini Rotten (No Ice Necessary)

The “Martini” Reblog…

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We need a change from Martini, fast…

There is little doubt that personalities of Cardinal Martini’s caliber have been a thorn in the side of the Church for many decades, and have promoted the agenda of the revolutionaries who wish to marry the Church with the world, and do away with the Ten Commandments. While we should pray for God’s mercy on his soul, the permissiveness and license he received from the supreme authority is another sure sign of the auto-demolition that has occurred within the Church… a mother’s tragic betrayal by her own sons.

These very wise words come from the “Pastor’s Corner” of the US Site of the SSPX, where every week a priest of the SSPX offers his own thoughts. 

I fully agree with the statement: Martini’s work was meant at nothing else than the demolition of Christianity (and the Church) as we know it. I am…

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Sentire Cum Diabolo

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Excellent video of Louie Verrecchio, that points out the extent to which a large part of our Catholic clergy (Verrecchio is different from Voris, so he does state very clearly that this includes the Bishop of Rome) are unable to think like sound Catholics.

The problem here is not directly Francis. Francis is only a symptom of a disease that has been going on since V II. Francis could only become Pope because too many Cardinals have no idea anymore of what a Pope is supposed to do, and what he is supposed to be. The Cardinals themselves are the products of clerical ranks that are, on average, not better than themselves. Out of rubbish you are not going to get perfume. Out of rubbish priests you will get Bishop Rubbish, Cardinal Rubbish and, in time, Pope Rubbish. 

Fittingly, Verrecchio makes another consideration I would wish my readers would…

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Italian Masonic Lodge Stated Cardinal Martini Was One Of Their Own

Makes your blood chill... Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini.

Makes your blood chill… Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini.


On the site Tradition In Action (no, this is not a Sedevacantist site) there is a rather stunning document. The document is not new, and I am surprised it has not received further echo.

The site has a screenshot of a tribute rendered by what I think is one of the two biggest Masonic organisations in Italy. We find therein a long rebuke of Pope Benedict for failing to mention the dead Cardinal at the Angelus of 2 September 2012 (this is what the Italian text says; the English translation does not seem very happy to me). But beside this, we find the clearly stated words:

Carlo Maria Martini volle essere iniziato Libero Muratore.

“Carlo Maria Martini willed to be initiated as a Freemason”

This is not the “wanted” as in; “he had the intention, but then he saw it would have been imprudent”. No, the clear meaning of the phrase in Italian is: “Carlo Maria Martini freely chose to be initiated as a Freemason”.

This seems to me a kind of bomb you cause to explode after one of your own has died, because to let it explode whilst he is alive would cause big harm to the brother Freemason. And in fact, it seems to me difficult to believe Martini would admit to such an affiliation and get away with it.

Whilst V II has botched this as well as many other fields, the last I have on the matter is the following declaration from the then head of the CDF, Joseph Ratzinger (“Declaration on Masonic Associations”, 1983):

“The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion….” and “…the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association(s) remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden.”

Unfortunately, no word of excommunication anymore. Still, you can see for yourself whether being a Freemason is compatible with being a priest, much less a Bishop, much less a Cardinal.

This, my friends, was Carlo Maria Martini. If anyone knows of evidence brought from others – say, the family – that martini never was a Freemason, I will gladly examine and in case publish it.

Otherwise, it seems fair to say: “Cardinal Martini, the Freemason”.





Je Suis Paul Eddington: Mundabor Is On Facebook Again.


I have written some time ago about Facebook and the problem in retrieving one’s own password.

As at times happens in life, I happened to remember the password, and after some initial hesitation from the Facebook site (they were a bit taken aback I was in West Virginia; well, they do not know I have moved there, obviously; how would they know…) I was given access to my old Facebook page, which was frozen in time to 21 December 2012 like it is Pompeii after the eruption.

Seventy-seven “friends” request were awaiting. I do not remember exactly Facebook “friend” rules, but as I am a friendly chap I accepted all of them; and as Facebook never asked me whether I know the chaps and gals personally, I think I will be fine.

I will now try to remember to post my blog posts on Facebook; I am thankful if anyone can give me an indication of any way to have a “one-click posting” instead of having to go through the tedious procedure of logging in, being asked by Facebook to complete my profile, which they always do, find the “wall”, being asked “what’s on your mind?” and post the blog post.

Twitter is, I must say, a much more streamlined experience: you log in once, and then you post with two clicks. No copying and pasting of ulrs, and no waiting for the post to display properly. Click, click, done.

Anyway, I am on Facebook now.

As Facebook does not accept pseudonyms like Mundabor you will find me under my – obviously – real name: Paul Eddington. Paul Eddington is also – being my real name – the name I use on Twitter, and it always cracks me up when people call me “Paul”, because on my twitter account I am rather “Mundabor”.

My real name is easy to remember, because a famous British TV actor of the past had exactly the same name. Isn’t that a happy coincidence! In the video above, Paul Eddington plays an unforgettable Prime Minister.

‘Course, Ronald Reagan would have been easier still to remember to my mainly US-American audience. But alas, I am not Ronald Reagan.

Je suis Paul Eddington, aka “Mundabor”.





Rosicagate: The Wave Is Now A Tsunami!

Vox Cantoris has the list of bloggers who have spoken in his defence and against the arrogance of Father Rosica.

The American Catholic has another version of the list; all links working!

Interestingly, one of the articles comes from a Canadian blog, The Heresy Hunter. This blog lists all their articles in which Father Rosica has been mentioned, or which have been written about him directly.

What emerges is not only a dyed-in-the-wool Modernist consorting with excommunicated ex-priests and very appreciative of  America Magazine, but a person a Canadian blog calls names like “useful idiot”, “Fr Lombardi’s pool boy”, “power-hungry Modernist”, and many others.

So what is what? How many Canadian blogs are less than appreciative of this man? How dangerous is it, in Canada, to call a Modernist a Modernist?

We will soon find out.

I do not think Father Rosica is, in retrospect, very proud of the mess he has put himself in.

Please follow the link provided, and click away at your heart’s content.






Cardinal Sarah Gives A Stern Warning To Francis


Cardinal Sarah

Cardinal Sarah


Read on Rorate Caeli the news of Cardinal Sarah openly warning Francis & Co. about the heresy of detaching the Magisterium from pastoral practice.

His words are brutally clear, and I quote them here again. The emphasis is, I think, Rorate’s.

“The idea that would consist in placing the Magisterium in a nice box by detaching it from pastoral practice — which could evolve according to the circumstances, fads, and passions — is a form of heresy, a dangerous schizophrenic pathology. I affirm solemnly that the Church of Africa will firmly oppose every rebellion against the teaching of Christ and the Magisterium.”

To call the “theology on his knees” “heresy” and “dangerous, schizophrenic pathology” is, I think, as clear as any word ever pronounced by Cardinal Burke himself. The clear mention that the Church in Africa will “firmly oppose every rebellion” drives another concept home: we will oppose rebellion even if headed by the Pope.

Cardinal Sarah is another one who decided to warn Francis before he does something extremely stupid, instead of waiting for him to do so and then complaining.

One can hope many others will follow his example in the months to come.


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