Je Suis Paul Eddington: Mundabor Is On Facebook Again.


I have written some time ago about Facebook and the problem in retrieving one’s own password.

As at times happens in life, I happened to remember the password, and after some initial hesitation from the Facebook site (they were a bit taken aback I was in West Virginia; well, they do not know I have moved there, obviously; how would they know…) I was given access to my old Facebook page, which was frozen in time to 21 December 2012 like it is Pompeii after the eruption.

Seventy-seven “friends” request were awaiting. I do not remember exactly Facebook “friend” rules, but as I am a friendly chap I accepted all of them; and as Facebook never asked me whether I know the chaps and gals personally, I think I will be fine.

I will now try to remember to post my blog posts on Facebook; I am thankful if anyone can give me an indication of any way to have a “one-click posting” instead of having to go through the tedious procedure of logging in, being asked by Facebook to complete my profile, which they always do, find the “wall”, being asked “what’s on your mind?” and post the blog post.

Twitter is, I must say, a much more streamlined experience: you log in once, and then you post with two clicks. No copying and pasting of ulrs, and no waiting for the post to display properly. Click, click, done.

Anyway, I am on Facebook now.

As Facebook does not accept pseudonyms like Mundabor you will find me under my – obviously – real name: Paul Eddington. Paul Eddington is also – being my real name – the name I use on Twitter, and it always cracks me up when people call me “Paul”, because on my twitter account I am rather “Mundabor”.

My real name is easy to remember, because a famous British TV actor of the past had exactly the same name. Isn’t that a happy coincidence! In the video above, Paul Eddington plays an unforgettable Prime Minister.

‘Course, Ronald Reagan would have been easier still to remember to my mainly US-American audience. But alas, I am not Ronald Reagan.

Je suis Paul Eddington, aka “Mundabor”.





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  1. FYI, M: Paul Eddington was also the name of the Navy pilot who sacrificed his life for the good of the cause in the WWII John Wayne movie “In Harms Way”. So… both “Paul Eddington” and “In Harms Way” are apropos: You (Paul) sacrifices for “the good of the cause” (the Catholic Faith) and also places himself “in harms way” (defending the Catholic Faith against all dissenters). It fits you to a “T”.

    • Thanks Dave,
      I do not feel any vocation to martyrdom, though, which I am not seeking.
      John Wayne is one of my heroes. I am glad we have something in common.. 😉

    • Your welcome, Sir…

      I think none of us have a vocation to martyrdom, but whether we seek it or not, it invariably comes in one form or another. In a sense, we all are martyrs when we defend Christ’s One Truth against the onslaught of the many subjective ones – you with your blog, I and others by remaining Faithful to our first vows. It’s not bragging with any of us…it’s just plain old fact.

    • Ah, but I do not call this martyrdom. This is rather a work of mercy, a defence of the faith. I would not dare to compare myself to those who suffer loss of life or limb or job or reputation. They will, if I ever make it to heaven, look at me down below with the Heavenly Binocular.. 😉

  2. Combining (in a way) the two names… we have…Pundabor !!!

  3. Welcome back to facebook! I’ll send a friend request as Jewel Atkins. I have a feature in my blogs that allow for instantantaneous posting to facebook, which means I don’t actually have to be on facebook to post. My blogs are Tasty Infidelicacies, The Blasphemous Book and Mme Scherzo. The first blog is about whatever interests me, the second is mocking the Mohammedans in King James English, and the third is dedicated to all things good, lovely, true and beautiful.

  4. Hi Paul:

    It’s Sam. Sam Armaticus. 🙂

    B/t/w, I linked my wordpress blog to FB and each time I publish, it automatically sends the post out. If you have a second account, you can manage it through the drop down menu in the posting windows. So it isn’t hard. Just need to play around with it.

    You can also set up a page for Mudabor under Paul’s account. I have Deus set up under Sam.

    B/t/w some really good organizations on FB. Just seen the SF Latin Mass Society. Now that is what I call taking the fight to the enemy.

    • Thanks, Sam!
      Would you spend some words more about how I “link” my blog so that it sends the post automatically out? I apologise, but I understand less of these things than Father Rosica of Catholicism!

    • Give me a few minutes. I set this up last November and have not had a need to revisit. Will get back to you shortly.


    • There might be no need.
      I went under “settings – sharing” and there was the option to link to Facebook. From the look of it, it seems to have “linked” though I can’t believe it was so easy.
      Do not waste your time. I will see whether the next posts link automatically.
      Thanks for your help!
      Paul 😉

    • That is exactly where it is.

    • Once it is activated, you should get a FB button appearing under your posts in the section with Tweet, Like, etc. it should read “f Facebook”. If you have more than one FB page under Paul E, you can click on it, and then use the drop down under the title “pages you manage”.

    • Thanks! I had one, but it did not link automatically, it only allowed one to “like”. What I hope is that every blog post will now be posted on my “wall”.
      We shall see..

    • I am trying to find you on FB. Which Paul E are you? The actor?

    • There should be a “Paul Eddington” with the usual Pius XII photo.

  5. You are being brave Paul. I recall your efforts to get un untraceable website… looks like Holy Spirit in action. God bless,


    If you can help spread far and wide that this disgraceful Basilian priest should resign, it would be a great act if charity.

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