Francis And The “New Ways Ministry” Perversion: Pollyanna At Work Again

New Ways Papacy

The latest Pollyanna running around seems to be Andrea Gagliarducci, writing for a publication called Monday Vatican

This man Gagliarducci is admirable in that he has the face of trying, against evidence as big as Mount Everest, to persuade us that Francis is not a heterodox Pope, merely “naive”.

Example? The latest scandal of the homo group allowed to the Papal audience, called “New Way Ministry” or such like nonsense, with a clearly privileged position to boot. The man wants to persuade us that he is unable to see that Francis invited the perverts well knowing that they are perverts, and gave them places showing he would give scandal as much as he can, without too many risks for him; well knowing, too, that they would scream to … hell about their VIP tickets (which they are; near the Vatican authorities and the high prelates), followed by the Pollyanna running to tranquillise the scandalised masses, and persuading them that hey, the group is not called “Fags United”, so how can the Pope know? And they were not admitted to the baciamano, so they are, ahem, officially IPs, but not quite VIPs.

It goes always thus: Francis willingly gives scandal, and the Pollyannas persuade you he never ever wanted to do so; but you see, at times the man can be a bit… naive.

Naive? A Jesuit with 45 years of experience in corridor politics? Seriously, how stupid this Gagliarducci thinks we are?

I am, however, most angry at those who swallow this rubbish as if it was ambrosia, though. It truly is time to open one's eyes.

Enough with the Pollyanning. Let's start with the condemning. The promotion of the homosexual agenda tirelessly executed by Pope Francis cannot be met with stupid excuses. It must be met with explicit, vocal condemnation.



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  1. HI:

    Supposedly, AG gets his info from the “happy” bars around the Vatican. His editorial line is laughable, but if it allows him to get the office help to talk, who am I to judge. His MV column is good for picking up data point, but you have to read between the lines. And that comes from a reputable source.

    Confirmation that his info is good is that Fr. Z recommends him. And Fr. Z knows what credible info is.


    • Fine, but we are here in the realm of mere fantasy, utterly contradicted by facts.

    • I know. I laugh every time I read this. But…

      Here is a good example: from the 12 of Jan:

      “It is indelicate to speak about the next Conclave while any pope is reigning. However, the current circulation of rumors signals that maneuvers over the next papacy have already begun. If the secret war over the synod and curial reforms can be said to be the most immediate issue on people’s minds, there is nevertheless a longer-term war they are also thinking about.

      For his part, Pope Francis does not seem to be a part of this war; he is mostly a pawn in it. But his unpredictability together with his impulsivity and improvisation constitute real contributions to the war effort. In the end, everybody knew which were the peripheries the Pope loved the most. And everybody knew about his resentment toward Rome and central church structures. Many of his latest choices prove it.”

      If you ask me, pure gold. Do you know of any pollyanna’s who write that Francis is “unpredictability together with his impulsivity and improvisation constitute real contributions to the war effort.”

      I guess that what I want to say is that not all Polyanna’s were made alike. 😉


    • This seems to me one of the Magister mould, alternating the things he wants to write and those he thinks he had better write.
      But seriously, to call a fox of that sort “naive” is beyond the pale.

    • I think the boys all have a good laugh in the Roma clubs as well.

  2. This is the patent truth.

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