March For Life: Oh, The Embarrassment!


This is the 2013 one.

This is the 2013 one.


Watch here a video I found on my newly re-found Facebook page. I had seen footage of the latest march in Washington, but some parts of this throw, I think, an entirely different light on the entire matter.

Please also note the banners with the Blessed Virgin.

Imagine the embarrassment of the mainstream media at this footage. Huge crowds, Blessed Virgin banners, lots of families with young children. Tell the world of such a massive event? No! No! No!

Every damn “gay” parade would obviously get coverage, but not this, not this!

Heck, this is an embarrassment for the Bishop of Rome himself! All these people obsessed with abortion! Why did they not adopt an illegal immigrant instead?

Still: this is very, very encouraging. The more so, because it happens notwithstanding the neglect of the media and against the current “climate” in the Vatican, where even perverts are welcome.

And those banners of the Blessed Virgin, in Washington, in the middle of a very big march, they truly made my day.


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  1. Was there. Marched next to a bunch of seminarians in full cassocks reciting the rosary. Small island of good news in a sea of bad.

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  3. Conversion stories (above) are a conversion of heart about the truth of abortion, euthanasia, reproductive technologies, etc. and not to Catholicism per se.

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  4. It is edifying that the Pro-Life March continues to grow larger each year in spite of the cold January weather in Washington, DC and no mention the march in the New York Times.
    Still progress seems slow and aside from external opposition there is the fact that a large number of Catholics voted for Obama and Michael Voris interviewed young people in the march at random
    who on camera supported the use of artificial contraceptives, and were not opposed to gay unions. The Washington DC Cardinal is usually on the grandstand for the rally that begins the march .

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