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This video is another example of all the wrong things going on in Francis’ mind.

Can you imagine a Pope of the past severing the hands of a child joint in prayer! It is disturbing to even think of a father doing this to his son, and no child with some sense of religion would do the same to another child. To Francis, this is worth doing before the cameras.


Look at the video attentively. The child has his hands joint in prayer. Francis talks to him and seems to ask him whether his hands are incollate, which means “glued together”. The child insists on keeping his hands joint. At this point Francis proceeds to severe by applying a certain amount of gentle but unmistakable force. It seems clear to me the child still does not want to disjoint his hands, and it is only the force…

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  1. The list of shocking things this guy has done and continues to do/say almost on a daily basis is pretty danged long. But I’ve gotta say, this particular one has stuck with me since I first saw it. There’s something so very disturbing about watching the Pope, let alone anyone (!), publicly “correcting” this child’s posture in prayer. And because it’s the traditional posture! I can only imagine what this boy’s parents thought about it.

    • Also notice the child immediately joins his hands again. He does what is obvious and natural as a Catholic.
      Francis, on the other hand, reveals himself an enemy of devotion and sound Catholicism.
      To him Jesus is an excuse to push a socialist agenda,

  2. Yes I saw this, Mundabor, a few weeks ago and was stunned. His desire to crush “piety” extends even to little boys who are obviously acting like all normal Catholic boys of that age have always acted in Church. It’s disgusting. Thank you for posting on this. And Francis, try picking on someone your own size, like I assume you did when you were a bouncer.

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