Meet The Papal Thieves

Father Z has it in English, and has the original in German.

In the wake of the October Synod, around 200 copies of the well-known “Remaining in the Truth of Christ” are sent to as many bishop using the Italian postal service. Only two or three reach their addressees, all the others simply disappear.

Whatever you want to say of the Italian postal service: no, it isn’t as bad as that, at all.

Now a journalist, Manfred Ferrari, has information, and makes names: the books have obviously arrived to the Vatican post office, and have been stolen from there to prevent them from being handed to the Bishops.

The journalist makes the name of the person allegedly behind it: Cardinal Baldisseri.

This, my dear reader, is theft, and who has organised this is a thief. Let us see what Cardinal Baldisseri has to say about this, if he deigns to say a word after such a grave episode, and such grave accusations of what must be, even in Argentina (but perhaps not in Bergoglioland?), a very grave offence.

What kind of people these apostles of mercy are! Bullying hypocrites like Father Rosica; vulgar thugs like his Basilian confrere, Father Scott; and now apparently even thieves, not ashamed of stealing en masse from their own bishops!

But then again what do you expect when the Merciful In Chief is a man who brags of stealing a crucifix from the hands of a dead man, and considers such feat absolutely brilliant and worthy of a wink-wink of admiration.

What a walking canalisation these people are. And the brashness, the sheer arrogance of how they go on about their business, safe in the knowledge of the protection of their own disgraceful superiors, is what angers the most.

Whoever did this did not do it to help the line of the five Cardinals (read: Catholicism). Whoever did this must have been high enough to be able to order something like that and enforce obedience. Whoever did this either did it with Francis’ explicit approval, or he did it in the knowledge that upon knowing the facts Francis would have smiled on his “entrepreneurial spirit”.

A bunch of bullies, boors, and thieves. Starting from the very top. This is the Vatican as we write the year of the Lord 2015.




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  1. The 5 Cardinals should have known enough by then to place the copies of the books in the addressees hands.

    • Honestly, not even I would have thought things have come to this point.
      It is a criminal offence in Italy. It is taken very seriously. It is as if the Vatican were a morality-free zone.

  2. The Fathers of Church Destruction have long fingers. How dare anyone present the narrative of Truth?! Especially when the paters of perniciousness have been so successful in replacing the Gospel with an idol – protestant at heart (as in whoever is happy to protestant against the Truth). They have sold – to paraphrase Fr Leen – ‘untrammeled freedom of thought and will’ as though it is the message of Christ. But the reality is they have made themselves and those who follow them ‘prodigal sons…feeding on the husks of swine, devoured by spiritual hunger’, and hell-bent to their last breath to encourage us to do the same lest our example of ‘no way, we know better’, means they might actually have something to repent. My guess would be that those who work to ‘disappear’ Truth and His Church cannot tolerate fear of God; therefore they have never even begun in path of Wisdom.

  3. Mrs. Avila,

    Being a compulsive Nervous Nellie myself I agree 100% with your observation that the Five Cardinsls should have known, with the stakes as high as they were, that the books should have been placed directly in the hands of the recipients. Who knew, and when, that the books were stolen?! This is treachery in high places and action must be taken. I hope someone has a plan.

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