The Good, The Bad, And The Law: A Question For Father Rosica

You will not believe what he can say when he opens that mouth...


A Basilian, father Timothy Scott, the spokesman of the order for Canada, tweets “STFU” to a Cardinal. He retracts, but still…

Another Basilian, Father Rosica, threatens to sue a poor Catholic blogger for being Catholic.

This justifies a question for Father Rosica: should Cardinal Burke, then, sue Father Scott?

The question should be posed to him without accepting any deflection: “he did a horrible thing, for which he apologised”, doesn’t wash, because it’s not the answer. By the by, Rosica said he reserves the right to sue even if get apologies from Mr Domet for having reminded him of the Catholic religion, so that doesn’t wash twice.

Let us see the question again:

what does Father Rosica think: would it be right if Cardinal Burke sued Father Scott?

I hope at the next press conference hosted by Father Rosica someone will ask this and several other questions related to the man.

Enough with moneylenders in the temple.




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  1. They might run out of Basilians who can be spokesman for the order. There are only a couple of hundred of them, several are in prison for sexual abuse or have been released having served their sentences and housed by the order. Rosica and Scott are now expert in discussing their order’s disordered members (of which there seem to be a disproportionate number) with the press. I am surprised that the order has not been disbanded or a Papal enforcer sent in to find out what has so clearly gone horribly wrong.

  2. Mundabor. I don’t like the look of this. Francis appears to be associating Celebrants who prefer the Tridentine Liturgy with people with “Moral” issues

    “the Pope noted that there are priests and bishops who speak of a “reform of the reform.” Some of them are “saints” and speak “in good faith.” But this “is mistaken”, the Holy Father said. He then referred to the case of some bishops who accepted “traditionalist” seminarians who were kicked out of other dioceses, without finding out information on them, because “they presented themselves very well, very devout.” They were then ordained, but these were later revealed to have “psychological and moral problems.”

    It is not a practice, but it “happens often” in these environments, the Pope stressed, and to ordain these types of seminarians is like placing a “mortgage on the Church.” The underlying problem is that some bishops are sometimes overwhelmed by “the need for new priests in the diocese.” Therefore, an adequate discernment among candidates is not made, among whom some can hide certain “imbalances” that are then manifested in liturgies. In fact, the Congregation of Bishops – the Pontiff went on to say – had to intervene with three bishops on three of these cases, although they didn’t occur in Italy”

    Is it just a faulty translation?

    How hated the Authentic Liturgy is by these “new-church” Pontiffs.

    • I have read it, but one does not have time to keep pace with the man.

      But yes, the issue is always the same: if you’ re a good Catholic, you are the problem.

  3. Hiring lawyers to inflict misery on someone else…..for shame Fr. Rosica, for shame.

  4. The foul-mouthed lash-out at Cardinal Burke is not defamatory. It is however, very rude, disrespectful, foul and unbecoming of a priest, and especially disgraceful as publicly said to a Cardinal for standing up for the truths of the Faith and the moral law. It shows clearly where this Fr Scott stands in respect of the Faith.

  5. The fellow looks rather like one of the thugs on your recent post. Certainly his post was scandalous, but somehow not surprising. One cannot hide the real self 100% of the time…Hopefully, Fr. Rosica will call his guard dogs away. He is looking worse and worse.

  6. A comment from another blog: “The Basilians have just been kicked out of another Toronto parish. They have now just one on the campus of the University of Toronto and then of course the University of St. Michael on the same campus.

    There is a joke in Toronto.

    How many gays at St.Mike’s?


  7. I must mention here: I broke down and watched The Vortex regarding Fr. Rosica. I could have sworn Voris was talking numbers when he said ‘Basilians’. I’m sure there’s a clearer way to pronounce it, but I love the joke! Unfortunately it’s probably true……

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