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I like Gnocchi... I like Gnocchi…

“Will God accept being put to the side like a useless toy for much longer?”

These are the last, ominous words of a beautiful article appeared in Riscossa Cristiana, and beautifully translated courtesy of Francesca Romana at Rorate Caeli.

I invite you to follow the link and to read there the entire article.

You will find, there, several other ominous statements. The most beautiful is from Alessandro Gnocchi, the writing partner of the late Mario Palmaro:

“We will find ourselves more and more faced with someone who professes to speak to us in the name of God by telling us that we have no need of Him.”

Gnocchi is right. But I do not want to spoil the fun. Enjoy Marco Bongi’s explanation of why this is the case.

Our clergymen have forgotten God. They worship the world and, ultimately, themselves.

It will all end up…

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