Cardinal Marx’s Schism Threat Reeks Of Desperation

Coldly looking down on Catholicism: Cardinal Marx.

I will leave it to another post to comment on the open threat of Schism that Cardinal Marx has formulated, and that was everywhere yesterday evening. The words used by the Cardinal are so provocative, so unbelievably stupid that they deserve a detailed “copy and paste” I cannot do now.

What I notice here, though, is that the unworthy, schismatic Cardinal would not even think of formulating such threats if he had some founded, realistic hope that the Synod will, less than eight months from now, substantially accommodate the heretical requests of Prostitution & Simony Inc, aka the Church in Germany.

If, therefore, the heretical line has no chance to pass, a schism will have to be threatened and, possibly, put in place. Not officially, of course, but unofficially: exactly as the Dutch did with the notorious “Dutch Schism”, which ravaged the Dutch Church from the mid-Sixties to the beginning of the Eighties and delivered to Catholicism in the Netherlands a blow from which it never recovered. On that occasion, the Dutch started doing everything the “Liberal Presbyterian” way, but stopped short of saying “we are officially in Schism”. No doubt, Marx & Co. are planning to do exactly the same. This will not be an easy task (I am sure there are plenty of Catholics left in Germany), but it is feasible seen the very strong tendency of the German people to follow the Obrigkeit without questioning, and even to the point of self-destruction. I have already written that this man should be defrocked. It is clear I was right.

Still, the main point here is another one: it appears that Cardinal Marx is throwing the towel on the Synod.

This makes sense. The idea of an open clash of worldwide proportions is not viable for anyone but the maddest of pothead Popes. Francis knows that such an atomic mushroom would atomise his Pontificate. His lío does not extend to self-destruction.

We have seen last October, in the clearest possible way, that If Francis sees that the revolution cannot be accomplished without grave harm to himself – make no mistake: he does not care a straw for Christ or Truth – there will be no revolution. In the months since October he has tried to push his heretical, unChristian, sacrilegious agenda, but he has clearly met with strong resistance both and public and – it can be safely assumed – private. The signs are multiplying that he is about to give up on the project, fearful of months of negative barrage before the Synod.

Mind: we do not know what goes on in the head of a man who thinks it a capital feat to steal a crucifix from the hands of a dead man, admitted to smoking marijuana and had once found a stash of it on his luggage when he was Archbishop, has a notorious heretic as a spokesman for the English speaking Countries, lives under the roof of a homosexual, finds it normal to consort with Trannies, and the like. We do not know. The man is just a walking disgrace.

But that he is so detached from reality that he does not understand in what troubles he will put himself if he keeps running head on towards a very hard wall: that, perhaps, he has understood.





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  1. Dear Mundabor, does this Pope have any mental capacity left after smoking those funny little cigarettes? Not much, or he wouldn’t be broadcasting the fact that he stole from a dead priest. (How does Francis know the priest actually used the rosary that was placed in the coffin and that Francis now wears near his heart–awww, how sweet).

    Finally it must be said: In Francis’s case, POPE would be better spelled DOPE, as he reduces the Office of Peter to a JOKE. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle….

    • I think it’s a cultural thing. In the world of Jorge Bergoglio, the feat is an act of brave defiance of social conventions. I think the priest was one of his spiritual mentors, which gives me the creeps.


  2. The episcopate and presbyterate in Germany, Austria and elsewhere have been running the local churches as separate heretical fiefdoms for decades.

  3. Vox Cantoris has a great piece on this particular manifest and obstinate heresy of the German bishops.

  4. Our HOLY FATHER, with pretty strong words on Homosexual marriage. We Christians know there is no such thing, that every country in every era, and covering every world religion, has said NO to legitimizing sodomy. It is harmful to the body, to the soul and to the spirit of a person. It is not about human rights. It is just about truth, plain and simple! When we love, we tell the truth! .

    “Let’s not be naive, we’re not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of lies, that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God” Pope Francis

    • Janet, you are being deceived if you think Francis is an enemy of sexual perversion.
      He says what people want to hear, and takes care to be right one time for every twenty he is wrong.

  5. Janet Walton, I wondered why you didn’t give a source for the pope’s words. It is always helpful to provide one if someone wants to cite it. Well, the quote came right up when I Googled it; Bergoglio said this as Archbishop in Argentina in 2010–shortly before gay marriage became legal there.

    Perhaps an update on his views would be helpful: Pope Francis approved the midterm report of the 2014 synod before it was published:

    For a reminder of the controversial statements advanced in this report–such as that the Church recognize the “good” in homosexuality–go to

    • Francis is also rumoured to have suggested to give Argentina civil partnerships “to avoid “gay” marriage”.
      A true agent of Satan.

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