Cardinal Pell Sounds The Catholic Trumpet Again

You can almost hear the Cavalry charging....

Cardinal Pell has given another example of a Cardinal who has no qualms in saying very publicly what is wrong with Modernism. He does not say “with Francis”, but considering that Francis was now confirmed to be behind the disgraceful Relatio post disceptationem it is clear who is the principal addressee of his intervention.

Cardinal Pell’s post is so pithy, that you will read it in perhaps a minute. But he punches hard, for sure.

I keep being unable to see how Francis can even think of trying to see his revolutionary agenda sanctioned at the next Synod. He might as well fall on the sword. It is very obvious there will be a huge counterreaction if he tries another stunt like he did in October.




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  1. Mundabor

    I hope you are correct about a counterreaction, and good for Cardinal Pell. He is showing some courage.

    On another point, you probably remember Bishop Fellay, shortly after Bergoglio’s election, referring to Francis as a “thorough going Modernist” (or words to that effect). Of course Fellay was right on the mark. Pell, when asked, at the time, about Fellay’s assessment, simply scoffed at it. I wonder what Pell thinks now?

    • I do not think Pell would openly call the Pope a Modernist. Not even Burke does that.

      As to Pell, people like him and Mueller have had their less than glorious moments (like Ratzinger, say).

      In this difficult time I will not focus on, say, Mueller’s remarks about the Blessed Virgin. It would just be self-defeating. If you are in the barricades you do not look at the man near you and say: “Hey! You still own me 50 bucks from that poker game!”. You shoot together with him.

      There will be time for the rest, too.


  2. The secular world will only invite you to parties if you are contributing money to them (and that would be too public of action); rich Catholics will only invite you to parties if you are Catholic.

    If your stomach is your god, you do as you must.

  3. I see the knives are out for Cardinal Pell with leaks to L’Espresso about his ‘extravagant’ spending habits.

  4. Isn’t Pell the fellow who recently ‘found’ oodles and oodles of ‘off the books’ money floating around in Vatican accounts? I wouldn’t count on Pell for anything other than a double or triple cross.

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