“Francification”, Grima Wormtongue, And The False Builders

You can't say that, Gandalf! It's Lent!

You can’t say that, Gandalf! It’s Lent!

Father Ray Blake has a very good and stealthily funny post about all that has happened in the Vatican in the last week or two.

The gist (not that you should not read the rest) is eloquently given in the last paragraph:

Many of the Cardinal electors had hoped that the election of the ‘new Pope’ might be about clearing Rome of its cliques and anonymous accusations, its denunciation by innuendo and its bitter feuds and corruption it is simply not happening – on the contrary it is happening with renewed vigour.

How is that “new transparency” working for you, then? What has become of this oh so new and modern papacy, getting rid of all those conspirators and corridor rats, and bringing “hope and change” to the Vatican?

The new ones are so bad, they let the old ones appear amateurs. You remember Benedict’s butler? When did he steal almost 200 books from his own bishops? Mind, the man has house detention. Will Cardinal Baldisseri have to suffer the same destiny? Don’t bet your pint.

Unfortunately, there are always those who – either because they are naive, or because they are disingenuous – manage to bat for the wrong team.

The very first comment of the post is from a certain “Denis”, who commits to cyber eternity the following words:

This article is trading in the kind of tittle tattle it appears to be condemning. Perhaps during Lent we should all be seeking to build up rather than knock down.

This is the kind of comment which, if I did not write a rather candid blog, would motivate me to start one post-haste.

Good Lord! A mess without precedent in at least seven, and probably twenty centuries is devastating the Church, and those who rightly criticise the utter moral decay of the Vatican personnel should be accused of “knocking down”? We have come to the point of common theft on a grand scale, and we should shut up because it’s Lent? We point out to the shameless bullying of a poor family father in his Fifties, and we should be held for people trading in “tittle tattle”? Who is this man, Grima Wormtongue?

This passive-aggressive, or rather aggressive-passive attitude of some people is truly disturbing. It advocates silence in front of evil in the name of… what again? What in Hades does “build up” means, if it is detached from that solid Catholic thinking that must condemn this kind of corruption and scandals? When was Lent the time you don’t talk, of all people, of the moneylenders in the Temple?

It truly is sad. Very sad.

Learn to recognise your Grimas.

They tend to appear so peaceful at first.


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  1. There are a lot of milquetoast-pantywaist, spit-out lukewarm Church of Nice types happening upon meaty, orthodox, calling-out-evil blogs like Father Blake’s. It’s reading comments like the one mentioned above that make me envision myself as Moe of the Three Stooges twisting the nose of the nincompoop Curly.

  2. I’ve learned a new catch phrase on my travels – “Who am I to Fudge?” (The credit goes to a blogger in America) The liberals absolutely hate it. It mocks their favourite tactic – and undermines their own slogan.

  3. I’m betting the commentator is clergy or pseudo-clerical (deacon – yeah, I know they’re real clergy, DRE, music director, youth minister, etc.). This level of mealy-mouthed self righteousness only comes with proper training in post-VII distortion.

  4. The comment reeks of emotionalism and a non-existent use of reason, detachment, and Catholic formation. “Building up” is very emo Protestant…like all the evil of this world need is a hug to change their demonic ways. Hug it out Hitler! Yup, brains on the ground. God bless~

  5. Father Blake’s post was priceless. The Peron photos, and ‘casual’ comments—he has a real knack for loud understatement. 😉

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