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Germany: The Undeclared Schism


"Yeah, I am going to bully you into paying the Kirchensteuer..."

“Yeah, I am going to bully you into paying the Kirchensteuer…”



Like everyone else, I will send you to the Rorate page for the source of the news. Now that I can write with a bit more time in my hands I would like to mention some quotes from the page, with my personal observations.

First of all let me note this: several days have passed from these declarations, and I have read nowhere that the translations were inaccurate, or the declarations have been retracted. I have not found the entire text, though, so we will have to work with the uncorrected, non retracted quotations. 


Reinhard Cardinal Marx underlined in view of the family synod in autumn the bishops’ attempt to “go down new paths” and to “help that doors be opened”.

Emotional fluff. Gay language. It suggests the Church has closed doors for two thousand years that these two, in their superior and post-Christian wisdom, think it is time to open. It panders to the effete whinos who can’t face Truth, whose money the two want to see in their pockets. Disgraceful.

A Christian is not allowed to speak in this way. We believe in a perfect, immutable God. A perfect, immutable God does not forget to open doors, nor does He allow the Church to go down the wrong path since inception; until Cardinal Marx, who knows better, appears on the scene.

Doctrinally, one would remain within the community of the [Universal]Church, but in detailed questions of pastoral care “the synod cannot prescribe in detail what we must do in Germany”.

This is very right and very wrong. A synod cannot absolutely prescribe what to do. If a Synod prescribes or even allows heresy, no one is bound by it. The point, though, is a different one: it is heresy and betrayal of Doctrine to even think that there is a “German way” which allows to separate the two. Pastoral care rests on its doctrinal fundaments. It can’t make white black. This is not called “pastoral care”. It’s called heresy in the error it teaches, and schism in the disobedience it must contain.

“We are no subsidiaries of Rome”.

Well, “subsidiary” is more of a business term. But if you want to use such business terms I would say it’s very easy to answer.

Yes. You are.

You are that, or you are in schism.

Of course, by “Rome” I mean Rome as it, through Peter, legitimately exercises its office. If the Petrine Office is put somewhere in the stratosphere and here on earth we do something different from what Peter says, we are in schism. Again, I talk here of Petrine Office legitimately exercised, in accordance with Catholic tradition. If the Pope were to teach strange novelties, these novelties would not bind anyone.

Each conference of bishops is responsible for pastoral care in its culture, and must, as its most proper task, preach the Gospel on our own.

Weasel words. Pure hypocrisy. Of course the bishops are responsible. Of course cultural differences may play a role. But these differences must never lead to any contrast with what they are supposed to teach. The bishops must find the most appropriate ways to teach what is right, they must not claim their role to justify practising what is wrong! If they do, they are in open – if not openly declared – disobedience. This is a silent schism.

“We cannot wait for a synod to tell us how we have to shape pastoral care for marriage and family here”.

More hypocrisy. If Marx and Bode had a realistic hope that the Synod will reach a decision agreeable to them, they would preach patience and obedience like it’s Padre Pio Day. They would also insist on the Church in Germany being, ahem, a “subsidiary” of Rome, bound to follow what the Holy Ghost yada yada yada.

According to the German bishops’ position, the reality of life constitutes an important factor for the doctrine of the Church. “We also learn from life in doctrine,” underlined Cardinal Marx.

This is a 100% Christianity-free statement. The Church is the enemy of the world. She has always been in opposition to it. The Church is there to mold life according to Truth. These two say that the contrary is the case: life must mold Truth, at least in the way it is lived (the beautiful, but abstract doctrinal tome can be kept safe somewhere in the stratosphere). The concept of “learning” is also intrinsically heretical, because it does not mean “learning the truth” (as they should) but changing it (as they want). This is not only heresy, but a contradiction in terms. Truth does not change. There is nothing new to learn for you, that your forefathers did not have to learn; and everything they rejected you must reject, too.

According to [Bishop Bode’s] view the participants do not only debate questions of marriage and family, but the possibility of a paradigm shift.

Heresy again. “Paradigm shift” is actually merely another way of saying “heresy”. We live in times in which every Bishop Tom and Cardinal Jack thinks he can support and propagate heresy by simply calling it in a different way.

The basic question was, are only Scripture or Tradition sources for theological understanding, or are [such sources] also “the reality of men and of the world.” [Bode,] The chairman of the pastoral commission of the bishops’ conference reminded his audience of the “dialogical structure” of reality, which had already been mentioned in the pastoral constitution “Gaudium et Spes” of Vatican II, and quotes this conciliar document: “there is nothing truly human, that has no resonance in their hearts.”

This here is shameless riding of V II texts; texts which, horribly formulated as they are, ultimately cannot but be read in a way that reflects truth; these texts, as everything else, are not binding or even a worthy suggestion in everything that does not reflect what the Church has always believed. Selective quotes are, therefore, a non sequitur from the start. The “dialogical” structure of reality as presented is also 1A, 100% certified, truth-free heresy. A retarded monkey understands that Truth cannot be changed by the world; nor can, actually, Scripture; nor can, actually, Tradition, or it would not be Tradition, but Modification.

Bode stated that it was important for him that the Sacrament [of the Eucharist] was not only a sign of unity, but also a means to unity, and could contribute to healing.

What is important for Bishop Bode is equine excrement. What counts is what the Church teaches.

If Bishop Bode wants to remake Communion according to his own moods and wishes, he should join the Lutherans who have a long tradition in the matter.

Cardinal Marx announced a bishops’ statement on the synod that should be published within the upcoming weeks.

We aren’t told what this statement will contain. It may only contain some impious wish that the Synod may produce heretical statements. It seems from the quote that Cardinal Marx stopped short of saying “we are going to announce our own conclusion, and we are going to live by them”. But we shall see.

Two reflections to conclude:

1. It is rather apparent to me that the German Bishops have lost hope that the Synod in October will go their way. I have already written about this. This is the good news in the bad news.

2. The undoubtedly bad news is that if there ever was a time for the Germans to start something on the lines of the “Dutch Schism”, this one is it. They know in Francis they have a powerful ally. They know they will not be punished. They know they will look very good among those who don’t care for Truth, but pay the Kirchensteuer and want to hear some lies in return.

Still, this is a dangerous game, because I doubt Marx & Co. will present a compact front. I rather think it will be a mess, with many bishops clearly and solemnly distancing themselves from the heretics, and the entire planet calling it as it is. It will be an Ardennes campaign instead of a World War, but I think it will be a huge mess anyway.

We shall see hos this develops. We keep praying for sanity, and fighting for Truth.

In the end it will go as it always does: unicuique suum.









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