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A True Prince Of The Church: Cardinal Burke’s Rorate Caeli Interview

The interview is here,  and it goes to show that when they have to choose between Rorate Caeli and a very questionable clerical blog I will not mention here (ends with “ix”), good people like Cardinal Burke have no hesitation. By the by, this interview confirms how seriously Rorate is now taken as a source of journalistic information. Just saying.

Reading the interview, some aspects immediately come to mind:

1) There is in Cardinal Burke a quiet humility, a meekness (in the good way), but at the same time a strenght that is completely absent in the vapid blabbering of most prelates of today. You read Burke and you know that Christ is front and centre; you read Francis and you know who is.

2) For, I think, the third time the Cardinal repeats that if Francis were to pull the rabbit of the “separation of discipline from doctrine” from his hat, there would be resistance. Make no mistake: resistance here means condemnation. But Francis will not do it, we are assured. Not that he wouldn’t want, of course…

3) Burke does not blabber around in any of the very controversial topics very directly presented to him. Whether Volpi and FFI or TLM or the obvious confusion now spread by the Unholy Father, you do not see Burke trying to minimise of justify. What is very grave is very grave. Communion for adulterers will always be unacceptable and a betrayal of Christ. No amount of fluff will ever change a iota in that.

4) Burke clearly censors the despicable behaviour of Father Rosica in the Vox Cantoris matter. Very good, because TMAHICH* doesn’t.

This is the man more or less exiled by Francis (exiled, so to speak, whilst remaining in Rome) ; whilst the Rosica, Baldisseri, and Cupich of the world ascend, talk nonsense or worse, and think they own the world.

This, too, shall end.


* The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.

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