Will “Salt & Light TV” Sue Father Rosica?

From their... cassocks you will recognise them.

I can’t wait for the announcement that Salt & Light TV has given mandate to the prestigious law firm Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, Solicitors – and as everyone knows among the toughest guys in Toronto – to sue Father Rosica.

The lawsuit will obviously be motivated by the great loss of reputation, prestige and, in general, face linked to the fact that the entire Catholic world has discovered what kind of CEO they have, and what a bad broadcaster they are in general.

You see, a NuChurch broadcaster must walk a fine line between spreading heresy and not being made the butt of jokes for doing it. But when the entire planet knows your CEO interviews defrocked priests and finds them so wonderful, licks the plates of Jesuit America Magazine as “hopeful” and, in general, do whatever he must to ingratiate himself to whomever can let him have some appointment, prize, or other trinket, than the business is at risk of serious harm.

Salt & Light might obviously fire the man, and the press release explaining the fact would not even need to be very long, “for threatening to sue a blogger” being more than sufficient as an explanation. But this would only help them to contain the damage, not eliminate it.

They might, methinks, also sue Father Rosica for a substantial amount of money. In the end the man can afford expensive counsel, so we are probably not talking of St Francis here.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern’s headed paper must be of exquisite quality, and beautifully ornate. I’d love to see the scan on the Internet.

But no, I won’t be holding my breath. Similia similibus solvuntur.

These are the chaps who have Rosica as their CEO.




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  1. Even his face is puffed up.

  2. We live in hope nevertheless.
    Priests with a lot of teeth are good, those with claws not so much.

  3. Dear Mr. Mundabor,

    I made the mistake of opening this post on my lunch break and laughed so hard, one of my colleagues knocked on my door to see if I was alright.

    We do not have much noise of any kind in my work environment and laughter is certainly a rare commodity. (Je suis une Librarian.)

  4. This poor man must be continually unmasked for the traitor to the Faith he is. Our only hope for him is that he will be shamed into seeking the truth after so many years in the darkness.

  5. This new situation of suing or threatening with lawsuit is starting to become the new fashion within catholic circles. A series of 3 letters from Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer commonly known as “Las Campanadas” (The Bell chimes) which were on the public domain through the net in several websites, has become now another typical example of cyber bullying; in this occasion almighty Opus-Dei threatening with legal action if these writings are not taken down from web sites as apparently it is… Copyrighted material!!!
    If anyone can read Spanish:

    From the Argentinian website “Panorama Católico Internacional”:
    (Where its editor has been warned with legal action if those letters were not removed from his website as apparently those are copyrighted).

    From an Opus-Dei dissidents’ website in which those letters were forced to be removed: http://www.opuslibros.org/libros/Carta14_II_1974/Carta14_II_1974.htm
    (What it says could be translated as: [As a result of the] denounce made by the Prelature of Opus Dei claiming intellectual property , this work has been taken out in compliance with the resolution of precautionary measures by the magistrate Ms . Olga Martín Alonso, No. 10 Commercial Court of Madrid).

    It is interesting to note that these letters of Saint Josemaría are an exhortation addressed to Opus-Dei members to persevere in traditional catholic values and to prevent them against the modernist heresies in fashion after the CV II. Astonishingly the saint makes a very detail analysis about the causes of the current crisis in the Church already in 1973.
    But what it makes this example even more interesting is the news that these letters were apparently submitted by the very same Opus Dei as part of Saint Josemaría’s canonization process.

    Now, as far as I am concerned, the works and writings of catholic saints are part of the universal heritage and cannot be subject to copyright…

    Hang on, wait …

    -You cannot quote any catholic writing or work from the Holy See on your “catholic websites”. You cannot even call it “catholic”. Or you might get finishing in court- Reason?

    Copyright © http://www.vatican.va

    We are heading this way…

  6. mariachristina9

    Dear Mr. Mundabor,

    I enjoy your blog very much. Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud when you write about some crazy church person. When I saw this picture of Father Rosica, I thought of the hitman in “The Godfather” who after having done his evil deed told his partner “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” With no empathy at all for the victim. He was only following the boss’ orders after all.

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