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Why Men Prefer The Traditional Latin Mass

It is fairly easy to see why men prefer the Traditional Latin Mass. Whilst perhaps not many men will articulate the reasons for their instinctual preference, I would like to give a clue of why I think it is so. This is, obviously, not considering the intrinsic superiority of the TLM from a liturgical point of view. This here is, so to speak, purely hormonal as opposed to liturgical.

1) it is solemn, ordered and, in a way, military. Its rigid structure, the prescripted movements and gestures are vaguely military, and essentially manly. When you attend a TLM, you know that where the priest comes from he was one of the bulls, not one of the queers.

2) It has no women around the Sanctuary. It says out loud “this Sanctuary here is men’s space”. Or if you prefer another film quotation, it shouts: “this is Sparta!”

Whilst the Novus Ordo sanctuary may also be, blessedly, all-male if the priest is smart or endowed with cojones, in the Tridentine Mass this is a necessary element, and it makes a big difference. It’s like visiting a pizzeria as opposed to go to a fast food joint and hope they have some pizza of sort.

3) It has no repetitions of dubious value. Why the Responsorial Psalm should have one line repeated after each phrase is beyond me. Most who attend do not have Alzheimer’s. It sounds childish to me. Some Novus Ordo priests positively refuse to allow the faithful to “participate” in that fashion. I think they know why.

Mind: of course we repeat things in Catholicism. We pray repeatedly the same prayers (not Francis, of course; but we do). We repeat the ora pro nobis in a Litany. We repeat the “miserere nobis” at Mass, and the “Domine, non sum dignus” is said thrice in the Tridentine. But in all these cases, the repetition makes perfect sense as an emphasis, it does not create the impression the children should be prevented from chatting or being distracted, or may complain they are not “participating” enough.

4) There is no ugly, Protestantised greeting of the priest outside the church after Mass; a feat that now seems common in Europe, perhaps so that old hags do not complain Father neglects them. It’s like old women inviting for tea and scones, and watch out if you are engaged… Isn’t it a wonderful day, vicar? Oh, sorry: Father?

5) There is no risk of some smug septuagenarian old Sixty-Eighter thanking you for coming at Mass, as if you were doing a favour to him personally, or he were God’s Personal Assistant. You see the utter persuasion of their own holiness positively etched in their “welcome”. I am always tempted to answer “no need to thank, ma’am; I am not here for you anyway”.

I confess, never got the nerve. Must do once before I die.

6) It’s reverent and quiet. Never ever have I seen a mother colouring with his child at a TL mass, or playing with him as the mass goes on. Miraculously, people who attend the TLM always find alternative arrangements that do not include considering the Church the extension of the kindergarten. It truly is astonishing. To quote a famous movie for the third time: “A miracle! A miracle!”

None of these point touches on the proper liturgical aspects. But all of them touches on the difference between a place that attracts men as men, and causes some of them to be right there on the sanctuary one day as soldiers; and a place that reminds one very strongly of a kindergarten run by some ominicchio, or even by a limp wrist with a funny voice. Been there, seen and heard that.

Men prefer the Traditional Mass.




The Cupich Of The West: San Diego Gets Another Joke Of A Bishop

In case you should think that when all it's said and done Francis' Pontificate will leave behind only a huge amount of senseless waffle, you can change your mind now.

Francis is aggressively promoting his agenda through episcopal appointments. After Chicago, San Diego is now getting an excuse of a bishop, promoted to a successor of the Apostles because he wants to undermine them.

Robert McElroy is a social justice warrior; his main care is “income inequality”, not the salvation of souls; after his theology studies he got his doctorate in political science. Whether this speaks of a strong faith I leave it to you to decide. And he is obviously not a friend of the Traditional Latin Mass.

It angers me, it angers me no end that when we get a generally conservative Pope he will mostly make bad appointments to appease the progressives, and when we get the progressive Pope he proceeds to promote the worst people without any qualm.

Conservative prelates must stop being sissies. There is no value in helping the enemies of Christ. If a climate of loud opposition to Francis is created by Cardinals, priests and bishops, the appointment of bad bishops will be at least more difficult, because Francis sniffs the air like an Irish Setter for every whiff of massive opposition.

I did not expect a Pope like Benedict to promote Catholic hardliners, because he never was one himself. But the appointment of solidly Catholic bishops, without exceptions, should have been expected from a Pope who knows where the Truth lies.

May God forgive Benedict for his lack of decisiveness and bite. Eight years down the drain. What a chance, and what a waste. Who knows when the next chance will arise.



In Defence Of Pewsitter

A small “c” catholic magazine has written a hack piece on the “Pewsitter”, describing them as a lot of many bad things, but most of all hostile to the Bishop of Rome, Francis The Most Humble Atheist.

As the “Pewsitter” is my favourite news aggregator, I feel the need to say a word or two about the matter.

It never ceases to astonish me that even as Francis shoots on the very basics of Catholicism every day, bad magazines not deserving a link feel the need to question the way a news aggregator uses exclamation points, or the like. It's like complaining about the weather whilst Stalin is invading Poland.

Yes, the “Pewsitter” is very critical of this Papacy, and this is evident from the references to the linked articles. But the problem is the papacy, not the news aggregator.

One also wonders how uncritical most contributors to said magazine (the magazine itself was, blessedly, still not in existence) were when Benedict was the Pope. I seem to notice a certain bias here. A bias, once again, against Catholics.

The good news is that the bad magazine itself admits the “Pewsitter” has made a name for itself in conservative Catholic circles. One wonders why. My take is that it is because it is run by sincere Catholics.

Long live the Pewsitter. It will remain my first choice among news aggregators. The more so now, that by merely using it I anger fake Catholics.



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