In Defence Of Pewsitter

A small “c” catholic magazine has written a hack piece on the “Pewsitter”, describing them as a lot of many bad things, but most of all hostile to the Bishop of Rome, Francis The Most Humble Atheist.

As the “Pewsitter” is my favourite news aggregator, I feel the need to say a word or two about the matter.

It never ceases to astonish me that even as Francis shoots on the very basics of Catholicism every day, bad magazines not deserving a link feel the need to question the way a news aggregator uses exclamation points, or the like. It's like complaining about the weather whilst Stalin is invading Poland.

Yes, the “Pewsitter” is very critical of this Papacy, and this is evident from the references to the linked articles. But the problem is the papacy, not the news aggregator.

One also wonders how uncritical most contributors to said magazine (the magazine itself was, blessedly, still not in existence) were when Benedict was the Pope. I seem to notice a certain bias here. A bias, once again, against Catholics.

The good news is that the bad magazine itself admits the “Pewsitter” has made a name for itself in conservative Catholic circles. One wonders why. My take is that it is because it is run by sincere Catholics.

Long live the Pewsitter. It will remain my first choice among news aggregators. The more so now, that by merely using it I anger fake Catholics.




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  1. I use it constantly and occasionally send them a link they might use. I’ts quite up to date and must take an awful lot of work to keep current. Sounds like they have the right kind of enemies. Never trust an aggregator who doesn’t aggravate the alligators.

  2. I read Pew Sitter several times a day. I am glad it is available, may we have more sites like this one. We are really fighting for the Heart ( Life) of the Catholic Church. My consolation is that God wins out over evil!

  3. Hi

    FYI Our posts occupy the number 1 and number 2 spots at the Pew Sitter website. 🙂

    Sorry, but it’s the triumphalist coming out of me.

    A humble triumphalist to be more precise.


  4. Great post.
    It really is incredible the way they’re upset with faithful Catholics for criticizing the current pope when he makes un-Catholic statements even though they constantly badmouthed the last pope for being “too Catholic”. And they actually slandered Pope BXVI. All Pewsitter does is repost Bergoglio’s whackier statements with question marks or exclamation points.

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