Shame On You, Father Rosica!

This one is, at least, tasteful...

Father Rosica has, in a not entirely unpredictable development of the recent events, made public that he does not intend to sue the middle-aged, quisque de populo blogger behind the (excellent) Vox Cantoris blog. Find the entire text on the blog itself.

I do not belong to those who say “oh Mundabor, your side has won, why insist with the accusations?”

I am fully persuaded that if Father Rosica had to backpedal and swallow a public defeat and humiliation it was not because he has suddenly seen the light, but because reality caught up with him, and taught him it was better to enter in damage control mode. There is no trace whatsoever this particular bully had a change of heart. There is no word of apology to Mr Domet. There are even lies and accusations which, time allowing, will be the object of another post. There is, furthermore, the continuation of a threatening and bullying behaviour as the parties were discussing; a threat that was ended only when the determination of the other side to engage in open battle was made evident.

Shame on you, Father Rosica! Shame on you, Father Rosica! Shame on you, Father Rosica!

Then there is the scandalous matter of Rome’s reaction to Mr Domet’s intervention. This should, time and will allowing, be the object of a third blog post.

What is important to notice here is that Mr Domet is now free from this Damocles’ sword hanging over his head, and can go on blogging undisturbed. I hope he will continue to blog about Father Rosica with the same enthusiasm. I will certainly not lose sight of this very, very peculiar prelate.

This time, the bully got a lesson. Hats down for Mr Domet.


And now for the bigger picture: was this, then, a “war on bloggers”? I never thought it was, and I am more and more persuaded of it after the most recent events. This was simply the very stupid act of an extremely vain man, who thought he could silence a blogger evidently uncomfortable for him with the threat of financial ruin. Despicable as this is, I would not read in the vain stupidity of one man a general plan that, even if it had been conceived by some six years old child at the Vatican, would not have had any possibility of success anyway. Not even, mind, if all the planet’s bloggers were to reside in Canada; the more so as most of them, or at least their blog, reside in the United States. This “war on bloggers” was, I believe, never there in the first place. No, the stupidity and vanity of one man are the reason for all this mess.

This was the senseless act of a man whose boundless arrogance caused him an obvious loss of the sense of reality; a man who perhaps had already used his dirty trick – let us say it once again: the threat of financial ruin, for which I still have to read one word of apology to Mr Domet – with some other small blogger in the past, and now thought he could use the same measure again.

The way Father Rosica has decided to get out of the worst of the mess in which he has put himself is not less despicable than the behaviour that put him in that situation in the first place.

A bully then, a bully now. But this time he is a bully with a bleeding nose, and a swollen lip.

Serves you right, Father Rosica.




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  1. Father Rosica’s obnoxious retort just showed him to be completely incapable of the “new” virtue of humility. He even used scripture to hammer home his bully B.S. The real truth is that the mass blowback from concerned catholics intimidated him into receding back into his scummy modernist hole. I am delighted that the huge response from Catholics defending Vox Cantoris was able to be effective as restraining hand against the jackboot modernism of Rosica and his cave dwellers.

  2. I am very happy for Mr. Domet. Also, job well done by his fellow Catholic bloggers (including you Mundy) who came to a friend’s aid in a time of need. The good guys won one.

  3. Right on, Mundabor. When you are an important man in the Church in Canada – or, rather a big man in a very small pond, you tend to see everyone else as very, very small.

    Arrogance is the word. Poor Francis suffers from this vice too. He has a big platform now, from which he says what he wants – and never considers that anyone would disagree, or disobey. Poor Francis seems surprised, and hurt, when it’s pointed out to him that there are some little people out there who are confused, or hush my mouth – who disagree with his near heretical blather.

  4. The most serious occurrence was the disgraceful response of an office of the Holy See when formally asked to intervene.

  5. I tend to believe that the only reason Rosica changed his mind is that he saw the reaction against himself. Coward!!! If he truly believed he had been wrongfully accused, he would have stood his ground. This retreat on his part proves what was believed of him to begin: Rosica thought he could bully someone in his ‘neighborhood’ into submission, to make himself look more powerful. And he failed. Now he needs to examine his intentions and even, perhaps, pray. (I know—-strange concept perhaps…) It may also demonstrate that the current ‘boss’ of Rome will not back a losing cause; more reason for you and all real Catholic bloggers to continue in your labors.

    • I have often observed that bullies who get a bloody nose are the first to complain they have been abused.

      The blatant lies in the man’s text tells the reader all he needs to know about this truly despicable man.


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