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There appear to be a number of bloggers and commenters around wondering “what’s going on” as a prestigious blogger stops blogging with rather difficult to understand arguments, and apparently another one – I will not link to it – has now started to insult the entire Trad culture of Internet blogdom.

Some say it’s blogger fatigue, but I am not persuaded this arguments works.

It is true that Catholic blogging – if properly made – exposes the blog author to both a mountain of daily bad news and the criticism of the V II – or worse – crowd accusing him of being oh so uncharitable. It is true that not every blogger will find in him the energy or, if you allow me the expression, the grit to go on undeterred. Unavoidably, the one or other will simply stop blogging, or blog much less, and recover that serenity that…

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  1. Forgive my ignorance, but I would really like to know more on point #3. What does it mean to think like the enemy after being wounded by Satan? In what way can we may be unconciously helping the enemy after we’ve been hurt by him?

    Thank you

    • The devil will try to pollute your thoughts a bit at a time, and in time let you become the man he wants you to be whilst leveraging on your desire to be “good”.

      You see this, if you ask me, in the countless people who start saying that people who do nothing else than uphold Catholic values are “uncharitable”. They are following a fluffy non-religion made of pure emotionalism that is, literally, from the devil; but they fell into the trap by thinking that they are “good”, as they allow their vanity to prevail on the truth.

      I think it is rare the man who consciously chooses evil. Far more frequent is the man who, by starting on a very slowly crooked way, in time mskes a u turn

  2. So, if I violently oppose a priest with a secret/parallel life (a woman and a child) and by “violently opposing” I mean that after talking several times with him and his pastor, and seeing he continues with his double life I accuse him before the Nunciate, and talk about this in the community, people in the community accuse me of being uncharitable and having no compasion. They say I am helping the devil because I am acting out of anger (which is true, I am very angry and hope someone will do something to fix this situation).

    Am I helping the devil if I go around talking about this? Is accusing him publicly an evil act?

    • I think you should at least write to the bishop, and in case to the nuncio, perhaps even in Rome. But I would in any way seek counsel from a sound priest before making public something that is not.

      Trying to imagine what faithful Catholics would have done 100 years ago. If the priest in question does not give scandal, I do not think they would have made the thing public themselves. If the priest in question gives scandal, the scandal is there already.

      This is, the way I see it, nothing with being uncharitable. It is to do with what would be the wisest and most prudent conduct.


  3. I looked for a sound priest, had a difficult time finding one since most of them justified the poor priest that needed female consolation. So I ended up writing to the bishop and the Nunciate. I guess that until the story reaches the headlines very little things are changed.

    Thank you for your advice! (I was just afraid of unconsciously serving the enemy.)

    • If I were you I might think about writing to some sound priest far away? A SSPX, say? The fact is, if there are no sound priests around one would never know whether the advice is sound…


  4. true! I went to SSPX too, and he said to me “these priests think they can be married and administer the sacraments at the same time, as if it were a 9 to 5 job”. He gave no advice other than leave my parrish and go to SSPX trad mass.

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