The Priestly Mafia, Or: The Vatican In The Age Of Mercy

Apologise, picciotto...

1. The first action on the part of this blogger after receiving the letter from Fogler, Rubinoff LLP was to “take it to the Church.” This means that your writer went directly to Rome — to the Vatican on Tuesday, February 17, via email to a direct contact in the Secretariat of State. The request on my part was to intervene “quickly” and this request was not fulfilled. Instead, I was met with an interrogation of my “intentions” which could have been used against me. Later the suggestion was made to humbly accept it as a Lenten sacrifice on Ash Wednesday morning and “apologise” which would have been an admission of guilt for something that did not occur and would have resulted in the silencing and censoring of the blog and a refutation of my rights and duties under Canon 212 §3.

The above is a quote from the blog post of Mr Domet, Vox Cantoris, announcing the official end of Father Rosica's threat.

This sheds a rather disquieting light about what is happening in the Vatican in the Age of Mercy. A time in which when a priest threatens a blogger in the most grievous way, Vatican officials first try to stall the blogger in question and then suggests that he apologises and retreats, instead of going to Father Rosica through the apposite channel and ask him what he smokes in the morning.

It truly looks as if the bullying mentality is spread everywhere in the Vatican, making it looks like a priestly Mafia rather than an organisation devoted to the salvation of souls.

I am extremely curious now to know who exactly sent the emails in questions, and with what authority. It might throw some light about what kind of people walks around the exquisite corridors of the Vatican.



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  1. Hi:

    I will must take exception to using La Cosa Nostra imagery describing the Francis Thuggacy. If you recall, in the opening scene of GF I, when the undertaker comes to Don Corleone for justice, the Don explains what “true justice” entails. It is a sad state of affairs when Francis could learn from a Mafia don about true justice.

    And I am not being sarcastic.


  2. One of Vox’s commentators pointed out that Rosica’s claim that he had no intention to sue means that he intentionally misled Mr. Dommet in the letter from the attorneys. Why does it seem that dishonesty among clerics seem so acceptable nowadays?

  3. You have no idea how common this is. I am going through persecution in my work for the church for been “too traditional” (read obedient to the teachings of the church) in my hyper-modernist diocese. They do not hesitate to stoop to calumny and threats. If you stick your head out of the sand in the modern church, it’s going to get shot off or at least kicked around. The problem is that the guideline documents with regards to the rubrics are so loosey-goosey, it is possible to interpret them any which way, setting up a Babel situation for the church so that it is, in the practical order of things, no longer “one”, but a ghetto-ized, fractured mess which operates according to the whims of the local ordinary; or worse, according to the whims of the female functionaries who actually run the show while the boys play golf. I used to be in the Lincoln Diocese. Now I have moved west. My goodness, I didn’t know how spoiled I was. It is a mess out here.

  4. Wow. So the demonic uses the love of piety, sacrifice, and obedience in the faithful Catholic to support the ongoing destruction and persecution of the Church. No justice, no truth, no compassion or authentic charity to be found. How do the people in the Vatican sleep at night? Hanging upside down in the corridors? Lord have mercy on us all. God bless~


    I just received from LifeSiteNews a petition to sign for Cardinal Cordileone; of course I signed. But I think also that simply signing a petition isn’t enough, our adversaries have much more stronger weapons :

    « Gay activists, politicians and dissident Catholics have launched an all-out media attack campaign against the archbishop […] ».

    There should also be tough PR-work in our rows. Of course, this needs money, but as we say in France : « L’argent est le nerf de la guerre ».

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

  6. Rosica sounds Calabrian to me. Hence, more than Mafia, it’s better to speak of ‘Ndrangheta.

  7. I can tell you what Father Rosica and other Nazi-prelates are smoking : Satan himself. This isn’t my opinion, it’s the conviction of Pope Paul VI. These vipers are abusing their authority and have become modern ( as in modernist ) Pharisees who are crucifying Christ anew in the form of anyone who dares tell the Truth and confronts heresy. There was a time when they would have been run out of town by a crowd with pitchforks and lanterns. Sadly. those times are not now.

  8. What is so typical of father-of-lies tactics is to coerce people into ‘admitting’ they have done something ‘wrong’ by being Catholic and Truthful, upright and Christ-like. As soon as any Catholic starts feeling modernism-induced-guilt for being True, they are in trouble. The Sword of Truth will be heavier in the hands of some because of others who won’t share the burden.

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