Goodness According To Nazis

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It’s for your own good, my dear…

ThePresidentof a feminist/abortionistorganisation has given us another example of the utterly evil, hallucinated “logic” of XXI Century Nazis.

Abortion has, as she puts it, two positive effects:

1) It avoids the pain for the death of a child, and

2) It prevents mothers from dying of childbirth.

One truly wonders at what must go on in the brains of these people. At the same time, one becomes chillingly aware of how all the atrocities of the Nazi regime could happen. Dr Mengele could have said the same things, and in reading his words people would have been chilled at the cold-blooded murderous intent. But put on Nazism a thin varnish of feminism, and everything will be fine.

I will only touch in passing the huge elephant in the room: the obvious observation that for most of Christianity the difference between dying baptised or…

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