Princess Grace. Almost. (Warning: Feminist Language!)

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The, ahem, “lady” clearly works at Burger King. Probably to finance her addiction to Burger King.

You can, though, admire an unexpectedly strong sprint as she flees from the camera.

The language is the usual feminist one.

It is a deep mystery who, no matter how drunk, would ever want to have sex with such a rhino. Therefore, one suspects the young, ahem, lady is fighting for the battle of other women to have all the sex they want without fear of consequences, whilst she gets in trouble for them.

If I had had children at the event, I would have said to them: “see, children? If you eat too much and do not exercise, one day you will become as fat and as stupid as that woman there!”.

They would obviously have started to cry in terror.

A very salutary reaction.


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  1. Oh my, ‘white privilege,’ ‘misogynist’ and so on. lolz. Thanks for that. That lardy ass is real entertainment. I suppose pray this angry overcomes her problems. I somehow doubt she will be troubled with issues like pregnancy. She probably doesn’t attend an indult Mass.

  2. My suspicions are sadder: She took herself to Planned Parenthood or some other hellhole for the “procedure” and bought their lies about “it’s just a clump of cells'” (aren’t we all?). Too bad she didn’t register her objections with the murdering culprits instead of attacking this male pro-lifer who “cares about women,” or he wouldn’t be warning them of the reality of abortion with the photos she chose to deny are real.

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