Publishing The Slander

During the recent and now officially more or less closed “Rosicagate” scandal, three posters unknown to me wrote comments full of slanderous accusations against Mr Domet, aka Vox Cantoris.

I did not publish any of them.

It seems to me that all too often the concept of “openness” degenerates into plain stupidity, as if freedom of speech meant that everyone has the right to write anything about anyone Else anywhere, with an expectation of his writing being published.

This is not so. Common sense must apply at all times, and common sense dictates that public personages can meet with not only criticism, but – if sufficiently founded and in the proper context – allegations that do not deserve any public hearing in other cases.

I do not allow anyone – and particularly one who never wrote on this blog; but anyone anyway – to come here and write rubbish expecting publication because hey, “it's a free country”. This is not only common sense, but actually a legal fact.

Mr Domet now rightly complains about a big outlet who thought it not below them to publish unverified rubbish about himself and his family, and I truly wonder what friends Rosica has inside that particular organisation.

I thought it right to give Mr Domet's righteous indignation an outlet; but the more general point is that I think that too many bloggers indulge in a kind of “freedom snobism“, which leads them to publish comments that should never be read by decent people as a burnt offering to the gods of freedom of speech.

There should be no need to say this. But I assure I see a lot of this around, and think it should change.

Freedom must always be seen in context. Every right impinges on other rights. We must apply prudence and common sense instead of indulging in a misguided sense of “openness”.

This space will remain heavily moderated. I wish many others were.



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  1. Dear Mundabor,

    On behalf of my wife and I, thank you and thank you to your readers here for all of the kind words of support and encouragement and especially for your prayers. Your good work and kindness towards me in this matter will never be forgotten.

    God bless you.

    Vox Cantoris

    • Thank you, Vox Cantoris!

      You have given a sterling example of steadfastness and fortitude in the face of a substantial threat to your and your family’s serenity. May God reward you richly for your work.

      A special thought should, I think, go to your wife, as I imagine what she must have gone through.


  2. Spot on, Mundy. Freedom of speech does not mean license to say whatever you want. It is the ability to know and speak what is right:+) God bless~

  3. I have a hard time reading most blogs because they do not screen out the offensive comments. If I am reading a strong Catholic blog, the last thing I choose to read is a comment attempting to rip it to shreds. I can read garbage anywhere. I choose not to.

  4. “A special thought should, I think, go to your wife, as I imagine what she must have gone through.”

    Particularly because she had to cope with me!

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