Viri Selecti Or Mulieres Selectae?

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The young man did not seem impresssed, for sure... The young man did not seem impressed, for sure…

And so the Pope did it and, as he regularly did during his time as an Archbishop (he seems obsessed with continuing to do everything as he did before becoming Pope; another sign of humility, or pride as the case may be)  has washed the feet of at least one woman during his Maundy Thursday Mass. 

Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but last time I looked the rules mandated (not suggested) the use of chosen men, viri selecti.

When I was (blessedly) scourged with Latin, there was no way  Vir could be translated as “human”, and if I had done it the dreaded blue pencil of my severe teacher would not have been far away. But it was a very long time ago, or we must have been both wrong; or perhaps, who knows, Latin…

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