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Baldrick loved to comment on Catholic sites. Baldrick loved to comment on Catholic sites.

I have already written that, if you browse around, Pollyanna has become rather silent. The number of those now wondering at the cruelty of the wolves, keeping the Most Holy Father away from the Internet, has decreased sharply.

Still, there are some hard-liners who do not really want to get it. As we say in Italy, the mother of the idiot is always pregnant. This here is, though, extreme Pollyann-ing, because almost twenty months of papal Subversion make the job harder and harder. To still believe in the “good Holy Father who has a cunning plan” you need, actually, Baldrick levels of stupidity. 

The two most Baldrick-like readings of the events are the following:

1. The Pope has put the wrong people in charge of the Synod; he has allowed them to run everything; he has allowed them to publish a document without…

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  1. All I can say is: S** O** Baldrick
    IIRC, that is Baldrick’s full name, no? 😉

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